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Are you ready for the anual Easter Egg Hunt? Everytime Easter is around the corner, it has been a worldwide annual tradition to play the fun activity of the Easter Egg Hunt with the eggs of different colors, sweet treats, bunny ears, and other Easter-related stuff, the Easter Egg Hunt has always been a special time and activity for kids, parents and families to bond over.

This year, make you Easter Egg Hunt extra special with these new and creative egg hunt ideas:

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1. Easter Egg Tasks for Kids

Forget finding the eggs, the most exciting part for this twist on your traditional Easter Egg Hunt is the challenge written on a piece of paper inside every egg they find. Then in order for them to receive the next clue about the hiding spot of the next egg, they should be able to complete the task or the challenge in the egg.

Here are some sample tasks you can put inside the eggs:

  • Hop around the room like an Easter Bunny for 1 minute straight.
  • Dance ballet to The Swan Lake instrumental.
  • Name three fruits that are blue.
  • Do a headstand.
  • Sing the Let it Go song from Frozen.

The kids will be over the moon once they finish a task, this idea makes the egg hunt much more fulfilling!

2. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

This is the most common Easter Egg Hunt idea but everyone loves a classic! Aside from the actual eggs they should find, you can turn it into a competition with a grand prize to the one who finds the most eggs!

Aside from that, you can assign a particular reward to some eggs based on their colors or patterns. That way, the egg hunters would do their best to find the special eggs with the special prizes, but in the end, the grand prize will still belong to the egg hunter with the most number of eggs found!

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3. Easter Egg Hunt Riddles for Around the House

This idea is great for a hunt around your house! Instead of simply revealing the next hiding spot of the egg or letting the egg hunters just wander around the house trying to find the hidden eggs, you can prepare riddles written on strips of paper together with the eggs so that once they find each egg, theyll have a clue as to the hiding spot of the next egg but this time, itll be in the form of riddles!

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Here are some easter egg hunt riddles you can use to refer to the different locations in the house:

  • Im round, Im wooden, you gather around and eat on me. (Dining Table)
  • You dont like me, Im so noisy and I wake you up. (Alarm Clock)
  • I have a wardrobe, I have a bed and you like to sleep in me. (Bedroom)
  • I have a sink, I have a stove, Mommy is always here. (Kitchen)
  • You gather here when you want to watch movies and the news. (Living Room)

4. Easter Egg Golden Tickets

Ever wonder what it was like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the kids got Willy Wonkas golden ticket? Well, now you wont! Make your egg hunt into an even more fun activity by hiding some golden tickets inside some of the eggs.

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At the end of the hunt, the egg hunters should crack their eggs open and the egg hunter with the golden ticket will win a special treat! If youre playing this with kids, its much better to hide more than just one golden ticket. The more golden tickets, the merrier!

5. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

One of the joys of Easter is being able to see the different sizes, patterns, colors and styles of the eggs. With this scavenger hunt, you will need striped eggs, colored eggs, pink polka dotted, glittery and more! List down all the types of eggs and give each egg hunter a list of the eggs they should find. Make sure not to put two or more eggs in one hiding spot.

Make sure to give each egg hunter a basket for their eggs. The first egg hunter to check all the eggs on the scavenger list will be the Easter Master Scavenger!

6. Scrambled Easter Eggs Hunt

This is yet another version of the Easter Egg Hunt. All you need to do is first, plan out a prize for every egg hunter that you know they would love. Spell out the name of the stuff youll be giving away as prizes then write each letter on slips of paper which you would put in each egg and spread out in the house.

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Make sure to give each egg hunter a blank puzzle so that they would know how many eggs they should find in a particular area of the house designated to them. After finding each egg, they would be able to complete the puzzle and unscramble the letters inside each egg in order to guess the prize theyll be getting.

7. Confetti Egg Game

This is a super easy yet still fun and funny egg game that you could play during Easter season. Each egg should be filled with confettis by making a hole on top of each egg and pouring in confettis, except for one egg which should be filled with golden dust. The eggs should be placed in different hiding spots.

The egg hunters will be given a certain time in order to find one egg per hunter. When everyone already has their egg then they should all gather and crack the eggs on their heads. The one who got the easter egg with the golden dust is the winner and should be given his or her prize!

8. Adult Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg hunting games arent only for kids, the adults could also join the fun with their own version of the egg hunt. You can add a little kinky twist with the prizes youll be giving out, or you can write some dirty tasks on the slips of paper in the eggs or you can even add some kinky designs on eggs. The skys the limit. Put your green mind to work and turn your next Adult Easter Egg Hunt into the kinkiest one ever!

Easter simply wont be the same without everyones favorite and awaited Easter Egg Hunt. This year, you wont be settling for the good ol fashioned egg hunt. Youll be planning one that the kids, your friends and your family would never forget!

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