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Nothing gets a party going like a good game, and “Do or Drink” is the perfect game to get everyone laughing, talking and having a good time. But if you want to take it up a notch, try playing the naughty edition of this popular game.

And with this list of 69+ dirty and naughty “Do or Drink” questions, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable night with your friends. So, ready to get wild and nasty?

How to Play “Do or Drink” Naughty Edition

Playing “Do or Drink” Naughty Edition is simple and easy, just like the original game. All you need is a group of fun-loving friends, some drinks, and these naughty questions to get things going.

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Follow these steps to play:

Step 1: Gather your pals. Make sure everyone is comfortable with playing a naughty game and that there are no boundaries or judgments.

Step 2: Prepare the drinks. You can choose to have everyone drink the same thing, or mix it up and have different types of drinks for each player.

Step 3: Choose who goes first. This can be done by picking names out of a hat, rolling dice, or any other fun method.

Step 4: Ask away! The first player receives a Do or Drink question, and they must complete the challenge or take a drink.

For example: Make out with the person to your left for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Keep going! If the player completes the challenge or takes a drink, the next player gets a question and so on. Keep going until everyone has had enough fun or drinks!

Play “Do or Drink” Online

Don’t have time to come up with your own naughty questions for next “Do or Drink” game? We’ve got you covered. You can now play “Do or Drink” anywhere with this online version of the game!

All you need is a phone, our free app, and you’re ready to get naughty. Simply click on a category, and let the games begin!

Play Do or Drink online

Dirty “Do or Drink” Questions

Looking for a night of adult-themed fun? These dirty “Do or Drink” questions will definitely have you and your friends blushing, laughing, and maybe even cringing. But isn’t that what makes it so much fun?

1. Give a lap dance to the person on your left.

Show it off, girl!

2. Take a body shot off the person on your right.

How sweet would you like it?

3. Take off your shirt.

You don’t need that anyway!

4. Make out with the person to your left for 30 seconds.

Let’s get this party started!

5. Call an ex and talk dirty to them for one minute.

Oh, the nostalgia.

6. Flash everyone at the party for 3 seconds.

Time for a quick surprise!

7. Pretend to be a stripper and perform for 2 minutes.

Bring out your inner performer.

8. Whisper something naughty in the ear of the person three seats away from you.

Make it sizzling hot!

9. Swap an item of clothing with someone of the opposite sex.

Time for a mini makeover!

10. Do your best sexy crawl towards the host.

Show us that allure.

11. Send a risqué text message to someone in your contacts chosen by the group.

Be daring, be bold.

12. Do 20 push-ups while someone sits on your back.

Show off that strength.

13. Tell a dirty joke that would make everyone blush.

Laughter is the best aphrodisiac.

14. Mimic your O-face in front of everyone.

Get expressive!

15. Share the naughtiest dream you’ve ever had.

Dream a little dream of naughty.

16. Have a suggestive conversation with an inanimate object.

Get creative with your flirting skills.

17. Attempt to seduce the chair you’re sitting on.

Show that chair some love!

18. Act out a fantasy chosen by the group.

Time to bring fantasies to life.

19. Do a sexy dance with a broom or mop.

Sweep everyone off their feet.

20. Bite the booty of the person to your right gently.

A little nibble never hurt anyone.

21. Run outside and yell “I’m a sex god/goddess!”

Proclaim your prowess to the world.

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22. Seductively eat a banana or cucumber.

It’s getting juicy in here.

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23. Give your best impression of a porn star.

Lights, camera, action!

24. Attempt to pole dance with or without a pole.

Time to swing around.

25. Twerk for 30 seconds.

Shake what your mama gave you!

26. Lick your own lips in the sexiest way possible.

Moisturize those lips!

27. Serenade someone in the group with a sultry song.

Bring on the romance.

28. Write someone’s name on your body with a marker.

Become a living message board.

29. Act like you’re making a naughty film and direct the players.

And… Action!

30. Perform a striptease but stop right before you’re about to take something off.

Build that anticipation!

31. Whisper your kinkiest fantasy into someone’s ear.

Secrets can be tantalizing.

32. Hold hands with the person next to you under the table for 5 minutes.

Feel the connection.

33. Dip a finger into a drink and then seductively suck it.

Get a taste of it!

34. Reenact the most romantic scene from your favorite movie.

Show us your love story.

35. Challenge someone to a sultry staring contest.

First one to blush loses.

36. Serenade the group with a sexy song using only meows.

Keep it purring.

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37. Trade a piece of clothing with the person to your right without using hands.

Creativity is key.

38. Give a detailed account of your first kiss.

Take us back to that moment.

39. Hug the person directly across from you for a whole minute.

Feel the warmth.

40. Seductively eat a piece of fruit provided by the group.

Make it deliciously enticing.

Naughty “Do or Drink” Questions

Feeling a little daring? These naughty “Do or Drink” questions will push your boundaries and spice up the party even more.

1. Give a sensual massage to the person on your left.

Get those hands moving!

2. Take off an article of clothing and give it to the person of your choice.

Sneaky, sneaky.

3. Confess an embarrassing secret you’ve never told anyone.

Time to spill the beans!

4. Kiss the feet of the person sitting opposite you.

Show some love, toe to toe.

5. Dance with no music for 2 minutes.

Let your body move to the rhythm of your heart.

6. Let someone write a naughty word on your forehead with a marker.

Wear it like a crown!

7. Hold an ice cube in your mouth until it melts.

Chill out, literally.

8. Allow the person to your right to tickle you for 30 seconds.

Giggles guaranteed.

9. Call a friend and confess you had a naughty dream about them.

Hello, awkward!

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10. Send a saucy selfie to someone in the group.

Strike a pose.

11. Pretend you are in a beauty pageant and do the catwalk.

Strut your stuff!

12. Do an impression of someone in the room. Everyone else guesses who it is.

Time for some mimic magic.

13. Suck on a lemon slice and try to seduce someone.

Pucker up!

14. Allow someone to rummage through your phone for 1 minute.

Hope you’ve got nothing to hide!

15. Pretend you’re a dog and fetch a small item from the room.

Who’s a good boy/girl?

16. Eat a spoonful of mustard or hot sauce.

Spice up your life.

17. Do a dramatic reading of a dirty text from your phone.

Bring on the drama.

18. Try to undress another player with your teeth.

Careful not to bite!

19. Do a body shot off yourself using a mirror.

Be your own best company.

20. Send a flirtatious message to someone your friends choose.

Entrust your flirting fate to your friends.

21. Perform your sexiest dance under a spotlight (use a phone flashlight).

Time to shine in the sexy spotlight.

22. Attempt to do a sexy split.

Show off those flexible moves.

23. Give a detailed explanation of what turns you on.

Time to share those turn-ons.

24. Imitate what you think a striptease sounds like.

Soundtrack of seduction.

25. Call someone and try to talk in innuendos for 1 minute.

Speak in secrets.

26. Try on someone’s underwear over your clothes.

Switch it up.

27. Eat a snack in the most sensual way possible.

Time to make snacking sexy.

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28. Create a sexy nickname for everyone in the room.

What’s your sexy alias?

29. Do your sexiest walk across the room and back.

Catwalk, but make it hot.

30. Give someone a sexy nickname based on their personality or features.

Personalize their allure.

31. Pretend you’re a sexy vampire seducing your next victim.

Bite ’em! (Gently, of course.)

32. Eat a piece of food off someone else’s body.

Snack time just got steamy.

33. Make a TikTok video with a sexy dance.

Time to go viral (and hot).

34. Describe your perfect date in great detail.

Set the mood for romance.

35. Send a seductive text message to someone and read it aloud.

Get those thumbs moving!

36. Give someone a hickey on their neck.

Mark your territory.

37. Make out with a pillow for one minute.

Pillow talk, anyone?

38. Lick whipped cream or chocolate off someone’s body.

Indulge in some tasty treats.

39. Do a dramatic reading of a steamy romance novel excerpt.

Things are about to get hot and heavy.

40. Kiss the person to your right on their most sensitive spot.

Find out where they’re ticklish (and maybe more).

These naughty “Do or Drink” questions are sure to get the temperature rising at any party. So gather your friends, grab some drinks, and let the fun begin! If you’re looking for more intiamte questions with your partner, this way for our collection of “Do or Drink” questions for couples.

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