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If you like playing Dungeons and Dragons (DND), you know it can be a marathon game that lasts for hours. While that can certainly be exciting, it can also be exhausting.

So why not add some fun drinking games to keep things interesting? These 5 fun DND drinking games are perfect for a night of adventure, friendship, and tipsiness!

1. 18 mules

A fun twist to the Blackjack card game, this DND drinking game is perfect for any DND party that’s all about saving up your gold. If you’re looking for a fun way not to spend unnecessary gold, try playing “18 mules”.

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How to play “18 mules”

In “18 mules”, you aim to gather as much gold as possible without going overboard. All you need for this DND drinking game is 3d6 dice, a group of friends to play with, and some drinks! You start by rolling 3 six-sided dice (3d6).

1. After seeing your roll, you can roll one more dice to add to your total, doing this as often as possible to get as close to the number 18. You can stop whenever you feel you’re close enough.

2. The closer you are to 18, the more points you get. But be careful; if your total goes over 18, you bust, losing your chance to earn points that round, and it’s the next player’s turn. Your mules (the dice) are limited because you only have 18 ropes to tie to your wagon.

3. Less than 18 and your mules might not make it to town with all that gold. Scoring exactly three sixes on your first roll gives you a quick win of 18 points plus a bonus of 10 extra points. The first player to reach 100 points wins this DND drinking game and the losers drink!

Don’t Die!

A good DND drinking game must revolve around the loss of health points, and “Don’t Die!” is a perfect example. You’ll need a deck of cards, the DND dice you prefer to play with, and some drinks.

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How to play “Don’t Die!”

In this game, the rule is simple: Never die! Do your best to stay alive by taking as little damage as possible while ensuring your opponent takes as much damage as possible.

1. For every health potion you drink, you drink! Health potions are essential for keeping a character alive, but they come with a cost in this DND drinking game! You take a sip of your drink for every health potion you drink during the game.

2. Whenever a character loses all its hit points and dies, it must finish its entire drink before reviving as a new character. This is a fun twist on the classic DND rule of reviving a dead character.

3. The last player standing wins and gets to pick who takes a shot! So make sure you’re strategizing well and staying alive in this intense DND drinking game.

Nat 1/20

This is an excellent DND drinking game for those who like to roll their dice in style. All you need is a 20-sided die, drinks, and friends!

How to play “Nat 1/20”

In “Nat 1/20”, each player takes turns rolling the 20-sided die, and depending on the roll, they have to drink accordingly. Here’s how it goes:

1. If the Dungeon Master rolls a Nat20, everyone does a shot. A Nat20 is a critical hit in DND, so it’s only fair if everyone takes a shot when the Dungeon Master rolls one.

2. If you roll a Nat 20, you pick someone to take a shot. You get to choose who takes the shot, so make some good alliances while playing this DND drinking game.

3. If someone lands on a Nat 1, they must finish their drink. If you roll it, you have to take a shot.

Dungeon Master Drinks When…

It’s no secret the Dungeon Master has much power in DND. So why not give them some extra responsibility with this fun DND drinking game? All you need is your Dungeon Master and some drinks.

How to play “Dungeon Master Drinks When…”

The rules are simple. Every time one of these situations happens, the Dungeon Master takes a drink.

  • Drink when: An NPC (Non-Player Character) fails an attack roll or a skill check.
  • Drink when: A player character (PC) succeeds on a saving throw.
  • Drink when: An NPC dies in the game.
  • Drink when: You role-play as a tavern keeper or a drunk patron.
  • Drink when: You hand out exceptional loot to the players.

This DND drinking game adds an entertaining element to the Dungeon Master’s role, ensuring they’re part of the fun.

5. Players Drink When…

Players are the heart and soul of DND, so this game puts them at the center of the drinking action. You’ll need your group of friends, some drinks, and your favorite DND characters ready for an epic game night.

How to play “Players Drink When…”

In this DND drinking game, player characters (PC) get to take a drink when these situations happen. Just follow these simple rules and let the drinks flow! Every player takes a drink when:

  • You fail an attack roll or skill check. It’s all good fun, so take a sip and roll again.
  • You score a critical hit. Celebrate by choosing another player (or the Dungeon Master) to take a drink.
  • You miss a saving throw. Less luck this time? Time for a drink.
  • Your character consumes any liquid in the game. Yes, that includes potions.
  • An NPC scores a critical hit against you. If they get lucky, you take a drink.

There’s no denying that DND is a blast, but adding some drinks and fun games can take it to the next level. With these DND drinking games, you and your friends can enjoy a night filled with adventure, laughter, and delicious drinks. Have fun!

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