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How to play Would You Rather

In case you’re playing with someone who hasn’t played Would You Rather, here’s a quick guide that you could use to explain.

Talk about how the turns will go around. This is just to make sure that everyone gets a turn to contribute and participate.

Each player will now have to say a Would You Rather Question. Then all other players will have a chance to pick one from the statement given. Sometimes their answers require an explanation.

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Weird Would You Rather Questions

These questions might make your friends go: 😳🤔

You can also check out this page and you might find weird questions for teens, adults, and even kids!

1. Would You Rather have coffee come out of your nose every time you sneeze or have bacon for nails?

That’s a plus for all the nail-biters out there.

2. Which Would You Rather have double in size, your hands or feet?

If you don’t believe that having big hands is a struggle, then you better believe it, because it’s true!

3. Would You Rather eat your cereal with water as milk or lemon juice?

How about when the cereal gets soggy and blends with the water or lemon juice? cringe

4. Would You Rather live in an active volcano or inside a big tree?

These are rather odd places to live, but I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the heat 🥵

5. Would You Rather give birth to an elephant or make out with a dog?

Can you just imagine the pain of giving birth to an elephant? But at the same time, how would you even make out with a dog 😖

6. Would You Rather have all your shoes filled with spaghetti or have all your socks be wet all the time?

Honestly, who thinks of these questions?! 🤢

7. Would You Rather have shark gills or a giraffe’s neck?

I guess you’d still be able to hide gills, unlike a long giraffe’s neck that would be impossible to hide.

8. Would You Rather eat a talking cow or a talking chicken?

Eating either would be alright, at least you’d be able to explain yourself!

9. Would You Rather be an alien or an animal?

I imagine being an animal is cool. Think about the freedom you get.

10. Would You Rather be able to see ghosts or talk to them?

The two are different experiences. I think talking to them would be more comfortable.

11. Would You Rather sweat all the time or pee every 2 minutes?

So this is more of picking between changing your clothes all the time or never being able to leave the restroom?

12. When you were a kid, would you rather know if Santa Claus was real or the ghosts under your bed/in your closet?

You’d be very brave if you were to choose the latter. Kudos! 👍🏼

13. Would You Rather have people smell your bad B.O only when they’re far away from you or be a human magnet?

Both would be so uncomfortable. So which would you rather have?

14. Would You Rather poop your pants every time you went out in public or forever have yellow pit stains?

Imagine the stench that comes with your poop. At least you’d be able to hide your pit stains!

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15. Would You Rather have faux fur as skin or have leaves for hair?

Imagine all that hair fall 😂

Crazy Would You Rather Questions

These are the questions you don’t often hear, or maybe no one has the guts to ask these. Who knows 🤷🏽

1. Would You Rather jump off the Eiffel Tower or into a volcano?

I honestly would prefer at least having a nice view before I jump off. So there’s the Eiffel Tower.

2. Would You Rather star in an adult video or be known to have multiple sexual partners?

This is honestly not an issue to some people anymore, but it wouldn’t hurt to know which would you rather prefer.

3. Would You Rather pay to live or pay to be happy?

Excuse the deep question, but what’s the point of living if you’re not happy, right?

4. Would You Rather be forced to do everything you’re told or never to be able to speak for yourself?

You might find yourself always being ill-treated shall you choose either. Pick your poison.

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5. Would You Rather go skydiving or bungee jumping?

If you have a fear of heights, you still have to choose between the two.

6. Would You Rather be a police officer or a firefighter?

Both of which are noble and honorable, but there’s a scary side to both lines of work.

7. Would You Rather be with your soulmate but lose a day of your life as you spend time together or stay forever alone?

What’re a few days to spending years alone, am I right?

8. Would You Rather be the mastermind of a failed bank robbery or the leader of a lousy mafia?

I don’t even know which consequences I’d rather face.

9. Would You Rather take the opportunity to go to Mars or discover Atlantis?

Imagine finally discovering The Lost City. That would be so cool. But so is being the first person to set foot on Mars, hmmm 🤔

10. Would You Rather know your future or be able to change the past?

Sometimes knowing your future, you’d try to do everything you can to reach that, but that in itself can also be the cause of your future changing.

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At the same time, if you change your past, who knows where you’ll end up. Yes, this is a tough decision indeed.

11. Would You Rather be smart but ugly or be insanely attractive but dumb?

Brains or Brawns? You can’t have it all!

12. Would You Rather lose your sense of smell or touch?

Losing any of the senses would be uncomfortable, and it would be difficult to function.

13. Would You Rather use sandpaper or banana leaves as toilet paper?

Fun fact! Banana leaves can be used in many ways because of how sturdy and thick they are.

Although in this context, we should probably mention that they aren’t that absorbent.

14. Would You Rather lose your arms or your legs?

Functioning without either one would be such a challenge.

15. Would You Rather have an obnoxious laugh or have the smelliest farts?

Either option would bring attention to you.

Gross Would You Rather Questions

The questions that can send shivers down your spine. Not because they’re scary, but it’s because they’re just disgusting. Who would even think of asking questions like these?!

If gross questions aren’t your thing, you can head on over to this link to find other themes on Would You Rather questions.

1. Would You Rather eat your best friend’s toenail or your sibling’s?

I know that blood is thicker than water and everything, but sometimes my siblings are just 🤮

2. Would You Rather make out with someone who has a horrible breath or live with a person who always has garbage all over his room?

Either one gives off a weird stench to it, so just pick your poison.

3. Would You Rather not shower for a whole year or have an endless amount of lice in your hair?

I got chills just thinking about this question.

4. Would You Rather have smelly feet or armpits?

At least think about being able to hide your smelly feet with shoes.

5. Would You Rather vomit slugs or tadpoles?

You’re having the situation play out in your head, aren’t you?

6. Would You Rather have blue-colored pee or green-colored poop?

Both are incredibly problematic situations. What would you even have to put in your body for these to come out?

7. If you have Trypophobia, Would You Rather see those holes all around you or have them all over your body?

If I have them all over my body, I am never looking down or at a mirror ever again.

8. Would You Rather drink expired milk or a drink with fish sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, and other cooking condiments?

My stomach’s already hurting just thinking about this question.

9. Would You Rather eat fried cockroaches or only eat food with mold?

Fried cockroaches are full of protein, so don’t reject the idea just yet 😉

10. Would You Rather stay in a house that’s infested with rats or with cockroaches?

Rats just gnaw through everything, although you don’t always see them. Meanwhile, cockroaches can be everywhere, but they’re kill-able.

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11. If you’re a guy, Would You Rather have a penis that turns blue or a retractable one?

Don’t worry. It won’t be painful if it retracts. The blue penis might be weird, though.

12. Would You Rather have farts that smelled like good food or burps that smelled like flowers

Accidentally farting, then having everyone go hungry because of the scent that you just released would be a weird situation.

13. Would You Rather reuse all your gym clothes for a month straight or use make-up brushes that haven’t been cleaned in years?

You’ll stink, for sure, and of course, that won’t be comfy. But can you handle the pimple breakout that might happen on your face?

14. Would You Rather eat butter as a block or drink cooking oil?

I’m already getting a headache just thinking about this.

15. Would You Rather have nipples that shed every few months or have pee that comes out all jelly-like?

I wonder how it’ll feel to have a jelly-like substance come out 🤔

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Awkward Would You Rather Questions

Try to imagine yourselves in these situations. Which option would you be able to move past from?

1. Would You Rather walk in on your grandparents doing it or your parents?

I think anyone would be scarred for life if they ever encountered either one of these options.

2. Would You Rather bump into your partner at the Gynaecologist or see them sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night?

What is happening?

3. Would You Rather slip on nothing or have your skirt fly up?

This is why we don’t go out of the house in fear of situations like these.

4. Would You Rather catch your teenage sibling “playing” with him/herself or your favorite aunt/uncle?

It’s important to explore yourself, yes, but make sure no one finds out. Please.

5. Would You Rather kiss a stranger in public, thinking it’s your partner, or unintentionally yell at a stranger?

Think of the embarrassment you’ll be in.

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6. Would You Rather accidentally drink from a random person’s cup in a bar or dance against someone but finding out that it’s your brother?

I’d probably never be able to look at my brother again 😩

7. Would You Rather go on a date and get stood up or have your date leave in the middle of the meal?

Maybe you should go on a date in a crowded place so it won’t be noticeable.

At least you won’t have to talk to anyone on that trip.

9. Would You Rather watch the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy with your family or your grandparents?

I wonder how our grandparents would react, realizing that these are the movies the next generation has created.

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10. Would You Rather get caught stealing or get caught by your parents doing the nasty?

At least you won’t be a criminal in their eyes!

11. Would You Rather hold up a line or fart in line to the restroom?

These are situations that make you want to curl up in a ball and disappear.

12. Would You Rather catch your Principal or your best friend in bed with your mom/dad?

No, man! Just no 😩👎🏼

13. Would You Rather accidentally poop yourself or pee yourself while wearing white pants?

Oh, what a blank canvas, they said 🧐

14. Would You Rather be served food with maggots or mold?

I’d be too shy to even say, “Um, excuse me, can I get a refund?”

15. Would You Rather spill a hot drink all over your crush in the middle of the canteen or vice versa?

Either your crush never talks to you again, or he’d somehow have to apologize.

If you’re looking for more awkward questions, you might find the right amount of awkwardness on some of the questions on this page.

Fucked Up Would You Rather Questions

Would you and the group be able to handle these questions? Get ready. These are 15 of the most fucked up Would You Rather questions.

1. Would You Rather do your mom/dad or your brother/sister?

If you were able to choose one easily, that’s just weird.

2. Who Would You Rather bump into at the abortion clinic, your partner or your mom?

Can someone explain what’s going on here?

3. Would You Rather find out that your sister or your best friend is now dating your ex-boyfriend?

Now they’re just violating the bro-code!

4. Would You Rather lick a brick wall or pee in your significant other’s living room?

Pee in the living room. Are you an animal?

5. Would You Rather discover that you have a long lost twin or your mother is also your sister?

Having your mother also be your sister is just really, really confusing (and weird!)

6. Would You Rather spend a day with a cactus stuck in you or spend 2 hours in public completely naked?

Spending 2 hours naked in public would probably hurt a lot less (except your dignity, though).

7. Would You Rather lose $100,000 or lose everything you own in just a day?

The question is, do you have $100,000 before you lose everything? Because you might just be able to buy all your belongings back 🤷🏽

8. If you’re a guy, Would You Rather get asked to join a threesome by your guy friend or have your friends do it right next to you?

I don’t know which is more uncomfortable.

9. Would You Rather turn into someone’s penis or vagina?

Try saying “hi” when your person looks down. They’ll get freaked out for sure 🤣

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10. Would You Rather pay to have your thesis done or sleep with the professors to pass?

Either option goes against anyone’s principles, but these things happen.

11. Would You Rather eat a sundae halfway through before realizing it’s for dogs or eating chicken only to find out that it’s a frog?

Yes, frog meat tastes very similar to chicken. You wouldn’t know the difference.

12. Would You Rather reject your biggest celebrity crush asking you out or $1,000,000?

Believe it or not, some people would rather date their celebrity crush than getting the money!

13. Would You Rather talk to a stranger on the internet but finding out later on that he’s a murderer or meeting someone in person and ending up getting stalked?

Let us take this opportunity to remind everyone to stay safe.

14. Would You Rather take money out found inside a used condom or wrapped around a used tampon?

In the first place, why would money be even on these things? 🤢

15. Would You Rather discover an active Instagram account of someone you know passed away or have a deceased relative/friend visit you in your dreams?

Sometimes those encounters in dreams seem so real that it’s scary.

No intentions to creep your friends out tonight?

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