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Top 15 Disney Party Ideas

Parties are supposed to be magical social times we spend with others, times to spread some love and magic. That is why it is such a pressure planning one! Sadly, some lack the excitement and happiness we’re all looking for. You should continuously look for different ideas to spice up our parties!

Who does magic better than Disney? From Mickey Mouse to Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, Disney characters have always been household favorites that kids, and even adults, love ever since Walt Disney Studios started making movies and motion pictures in 1923. Incorporating Disney themes in your birthdays, Christmas, proms, and other parties and social events can surely add the magic and pixie dust that your party needs to take it to the next level!

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There are just so many Disney movies and characters to choose from that it’s just impossible for you to run out of ideas! Check out these Disney Party Ideas that you can use to create your own magical kingdom for everyone to experience and enjoy…

Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Party Theme

Young or old, you can never go wrong with the Disney Classics, especially when it’s Mickey Mouse! Everyone loves Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Pluto. Throw a party indoors or outdoors using Mickey Mouse and Friends decorations like banners, posters, balloons with the characters’ faces.

You can give out Mickey Mouse ears or Donald Duckbills to all the guests or better yet, let everyone dress up like the characters! Make sure that you prepared or ordered foods that will keep up with the theme like Mickey Mouse cakes and desserts.

This is a perfect birthday party theme for kids but of course, if you love Mickey so much, age doesn’t matter!

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Disney Princess Party Theme

Every little girl, at some point in her life, has dreamt of becoming a princess, more specifically, a Disney Princess! This party theme is perfect for an all-girls party and even for debuts if your 18-year old is still into it. It’s the perfect excuse to wear a tiara and a gown (or carry a sword if you’d like to attend as Fa Mulan!).

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Shower the venue with lots of glitter and princess stuff. Let your guests dress as Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, or Ariel! It’s going to be a time you’ll never forget and a dream come true for each and every one of you.

Disney Frozen Party Theme

Frozen is a new-age Disney phenomenon that has taken the globe by an icy storm! Who wouldn’t love a party in a winter wonderland with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, some reindeers, and the Spirits of the enchanted forest? Stage the perfect venue complete with fake snow, fake pine trees, fake ice walls, and crystal chandelier.

Invite your guests to wear their best Frozen movie costume, dress the celebrant as Queen Elsa complete with the white wig and icy castle ensemble. Make a huge DIY Olaf Snowman somewhere. Also, don’t forget to prepare the entire Frozen soundtrack. Sing the songs together and just “Let It Go”!

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Disney High School Musical Party Theme

Are you ready to unleash the Wildcat within you that has been asleep for too long? Disney’s High School Musical was also one of its hit sensations with all the songs and the gorgeous cast. If you are someone who’s a fan of the three movies, this party theme is perfect for you!

You can prepare and turn your venue into a replica of a classroom/school with a blackboard, school lockers, bleachers for the guests, and a basketball ring (and maybe a treehouse same as Troy Bolton’s?)! Don’t forget a dance floor since HSM was all about show music and lots of dancing.

During the party, you can recreate the memorable scenes like the Wildcat song or the one where Troy and Gabriela (and the rest of the cast) were preparing for Prom! It’s definitely going to be a party you’re going to remember forever!

Disney Aladdin Party Theme

If you are looking for an Arabian Night type of party theme, this is perfect for you! Turn your venue into “A Whole New World’’ like the palace in Agrabah and make use of lots of carpets, pillows, lamps, and candles (If you can, some real-life camels!). Make your guests feel like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine will come out of the blue with the Genie of the lamp and Abu!

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Make sure you prepared some Arabian music to complete the ambiance. Ask your guests to wear their best Arabian robes and costumes with gold accessories. If you’re looking to take your party to the next level, hire stuntmen to perform exhibitions, fire dancers, and fire eaters. Your guests will definitely be in for an exotic night!

Disney Little Mermaid Party Theme

A party under the sea is the perfect theme for those who love the ocean like Ariel of The Little Mermaid. Create an underwater wonderland like Atlantica (King Triton’s kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean from the movie). Use decorative seashells, make use of blue wallpaper background, hang lots of fake seaweed in the ceiling, and add some glitter, too!

Ask your guests to dress up as mermaids and other sea creatures from the movie like Sebastian the Crab, Flounder the blue angelfish, and more! You can also ask someone to be Ursula and Prince Eric to complete the cast for the party! Your party will surely be a splash!

Disney Alice in Wonderland Party Theme

If you enjoyed Alice’s trip to Wonderland in the movie, this is the perfect party theme for you! Create the most prominent part of the movie which is the Mad Hatter’s tea party! Make sure everything looks colorful, a bit topsy-turvy yet still very cozy. You’ll need a lot of tea sets, different chairs, nice pastel-colored linen for the tablecloth, and a lot of tea, coffee, and pastries!

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Print a picture of the Cheshire cat and hang it on the ceiling. Print a wallpaper with doors of different sizes. Bake or order pastries and put “Eat Me!”. As for the drinks, you can place them in bottles and put “Drink Me!”. You can also make DIY caterpillars and butterflies then also spread them around the room.

After the party, your guests will feel like they just came out of the rabbit hole!

Disney Cars Party Theme

If you have a need for speed, you will definitely enjoy a party inspired by Lightning McQueen and the other characters from the Disney movie, Cars. Prepare the venue and turn it into a race track with black and white checkered banners, complete with a pit stop and some mini cars like those in the movie.

Ask your guests to wear shirts or costumes related to the movie, or they can just wear racetrack driver suits. Instead of chairs and tables, make use of old, worn-out tires to complete the setting. You can also play with remote-control cars and make a race out of it during the party!

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Party Theme

Ahoy Mateys! If ye be lookin’ for a great adventure time with pirates, ships, and treasures, throw a party fit for pirates and crewmates. Turn your venue into a setting in the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Carribean! Place a steering wheel in the middle, make it look like there’s a sail with a pirate symbol on it. Instead of using tables, use wooden barrels and boxes. As for the food, present it in a very laid-back style as you see in pirate movies and use a barrel instead of a modern dispenser for your “rum” (cocktail drinks).

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Put a treasure chest somewhere in a corner filled with chocolate gold coins and other goodies. This would be your dessert station. Label the food and drinks with names found in the movie (eg. Label a drink as “Fountain of Youth”). Put an anchor somewhere and some scrolls that list the activities for the party in a way that it looks like a treasure map.

Ask your guests to dress up as filthy pirates and the ladies can dress as Elizabeth Swann did in the movie!

Disney Moana Party Theme

Just like The Little Mermaid and Frozen, this movie has such a pretty island setting that it deserves its own theme! Recreate the beautiful island of Motunui with its cute huts, beautiful waves, palm trees, and island flowers. Use your imagination and just use DIY decors or better yet, just hold the party on a beachfront!

Use light orange/yellow lights and colorful table linens to complete the look of your Luau. Put some surfboards out on display around the venue or you can use them as makeshift tables! Hire musicians that can play island music, too. Some Hawaiian dancers would be very nice for this party.

Ask the guests to wear Hawaiian print shirts for men and floral dresses for women. Welcome them to the party with floral garlands as they usually do in Luaus. Let the celebrant wear Moana’s costume, complete with curly hair. You can ask some guests to use fake tattoos just like the demi-god Maui had in the movie!

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Disney Party Games

Here are some Disney-inspired games that you can play during your Disney themed parties. Most of them are just classic party games that you have grown love added with just the perfect Disney twist!

Disney Party Trivia Game

Everyone loves trivia games with incredible prizes during parties. Depending on which Disney movie is your inspiration for your party, prepare a list of questions you can ask about the movie. Your guests will enjoy this game because they will be able to show off how well they know the movie!

Here are some sample Disney questions (with answers) to get you started:

  1. Where does Aladdiin live? (Agrabah)
  2. How many sisters does Ariel have? (Six)
  3. Who was Winnie the Pooh’s human best friend? (Christopher Robin)
  4. Who was Belle’s father in Beauty and The Beast? (Maurice)
  5. What is the name of the boy who transforms into a bear in the film Brother Bear? (Kenai)
  6. What was the name of the song Troy and Gabriel danced to in the rain in HSM 3? (Can I Have This Dance)
  7. What was the name of the naughty cat in Cinderella? (Lucifer)
  8. What was the name of Aurora’s prince? (Prince Phillip)
  9. What was the first film ever created by Disney? (Steamboat Willie)
  10. What was the name of Miguel’s dog in Coco? (Dante)

Disney Charades

If you think you know it all about your favorite Disney movies and characters, this game is best for you and your friends at the party. This game adds a Disney twist to the classic game, Charades!

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The object of the game is pretty simple and straightforward! You just have to guess which Disney character or movie the other player is mimicking or trying to act out without speaking.

Follow this link to find more [Disney Charades Ideas]/party-games/charades-ideas/#disney)!

Disney Mickey Mouse Sack Race

People of all ages enjoy sack races during kiddie parties. Instead of using ugly sacks, customize them to excite the players more. All you have to do is prepare or buy Disney-inspired sacks by painting on old sacks.

This would also do wonders for more instagrammable party pictures!

Disney Pin The Tail Game

This game is the Disney version of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game we all love! There are a lot of beloved Disney animal creatures but four-legged ones like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh and Bullseye from Toy Story are the objects of these tail-pinning games.

Instead normal donkeys, use Disney four-legged animals as the image to which the players should pin the tail while blind-folded!

Disney Piñata

Depending on the theme of your party, choose your favorite Disney character, and make your own piñata that resembles the Disney character. Fill it with goodies and ask for a volunteer during the party so that he/she could bang on the piñata so that everyone can get what’s inside!

Disney Bowling Game

During your Disney Frozen Theme Party, you can add a frozen bowling alley as one of your attractions. Instead of using normal bowling pins, decorate the pins and turn them into Olaf! And instead of ordinary bowling balls, use DIY troll rocks!

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If you have your own ideas on which characters to use for your pins and bowling balls, be as creative as you can be and create your own Disney Bowling Alley!

Disney Party Supplies and Decorations

It’s easy to just plan and think about all the decorations you’re going to use for your party but actually buying or making them and then putting them up is a whole different story and struggle. They are very important in order for the venue to completely look and feel like a scene out of the movie you chose as an inspiration for your party.

Here are some things you need to prepare, make, or buy for your Disney party:

  • A Disney movie or songs to play quietly in the background of the party.
  • Disney Themed Party Balloons
  • Disney Party Banderitas
  • Disney toys, figurines, and stuffed animals.
  • Disney movie posters
  • Disney Characters Mascots
  • Other Party Favors

Follow this link to buy your Disney Party Supplies and Decorations!

Disney Party Food

Guests would be amazed by your attention to detail if you serve these wonderful delicacies during your Disney party. These foods and desserts are inspired by the most beloved characters and some are just too pretty to eat. Your guests will definitely spend time taking pictures of your food!

Alice in Wonderland Biscuits

Your Alice in Wonderland themed party will not be complete if you don’t serve some “Eat Me!” biscuits. Tell your guests that you added some magic ingredient as they did in the movie. Tell them jokingly to eat at their own risk!

Follow this link for the Alice in Wonderland Biscuits recipe.

Mickey Mouse Shaped Pretzels

Your guests will definitely love these soft and chewy Mickey Mouse pretzels that are just too cute to pinch or even eat!

Follow this link for the Mickey Mouse Soft Pretzels recipe.

Olaf Bento Box

Disney Frozen and Olaf fans will be fascinated by this bento box that is inspired by our most beloved snowman!

Follow this link for the Olaf Bento Box recipe.

Princess Elsa Ice Cubes

Here’s another one for Disney Frozen Fans, Princess Elsa made these especially for you!

Follow this link for the Princess Elsa Ice Cubes recipe.

Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pots

If you’re hungry during the party and are looking for a little “hunny”, Winnie the Pooh would love to share this recipe with you!

Follow this link for the Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pots recipe.

Disney Cakes and Cupcakes

A party wouldn’t be a party without cake! So let’s “cake” the world a better place with these Disney-inspired pastries that are both beautiful and yummilicious!

If you’re looking for Disney Princesses Cakes, follow this link!

Disney movies are nothing without the villains, follow this link for Disney Villain Cakes to buy online!

Disney Party Costume Ideas

Dressing up for a Disney Themed Party is no small feat! You gotta look the part and at the same look good. You need to research the character you’re going as and if you really wanna go for it, try to act in character, too. Make sure you get the memo on what the party theme is so that you can prepare ahead and maybe win Best Dressed!

Top 10 Disney Costumes for Girls

From being a Disney Princess to Alice in Wonderland, we have prepared the best Disney costumes and outfits that girls all over the world have grown to love over time…

1. Cinderella: At the top of our list will forever be Cinderella’s Magical Evening Dress. Not everyone has a Fairy Godmother, after all! It’s a pity she only got to wear it until midnight.

2. The Little Mermaid: If you got the body for it and can confidently pull it off, Ariel’s Iconic Shell Bra and Fishtail is such a sight to behold. You can be princess of the merfolk just for a day and you sing songs while brushing your hair with a fork!

3. Rapunzel from Tangled: Even if she’s a new addition to the Disney Princesses, Rapunzel definitely got her style on point with her lovely purple Dress and floral braid. Just look for a frying pan to hold and your look is perfectly Tangled!

4. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin: Jasmine’s Aqua Co-Ord is still one of the sexiest of all the Disney Princess outfits. Although it’s a bit sexy for the supposedly Islamic tradition of Agrabah, it’s still perfect. If your belly button is a sight to behold, show it off with this outfit!

5. Moana: If you’re off to a Moana Luau, and you’re not scared to show some skin, her adventure outfit is the perfect ensemble to show off some sexy yet strong vibe! Curl your hair and just let fly loose in the wind.

6. Megara from Hercules: Meg’s lavender column dress spells “goddess” in every way. The auras of sophistication and simplicity has found its perfect balance with this one.

7. Queen Elsa from Frozen: One of the current favorites in the modern Disney world is Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle Dress. The way she unleashed her power when she sang “Let It Go” in that dress while giving herself a much needed makeover is just sensational!

8. Alice in Wonderland: Another classic favorite is Alice’s Blue Dress and White Apron. It’s the perfect good girl look for a little girl who might look shy and small but is actually free-spirited and curious. It helped Alice when she used it as her parachute!

9. Princess Anna from Frozen: Elsa’s sister also made it to the top! Anna’s Winter Ensemble when she went looking for her sister in the winter woods with her full dress, cape, ear muffs and gloves made her look like the perfect Russian porcelain doll!

10. Belle from Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s yellow ball gown is one of the most beloved Disney Classic outfits that’s recognizable no matter what version and throughout the years. Pair it with yellow silk gloves and hold a rose and you’re the epitome of “Beauty”.

Follow this link to get these costumes and more from Shop Disney!

Top 10 Disney Costumes for Boys

1. Mickey Mouse: Mickey Mouse is the most popular mouse and Disney Character of all time. The Mickey Mouse head/icon still symbolizes Walt Disney after all these years aside from the Disney Castle before the start of every Disney film.

2. Peter Pan: If you have trust and pixie dust… and Peter Pan’s green pixie ensemble, maybe you can fly to Neverland, too!

3. Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story: The iconic white, purple, green Buzz Lightyear Astronaut Outfit might look heavy but you can use cardboards and paint to replicate it. You can also buy a suit online. Wearing it, you can flaunt it at a Disney Toy Story Party…To infinity and beyond!

4. Woody from Toy Story: Woody’s Cowboy outfit will have everyone looking at the rugged cowboy and sheriff that you are! All that’s missing is your very own horse named Bullseye! 🤠

5. Nemo of Finding Nemo: Nemo is an orange clownfish. It’s gonna be a bit tough making or finding this fish costume but not as tough as “Finding Nemo”. 🤣🤣🤣🐠🐠🐠

6. Olaf from Frozen: Everyone loves the funny and happy snowman from Frozen! Dress up as Olaf with three white balls of different sizes. Saw buttons on your chest and make your own carrot-looking nose!

7. Prince Costumes from Disney Princess Movies: Either you want to be Cinderella’s Prince Charming, Aurora’s Prince Phillip or Ariel’s Prince Eric, make sure that you look as brave and dashing as they did in the movies. Put your best foot forward and be the perfect gentleman during the party! Who knows? You might find your princess!

8. Winnie the Pooh: You will need a whole mascot outfit to look like this bear that we all love. Carry around a pot of “hunny” and try to act as if you’re thinking the whole time as Pooh does.

9. Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Carribean: Wearing a filthy-looking and accessorized pirate outfit won’t cut it. You need the attitude, sass and that perpetually present rum-drunk look on his face to even call yourself the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow!

10. Aladdin: The arabian peasant boy outfit will have you thinking about Aladdin at first sight. Carry around a lamp and you’ll be so close to the real deal!

Follow this link to get these costumes and more from Shop Disney!

There you have it, you’re all ready to throw that Disney Party you have been dreaming of! It’s not only for birthdays, you can throw a Disney themed party for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s and Easter, too! The possibilities for your parties are endless. As far as your imagination can reach, if you can dream it then you can work hard to make it possible!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

-Walt Disney

Are you looking for more awesome party ideas to try? Follow this link to help you plan the best party of all time!

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