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How To Play Would You Rather Dirty

This game is probably one of the simplest games out there, and all you’ll be needing is a couple of friends.

Just a quick introduction (if you need help explaining the game to someone who hasn’t played yet) on Would You Rather:

Step 1: Gather your friends and sit together in a circle. Most people just sit in a circle, but this isn’t important. As long as everyone can hear each other, the game will turn out just fine.

Step 2: Figure out how the rotation will go around. Again, this also isn’t that important. What’s important is that everyone gets a turn; it’s more fun that way.

Step 3: Begin asking your questions! We know that thinking of questions on the spot can be hard, so here are some suggestions on fun and engaging questions that you can ask.

This one’s optional, but you can choose to set some ground rules. Sometimes these games can get out of control and ruin it for some people. Especially if you’re playing Would You Rather Dirty.

20 Dirty “Would You Rather” Questions

1. Would You Rather be on top or bottom?

Dominance is not for everyone.

2. Would You Rather pay or be paid to have sex?

Might as well make some money out of it, right?

3. Would You Rather do it in a public place or in your parents’ house?

To be caught by a bunch of strangers or by your parents? I don’t know which is worse, to be honest!

4. Would You Rather be able to only have kinky sex or romantic sex?

Kinky is fun now and then, but imagine only having kinky sex for the rest of your life. Too much fun isn’t that fun after all.

5. Would You Rather have your hair pulled or have your butt slapped?

Both actions are a huge turn-on, but which would feel better?

6. Would You Rather do it with the lights on or off?

To see your partner or to only see silhouettes? Which is sexier?

7. Would You Rather seal a first date with good sex or with a passionate kiss?

Although it is crucial to make sure that sex is great between you and your partner, it’s great to leave some mystery in the relationship by holding it off. Maybe do it when you’re both in a more comfortable place with each other?

8. Would You Rather have a threesome with your partner or cheat?

Some people may choose to do neither. It’s just for fun! No one’s saying you’d do the deed.

9. Would You Rather know when your parents are having sex or have them know when you’re having sex?

Either situation could be uncomfortable for anybody.

10. Would You Rather go skinny dipping in the ocean or the pool?

I guess the question is whether there are people around you, but either option seems fun.

11. Would You Rather spit or swallow?

Some people are absolutely repulsed by the idea of swallowing. Yet some find it extremely hot. Which one are you?

12. Would You Rather do it against the wall or on the bed?

Not all positions can work for everyone. It’ll be interesting to see your partner’s preference on this subject.

13. Would You Rather give a lapdance or receive it?

Come on. There’s no need to be shy. Show ‘em your killer dance moves!

14. Would You Rather suck at foreplay or suck at sex?

I’m pretty sure that sucking at either task is not a choice, but for the sake of it, which would you rather suck at?

15. Would You Rather be handcuffed or blindfolded during sex?

Either way, you’d get to live out your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy.

16. Would You Rather do it with protection or without?

Well, need I say more? Would you risk it just for pleasure?

17. Would You Rather be kissed on the lips over and over or be kissed all over?

It’s hard to decide which to choose if both feel equally as great!

18. Would You Rather have sex with someone who never showers or someone who never brushes their teeth?

This question is both dirty and dirty-dirty. Oh well, no one’s judging! This discussion could get fun and/or funny!

19. Would You Rather be restrained or do the restraining?

This can tell you a lot of things about how your partner is in bed. Be careful though, it might spark something, and can lead to more

20. Would You Rather have sex with only one person for the rest of your life or a new partner every year?

I think the underlying question here is if you’re in it for love or lust?


I’m pretty sure that the first date can be intimidating. I know that you’d want to get to know your date as much as possible. But you don’t want to come off as creepy, so be careful when you suggest playing this game.

It’s all about the timing!

If you’re planning to play another kind of Would You Rather, you can head on over and click this Would you rather: Ultimate Question List for more questions!

You’ll be able to find other versions of Would You Rather in that link. You’ll be seeing some question suggestions for the Original version, some Hard Would You Rather questions, and even a guide for the Drinking version of Would You Rather!

We hope that you were able to get a few ideas from our suggestions. Most importantly, we hope that you’d be able to get to know your partner a little better after this fun game of Would You Rather.

Remember, be careful with these questions. At any point, it might lead to something more. So just a head’s up! Always be prepared. 😉

✍️  August 29, 2020

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