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Same as the rest of the areas of our lives, our sex lives also deserve free-spirited reboot from time to time. After playing these games, you’ll surely become much closer with your lover and friends. This is only for open-minded people who are willing to play games that will let your freaky sides out!

What are Dirty Games?

Dirty games are usually your favorite party games with a bit (or a lot) of naughty twists that will really dare you to have the funnest and kinkiest time ever! These games usually incorporate stuff like sex, dirty jokes, and more inappropriate stuff that are for adults’ ears only!

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These games are best played with your partner or lover to spice up your relationship and are guaranteed to be a major turn on that could lead to something a little more steamy the next minute. But of course, there are also games you can play with your best friends that will definitely give all of you funny memories and secrets to share that will make you closer than ever!

If you want to skip reading and just start playing, download our free PumPum app! Try out different minigames and sexual adventures with your significant other:

1. Dirty Truth or Dare

Everyone has played Truth or Dare since it has always been a classic favorite to play during parties and gatherings. The excitement tinged with a little bit of fear adds some sexy thrill to the game. With the dirty version, you should expect something freshly new and a lot more sexiness.

👉 Learn more about the dirty version of Truth or Dare Dirty Truth or Dare!

How to Play Truth or Dare

Playing Dirty Truth or Dare is quite easy. Just use the original rules of Truth or Dare by following this link: Original Truth or Dare!

Instead of the usual truths and dares you use for this game, the Dirty Truth or Dare uses nauthy and kinky questions and challenges that you’d be thinking twice before answering or doing. If you have the guts to do so, play it with your friends now!

Dirty Truths for Truth or Dare

Here are some must-try dirty questions that will surely make your lover and friends blush:

  1. Have you ever been in a threesome?
  2. Have you ever tried the cowgirl position?
  3. What’s your favorite sex position?
  4. Have you ever swallowed?
  5. Who’s your best sex ever?
  6. Do you want to try going to an orgy?
  7. If given a million dollars, would you have sex with someone?
  8. How many lovers have you had so far?
  9. When did you lose your virginity?
  10. Have you ever fantasized having sex with your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

Dirty Dares for Truth or Dare

Here are some naughty dares that will really test your bravery:

  1. Kiss one part of my body that you’ve always wanted to kiss.
  2. Make out with someone for one minute straight.
  3. Let someone touch your boob.
  4. Let someone sit on your lap for three minutes straight.
  5. Strip down to your undies and pose for the camera.
  6. Dance and grind against someone for two minutes straight.
  7. Feel someone’s ass for one minute straight.
  8. Dirty dance as if you’re a stripper.
  9. Call your crush and dirty talk to him/her on the phone.
  10. Touch yourself right now.

Hot enough for you? Download our app for more Dirty Truths and Dares for you to try next time!

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Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

2. Dirty Never Have I Ever

This is yet another crowd favorite drinking game that was turned into a naughty little game of getting to know more about the sex life of your lovers and friends. Does your lover look so innocent? Do you think your friends are such virgins? Think again!

👉 Learn more about the dirty version of Never Have I Ever: Dirty Never Have I Ever!

How to Play Never Have I Ever

The rules for this game are just simple. A player just needs to start by saying something she or he has never done before. Whoever has done it should take a shot. Continue until you’re too drunk to play.

In this version, you’ll need to think of dirty Never Have I Ever statements. You can tell something about your sex life, something you’ve never tried or something you wish to explore, sexually speaking.

In need of more infos on the original Never Have I Ever game? Follow this link: Never Have I Ever!

Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions

Here are some Never Have I Ever Questions that will surely open your minds to all the possibilities you can explore with your lover:

  1. Never have I ever touched someone else’s boobs.
  2. Never have I ever had sex in an airplane.
  3. Never have I ever had sex in a car.
  4. Never have I ever tried the doggy style.
  5. Never have I ever swallowed.
  6. Never have I ever had oral sex.
  7. Never have I ever been in a threesome.
  8. Never have I ever had sex with someone of the same gender.
  9. Never have I ever kissed a stranger.
  10. Never have I ever had a one night stand.

Hungry for more dirty Never Have I Ever questions? Try our free Never Have I Ever app:

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Never Have I Ever Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

3. Dirty Would You Rather

Here is another favorite party game that will let you choose between two options. You should think fast for the answer, though, since that’s the whole point of the game; for the players to get to know each other more without much thought involved in picking what you want.

This version incorporates kinky and wild stuff that could really think twice or even thrice before you choose!

👉 Follow this link to know more about Dirty Would You Rather!

How to Play Would You Rather

Compared to the original version, this naughty version will surely make you squirm since it will surely make each player choose between sex positions, gender preferences, fetishes and more stuff to make you blush!

As long as there are no judgments to the choices you’ll make, you are going to have a fun and eye-opening time with your lovers and friends!

👉 Follow this link for the official rules of the Original Would You Rather!

Dirty Truths for Would You Rather

Here are some dirty truth questions you can try out:

  1. Would you rather have sex at night or in the morning?
  2. Would you rather have sex with a boy or a girl?
  3. Would you rather have sex in the missionary or doggy position?
  4. Would you rather swallow or not?
  5. Would you rather be on top or bottom?
  6. Would you rather make love or fuck hard?
  7. Would you rather have a one night stand or a threesome?
  8. Would you rather have sex with your hot cousin or hot teacher?
  9. Would you rather have oral or anal sex?
  10. Would you rather watch porn or have sex?

In the mood to play the original version of Would You Rather right now? Follow this link to download our app:

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Would you rather? Rated 4.9 stars out of five stars

4. Strip Poker

Aside from dirty versions of your favorite classic games to play, you can also play this all-time favorite card game with a naughty twist called Strip Poker!

This game is much like the original game of Poker but instead of betting your money, you will be betting your clothes. Losers should remove one item of their clothes everytime they lose and so on. It’s both fun and erotic at the same time so it’s only for open-minded players!

👉 To know more about the rules of the game, follow this link: Strip Poker!

5. Dirty Texting Games

Ever since texting through our cell phones has become a thing and especially in the midst of the pandemic, texting games have been played all over the globe for entertainment and pleasure. There are even people who involve themselves with sexting and find it fun!

Dirty texting games will be beneficial to keep the romance alive with your partner with whom you’re having a long distance relationship with, to with your crush who you’re flirting with or with your friends who you’re fooling around with!

Here is a list ot the most enjoyed fun dirty games to play on text that adults will surely love to play anytime, anywhere and with anyone:

Fuck, Marry, Kill Texting Game

All you have to do is take turns texting each other a list of three names each and the recipient must determine who he or she will fuck, marry and kill among the names you listed. You can even assign emojis for Fuck, Marry and Kill, as follows:

  • Fuck 🖕
  • Marry ❤️
  • Kill 🔪

For example, you can ask a player who she or he wants to fuck, marry or kill among the Riverdale characters: Betty, Veronica and Cheryl, or Game of Thrones characters: Daenarys, Jon Snow and Tyrion.

Do you want to know more about Fuck, Marry, Kill? Or do you need more inspiration? Check out our Fuck, Marry, Kill article!

You can actually use actual people from your life for this dirty game to play on text!

Sexy Story Time Texting Game

This fun dirty game to play on text is quite simple. Someone should start with a one line narration. All you need to do is text each other one sentence each that will connect with each other and form a story.

Of course since this is called a “Sexy Story Time”, make sure to tell an erotic, hot and passionate story that will leave you sweating and possibly horny (if you’re doing it with your partner!). If you’re doing it with your friends, it’s most likely that it’ll turn out to be naughty and funny!

Dirty Truth or Dare Texting Game

You can just follow the original rules for the Dirty Truth or Dare game but this time you’ll only be doing it via text or online messaging so that you can send photos and videos as proof that you were able to finish the dare!

Dirty Would You Rather Texting Game

Same rules apply as the original Dirty Truth or Dare game. You can just take turns sending each other texts of Would You Rather questions usually letting the recipient choose between two naughty things instead of the usual stuff.

Dirty Never Have I Ever Texting Game

Just follow the official rules of the classic favorite party game, Never Have I Ever and just make use to use kinky and naughty statements. Since you’ll be texting in playing this game, make sure to use lively emojis to make it more fun and alive!

Hungry for more infos on Dirty Texting Games? Follow this link and enjoy: Dirty Texting Games!

There you have it, just choose a game that you’re comfortable enough to play with your lover and/or friends. Be open-minded while you’re playing the game and explore the fun world of erotic stories, sex games and perversity. Know your limits and respect others’ limits, too. You’re in for a sexy time!

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