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Ready to get the gears in your head turning? A good party game never fails, and what’s better than deep “Would You Rather” questions to spark some interesting conversations?

If you’re tired of the same old surface-level small talk or want to challenge your perspectives and explore your beliefs, this list of 40+ deep “Would You Rather” questions is the perfect way to do so! Are you ready for the challenge?

Play Deep “Would You Rather” Online

Don’t have time to think of questions for your next game night? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our online version of “Would You Rather”.

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Simply download our app or visit our website to unlock over 1,000 questions ranging from thought-provoking to downright hilarious. Are you ready for a fun and unforgettable game night experience?

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How to Deep Play “Would You Rather”

If you’re new to the game of “Would You Rather,” don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this simple rundown on how to get started.

Step 1: Gather all players. The essence of this game is to communicate with one another. For as long as you guys can hear/see each other, the game will work fine! Be it in person or through video call!

Step 2: Decide the first player and turn order. To keep things organized and ensure everyone gets a chance to shine, determine who will go first and the order of turns.

Step 3: Ask a deep “Would You Rather” question. Take turns asking each other a thought-provoking question starting with “Would you rather…?”

For example, “Would you rather live in a world without music or without books?”

Step 4: Discuss and debate. This is where the fun begins! After each question is asked, discuss and debate your choices with each other. Share your reasoning and listen to others’ perspectives.

Step 5: Rotate turns until everyone has had a chance to ask a question. Keep the game going until everyone has had a chance to ask at least one question. You can also set a time limit and see how many questions you can get through in that time.

Interactive “Would You Rather” video

If you liked this game, we’re sure you’ll love our ‘Would You Rather: Super Hard Choices Edition’ video! Presenting the toughest scenarios you could imagine and putting your decision-making to the ultimate test, this video will definitely keep you entertained and engaged.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, and let’s see how many of these tough decisions you can make!

Deep “Would You Rather” Questions

The following questions are designed for deep thinkers who like to contemplate life’s mysteries. Take your time, ponder your answers, and get ready to dive into profound conversations!

1. Would you rather live forever or die in an instant?

Living forever can get lonely, but dying suddenly can also leave you with lots of unresolved feelings.

2. Would you rather love or be loved?

There is a difference between the two, so would you rather be on the receiving end?

3. Would you rather choose family or money?

Family and money have always been two things that are hard to choose from.

4. Would you rather have the ability to experience the highest highs but also the lowest lows or live a life of consistent moderate emotions?

If you had to choose between a life filled with exhilarating highs and devastating lows or a steady stream of moderate emotions, which would you pick?

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5. Would you rather never be able to forget anything or have the ability to selectively erase memories?

Having a memory like a steel trap or the ability to wipe away those cringeworthy moments? It’s a tough call!

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6. Would you rather live a life where you are always the center of attention but constantly judged by others or live a life where you are completely unnoticed but free from any judgment?

Picture this: being in the spotlight 24/7, basking in admiration but also enduring relentless scrutiny from others. Alternatively, envision a life where you go completely under the radar, escaping judgment but also missing out on recognition. Which path would you choose?

7. Would you rather be able to speak all languages fluently or have the ability to communicate with animals?

Master all languages or communicate with animals? It’s a tough call between connecting with diverse cultures or delving into the secrets of the animal kingdom. Which gift would you choose?

8. Would you rather sacrifice a loved one or yourself for a stranger?

This question isn’t as easy as you would think. It can also tell you a lot about the person you’re playing with.

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9. Would you rather lose all the money you worked for or lose everyone in your life?

What’s the use of having all that money if you can’t share it with someone? Am I right?

10. Would you rather relive the greatest day in your life or get a glimpse of your biggest achievement in life?

It can be hard to live your life knowing your most significant achievement. Sometimes it can drive you to make decisions that you feel would lead to that, but you can also mess everything up in the process.

11. Would you rather be religious or spiritual?

Being religious and spiritual are two different things. There are lots of people who can be spiritual without being religious. Try to analyze everything. See if it changes your decision!

12. Would you rather have the power to read minds or the power to see the future?

It’s a battle of supernatural abilities: mind-reading to unravel hidden truths or foresight to navigate the twists and turns of destiny.

13. Would you rather lose a long-time pet or a pet that you just got?

Speaking from experience, losing either is just as painful.

14. Would you rather always tell the truth or always tell a lie?

We all know that sometimes a little white lie is necessary for life. So which would you rather “get in trouble” for?

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15. Would you rather live in a world without art or a world without technology?

Imagine a world stripped of its artistic expressions, where the beauty of paintings, music, and literature ceases to exist. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

16. Would you rather be an open book or have people talk about you behind your back?

Sometimes it’s better to have everything come from you than to have the wrong information circling around.

17. Would you rather get lost in space or down in the sea?

This brings out a lot of fear in some people. Getting lost in itself is already scary!

18. Would you rather live a short but extraordinary life or a long but ordinary life?

Live fast, die young, and leave a memorable mark, or embrace a long, ordinary existence?

19. Would you rather know the exact date of your death or the cause of your death?

It’s a decision between embracing the certainty of a ticking clock or unraveling the mysteries surrounding your own mortality.

20. Would you rather be good at something embarrassing or not be good at anything at all?

Either option would have you end up in some sort of embarrassment, have fun with the discussion on this!

21. Would you rather know if God is real or discover the cure for cancer?

Ah, probably the biggest question in anyone’s life. Which would you rather know?

22. Would you rather be book-smart or street-smart?

Being book-smart sometimes isn’t enough to get you through life. Street-smart is also necessary!

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23. Would you rather contribute to today’s society or travel back in time and contribute to something then?

It’s hard to figure out how to contribute to today’s society. Unlike contributing to something in the past, you’d already know how to improve something!

24. Would you rather always be placed in uncomfortable situations or face your biggest fear?

Just thinking about this makes my head hurt. Who would want to be placed in any kind of discomfort!

25. Would you rather be rich and never find true love or be poor and find true love?

Love or money? What’s more important?

26. Would you rather wake up to find you’ve grown a tail or wake up to find you can only hop like a kangaroo everywhere?

Let’s add a twist to your morning routine - sprout a tail or say goodbye to walking in favor of some bouncy transportation!

27. Would you rather have your internet search history made public or have everyone you know read your thoughts for a day?

Okay, spill the beans - your not-so-secret searches or your wildest thoughts broadcasted for a 24-hour tell-all?

28. Would you rather win an Olympic medal or win a talent show with a bizarre act no one saw coming?

The choice is all yours - bask in the golden glory, or shock ’em with your secret, quirky talent that blows the roof off?

29. Would you rather have the best house in a boring neighborhood or the worst house in a fun neighborhood?

Are you the king of your dull castle or the life of the party in a house that’s… well, got “character”?

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30. Would you rather be a reverse centaur or a reverse mermaid/merman?

Picture it: horse head, human legs, or fishy top with some fancy footwork. Which mythical makeover gets your vote?

31. Would you rather have unlimited free therapy for life or have a one-time three-hour life advice session with a super wise Yoda-like figure?

Get ready to unpack that emotional luggage, would you do it bit by bit, or in one epic wisdom-dump?

32. Would you rather give up all drinks except for water or give up eating anything that was cooked by another person?

Feeling thirsty yet? Or missing that secret ingredient you can never quite replicate at home?

33. Would you rather always have to skip everywhere or run everywhere?

Ready, set, skip… or are you in it for the long, fast run?

34. Would you rather live without music or live without TV?

A life with no tunes to hum or no binge-worthy shows to glue your eyes to, what’s it gonna be?

35. Would you rather be able to talk with plants or have them dance on command?

Ever wanted a deep convo with a cactus, or dream of commanding a squad of salsa-dancing sunflowers?

36. Would you rather become a superhero or a wizard at your current age?

Strap on the cape, or swish and flick – which magical mid-life career change fits your fancy?

37. Would you rather never have to work again or never have to sleep again?

Quit your job and chill forever or gain countless hours because who needs sleep, anyway?

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38. Would you rather live the plot of the last movie you watched or the last book you read?

Here’s to hoping it’s not a horror – unless you’re into that sort of thrill!

39. Would you rather team up with Batman or Iron Man to fight crime?

Get your gear ready! Are you into high-tech genius gadgets or the dark and brooding mystery mobile?

40. Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

Psst, can you keep it down, or are we turning the volume to max forever?

41. Would you rather have your laugh changed to a horse’s nicker or a seagull’s squawk?

Try not to giggle, or you might neigh or squawk your way through the joke!

42. Would you rather have a lifetime supply of pie or a lifetime supply of tacos?

Savory or sweet, endless rounds of treats – pick your forever feast!

43. Would you rather never be able to wear pants or never be able to wear shorts?

Consider your wardrobe - always breezy, or never without those trusty leg tubes?

44. Would you rather become famous for inventing a silly dance or for discovering a new species?

Strut onto the dance floor with your wacky moves or into the science books with your newly found critter?

45. Would you rather only travel by unicycle or by pogo stick for the rest of your life?

Pack your bags, but choose wisely – one wheel or one stick for the ultimate travel story?

There’s nothing like a good game to make us think and reflect on our beliefs and perspectives. So, the next time you’re looking for an entertaining yet thought-provoking activity, give these deep “Would You Rather” questions a try!

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Who knows, it may just challenge your views in unexpected ways. So, are you ready for some deep discussions?

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