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Most popular pool games like the 8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool are usually played between two players. If you are looking for a new game of pool with more of your family and friends, this is the best pool game for you. Since there are more than two players, it’s faster to play and a lot more fun, too!

What is Cut Throat Pool?

Cut Throat Pool is usually a three or five-player game that is also commonly called “Elimination” because in this game, you will try to eliminate your opponents by pocketing their balls. The last remaining player will be declared the winner.

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This pool game got its name because it has a ruthless nature. Players sometimes need to sacrifice their own balls as part of their strategy to eliminate their opponents from the game. Eliminated players can join the game again if their opponent scratches.

Cut Throat Pool Set Up

Just like with the popular 8 Ball Pool, you will need these essential pool game equipment to even start learning how to play the game. Most of them are required while some you can just forego as they only help in pocketing the ball which you can already manage without.

  • 15 Object Pool Balls (numbered 1 to 15)
  • 1 White Cue Ball
  • Diamond Rack
  • Pool Table
  • Cue Stick
  • Chalk (Optional)
  • Bridge (Optional)

How To Rack in Cut Throat Pool

The rack for Cut Throat pool is triangular in shape, same as the rack for 8 Ball Pool. There are two ways on how to rack the balls for Cut Throat Pool. Which to choose solely depends on the agreement and preferences of the players. You can choose between the two:

  1. Ball number 1 is at the apex or top of the triangle while Ball numbers 6 and 11 are at the other two corners of the triangle. All other balls are placed in the rack in a random order.
  2. All balls are placed in random order in the triangle. This one is best for a five-player game of Cut Throat pool.

How to Play Cut Throat Pool

You are now ready to learn how to play the game! Here is an overview of how a game of Cut Throat pool goes:

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  1. Decide the order in which the players will take their turns.
  2. A player will rack the balls and another will break.
  3. Claim your set of balls when you pocket a ball. Obviously, you should not choose the set that includes the ball you pocketed. In a game of three players, you can choose from either the low balls (balls 1 to 5), mid balls (6 to 10), or high balls (balls 11 to 15). Your balls are yours and you’ll want them to remain on the table at all cost.
  4. Each player gets to continue playing as long as his/her ball/s remain on the table.
  5. Each player should aim to pocket the opponent’s balls.
  6. Each player can continue his/her inning after every successful pocketing of an opponent’s ball.
  7. The winner is the last remaining player with at least one ball remaining on the table.

Cut Throat Pool Rules

A game is nothing without its rules. Cut Throat Pool might be a modern version of the original billiards so rules may vary from every region but there are common rules to follow. Internalize the game rules by heart to ultimately come up with a strategy that works for you:

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Object of the Game

Each player’s number one objective is to pocket all of the opponent’s balls.


Each player continues his/her turn or inning until he/she misses, scratches or commits a foul.


Everytime a player pockets or jumps the cue ball off the pool table, it is considered a scratch. When this happens, one random previously pocketed ball from each of the opponents’ balls gets pulled out from the pockets and re-spotted.


A player commits a foul when he/she hits a target ball off the table or makes an illegal stroke. An illegal stroke is when a player fails to hit a numbered ball or cushion. Committing a foul loses the player’s turn.


A player may pocket his own ball to continue his/her turn or make the game more in his favor.

Elimination and Reinstatement

Players whose balls are all eliminated will be eliminated from the game but may be reinstated when an opponent scratches.

Winning the Game

The last standing player with at least one of his balls remaining on the table while the rest of the opponent’s balls are sunk is the winner.

Cut Throat Pool Tips

The only way to really be a pool pro when it comes to Cut Throat Pool is to practice and train your mind to strategize. Here are some tricks and tips you might find useful in playing this competitive pool game:

  1. Be ready to sacrifice your own balls. Cut Throat Pool is as ruthless as a game of chess. Learn and know when it’s time to pocket your own balls to make the odds in your favor.
  2. Team Up. Since this pool game can consist of more than two players. You can team up with others to eliminate an opponent and then ultimately fight to the finish with each other. This game can be really fast, fun and furious!
  3. Play as defensively as possible. Do what you can to block your opponent’s scoring opportunities. You can try putting the cue ball in a position in which the opponent will find it difficult to play his strategy.
  4. Play safe. In a game as Cut Throat as this, you cannot afford any scratches or fouls. It’s not the time to try new moves that aren’t calculated.

There you have it! You are all set to challenge your friends and family to the game of Cut Throat Pool. You’ll be surprised at how cunning your opponents can be so aside from perfecting your strokes, also be on the lookout. GAME FACE ON!

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