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Drinking games are a staple at any party, and solo cup games are a classic choice. These games are fun, easy to set up, and perfect for large groups. So why not add excitement to your next gathering with these 14-cup drinking games?

Whether hosting a small get-together or throwing a big bash, these fun drinking games will surely bring the fun.

Trust us; your friends will thank you for picking one of those awesome cup-drinking games!

1. Beer Pong Beirut

A classic game with no introduction needed: “Beer Pong Beirut”! This is a must-have at any party.

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All you need are some cups, ping pong balls, and beer!

How to play “Beer Pong Beirut”

This classic game is played in teams of two. To begin, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A table
  • 20 Solo cups (10 for each team)
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Beer, of course!

1. Set up your table.

Each team sets up their cups in a pyramid shape at the end of their side of the table. The base of the pyramid should have 4 cups, followed by 3 cups in the next row, then 2, and finally 1 cup on top.

2. Fill those cups up!

Make sure they’re filled with roughly the same amount of beer so you don’t get drunk too fast!

3. Decide who goes first.

You can flip a coin, play rock-paper-scissors, or whatever method you prefer.

4. Start shooting!

The first team gets to shoot one ping pong ball per player on their turn. They must try to shoot the ball into one of the opposing team’s cups.

5. Keep playing.

If a ball lands in a cup, the other team has to drink that cup and take it off the table.

6. Win the cup drinking game!

The first team to eliminate all of their opponent’s cups wins!

2. Flip Cup

Another classic cup drinking game that’s perfect for large groups, “Flip Cup” is a race to chug and flip your cup before the other team. Careful though, this game can get messy real fast!

How to play “Flip Cup”

Playing “Flip Cup” is easy, and all you need are some Solo cups, drinks, and a table or flat surface to play on. Here’s how it goes:

1. Divide into two teams.

Each team should have the same number of players; they should stand across from each other on opposite sides of the table.

2. Fill your cups.

Each player should have a cup filled with their drink of choice, preferably beer. The drinks should be lined up on the edge of the table in front of each player.

3. Start flipping!

Both teams start at the same time; the first player on each team chugs their drink and then tries to flip the cup from its edge up onto the top of the table.

4. Pass it on.

Once a player successfully flips their cup, they pass it down to the next player, who repeats the process.

5. The fastest team wins!

The first team to finish flipping all of their cups wins!

3. Rage Cage

Test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination with “Rage Cage”, a fast-paced game perfect for competitive players. This fun drinking game is also known as Boom Cup or Stack Cup.

How to play “Rage Cage”

You’ll need some cups, a large circular table, and two ping pong balls to set up for this game. Here’s how this cup-drinking game goes:

1. Set up your ‘cage.’

Arrange 20 Solo cups in the center of the table and fill them halfway with beer. Then, place one cup in the middle, filled to the brim with a mixture of all the players’ drinks.

2. Gather your players.

Gather around the table and give two players on opposite sides of each other an empty cup and one ping-pong ball.

3. Start bouncing!

The players with the empty cups start by bouncing their balls on the table and trying to get them into opponents’ cups.

4. Move fast.

If a player successfully lands the ping-pong ball in their cup on the first try, they can pass their cup and ball to any player they want. They must pass it to the player on their left if they make it onto their second or third try.

5. Keep going!

The cup-drinking game continues until two players are playing next to each other. If one bounces their ball into a cup before the other can, they can stack their cup on top of the other player’s.

6. Drink!

If you have your cup stacked, you have to get a filled cup from the center of the table and drink it. Once you have your empty cup, you can try bouncing your ball again.

7. Don’t lose.

Whoever got their cup stacked last, they need to drink the last cup in the center and are declared the loser. Then the game starts again!

4. Four Corners

Looking for a cup-drinking game that’s easy to set up but still brings the fun? “Four Corners”, also known as Beer Ball, is a perfect choice for a more casual yet still competitive game.

How to play “Four Corners”

All you need for this game is a flat surface, four cups, four unopened beers, and two ping pong balls. Here’s how to set it up and get playing:

1. Start by arranging the cups.

Arrange the four cups in a square shape on opposite corners of the table. Place your beers behind each cup, as you will need to drink them throughout the game.

2. Divide into teams.

“Four Corners” is best played in two teams, with each team standing on opposite sides of the table. Do a toss coin to decide which team goes first.

3. Begin throwing!

Both players on the first team throw one ping pong ball each, trying to hit their opponent’s cups.

4. Knocking over opponent’s cups!

If a player successfully knocks over an opponent’s cup, both players on the team should have to open their beers and start drinking ASAP.

The opposing team should try to retrieve the ball and place it back on the table before the other team finishes their drink.

5. Declare a winner!

The first team to successfully finish both their beer cups wins!

5. Quidditch Pong

Potterhead and beer lover? This cup-drinking game is perfect for you! “Quidditch Pong” combines elements from the beloved Harry Potter series with the classic drinking game, so grab your friends and brooms, and get ready to play!

How to play “Quidditch Pong”

This game requires some Solo cups, a table, ping pong balls, and drinks. Here’s how it goes:

1. Set up the Quidditch field.

Create a 10-cup rack on each side of the table, with the back row being four cups, then three, two, and one cup in the front.

2. Divide into teams.

Split your group into two teams of equal size and have them stand on opposite sides of the table.

3. Fill your cups.

Each team should fill their cups with a drink of their choice, preferably beer.

4. Start playing!

Each player takes turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups. This game is similar to Beer Pong, just with a Quidditch twist. The amount of points that a cup is worth varies by special rules, for example:

  • 10 points: For using your bludgers to swat a ball illegally or if you knock your cup over.
  • 10 points: For a regular make. – 20 points: For making a shot through any of the three goals, which can be legally swatted by the other team’s bludgers (hands)
  • 20 points: If you score three shots in a row, you drink a Gurding Potion. You now have extra endurance and shoot until you miss, each shot counting as 20 points.

5. Keep playing until one team wins!

The first team to reach 150 points wins! Whoever scores the Golden Snitch (the final cup) gets 150 points and ends the game immediately.

6. Cup Swap

How much can you transfer from one cup to another without using your hands? Find out with “Cup Swap”, a game that will test your coordination (and patience!)

How to play “Cup Swap”

For this cup drinking game, you’ll need two cups for each player, one spoon, and drinks of your choice. Here’s how it goes:

1. Arrange the cups.

Place two empty cups in front of each player, one on their right and one on their left.

2. Fill the first cup.

Each player should fill the cup on their left with a drink.

3. Start the timer!

Players have one minute to transfer as much liquid from their left cup to their right cup using only a spoon.

4. No hands allowed!

The only object allowed to touch the cups is the spoon, so players must use it strategically and carefully.

5. Drink up!

Once the timer runs out, players must drink whatever is left in their right cup.

6. Keep playing!

Players can continue taking turns and competing for the fastest time or most liquid transferred until they’re too drunk to continue.

7. “Chandelier”

Think you’ve got good aim? Let’s put it to test with “Chandelier”! This easy-to-learn game is perfect for any party or gathering, especially if you want to get a little messy.

How to play “Chandelier”

Setting up for this cup drinking game is simple, and you only need a few items to get started. Here’s how to play:

1. Arrange your play area.

Pick a “death cup” to put in the center of the table, and fill it to the brim with your drink of choice. Surround the death cup with a cup per player, filled to the brim with their drink of choice. Remember which cup is yours!

2. Get ready to shoot!

Each player takes turns bouncing a ping-pong ball off the table, the death cup, and into one of the surrounding cups. If a player successfully lands their ball in another player’s cup, the owner must drink it, and they have three chances to flip their cup.

3. Flip!

If they can’t successfully flip their cup (the cup doesn’t land upside down on the table), they have to drink up the death cup. Refill the death cup as needed.

4. Declare a winner!

The last player standing wins! Keep playing this cup drinking game and refilling the death cup as long as you want.

8. Yahtzee

A straight mind might be hard to come by when playing a drinking game, so why not embrace it with a classic game of “Yahtzee”? This beloved family game can be easily adapted to add some drinking fun.

How to play Drunk “Yahtzee”

To get started, you’ll need dice, scorecards (download online or create your own), and drinks of choice. Here’s how this cup-drinking game goes:

1. Roll the dice!

“Yahtzee” is all about rolling the right combination of numbers, so each player starts by taking turns rolling five dice. The goal is to get as many points as possible.

2. Keep or re-roll.

After your initial roll, you can choose which dice to keep and which ones to re-roll up to two times.

3. Score your rolls!

Once you’ve completed your three rolls, score your points based on the combinations of numbers you have. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Three of a kind: Add up all five dice (e.g., if you roll three 4s, one 2, and one 5, your score would be 18).
  • Four of a kind: Same as above but with four matching dice.
  • Full House: Three of one number and two of another (e.g., if you roll two 3s, two 2s, and a 6, your score would be 25).
  • Straight: Five sequential numbers (e.g., 1-5 or 2-6). This is worth 30 points for a small straight or 40 points for a large straight.
  • Yahtzee: Five of the same number (e.g., if you roll five 4s, your score would be 50).

4. Drink up!

Take a drink every time another player scores higher than you. If another player rolls three Yahtzees before you can roll one, finish your drink!

5. Keep playing!

This cup-drinking game is played over 13 rounds, and the player with the most points at the end wins. Make sure to have plenty of drinks because this game can get competitive!

9. Six Cups

“Six Cups” is the perfect choice if you have only a few materials but still want to play a fun drinking game! This game is quick and easy, making it ideal for parties or gatherings with limited time.

How to play “Six Cups”

Before you begin this cup-drinking game, get six cups, a dice, a pen, and drinks of your choice. Here’s how to play:

1. Label the cups.

From left to right, label the cups with numbers 1-6 using a pen.

2. Roll the dice!

The first player rolls the dice. If they roll a number that corresponds to an empty cup, they must fill it with their drink.

3. Keep rolling!

The first player continues to roll until they roll a number corresponding to a cup with liquid or until all cups are filled. If you roll a number that corresponds to a filled cup, you have to drink it!

4. Keep going!

This game is about refilling empty cups and drinking when you roll a filled cup, so keep playing until the drinks run out or players are too drunk to continue.

10. Fuzzy Duck

No party is complete without a game of “Fuzzy Duck”! This fast-paced verbal game is perfect for getting tongue-tied and a little tipsy.

How to play “Fuzzy Duck”

To play this game, you’ll need at least three players and drinks of your choice. Here’s how it goes:

1. Start the round!

The first player says “Fuzzy Duck” to begin the round.

2. Keep going!

Each player takes turns saying “Fuzzy Duck” until you reach the first player again; they now say “Duzzy?” which means the direction of the round changes.

3. Mess up? Drink up!

If a player messes up by saying “Fuzzy Duck” instead of “Ducky Fuzz,” they must drink. This cup-drinking game continues with players taking turns until someone messes up again and has to drink.

11. Civil War

“Civil War” is a fast-paced cup-drinking game that combines elements of other popular games like beer pong, “Flip Cup”, and quarters. This game is great for larger groups and can get pretty wild.

How to play “Civil War”

To play this cup-drinking game, you’ll need two teams of at least three players each, a table or flat surface, 24 cups, ping pong balls, and drinks of your choice. Here’s how to play:

1. Set up the cups!

Each team lines up their 12 cups in a pyramid shape at opposite ends of the table.

2. Start shooting!

At the same time, players from each team try to land a ping pong ball in one of their opponent’s cups. If they make it, the opposing team must drink and remove the cup immediately.

3. Keep going!

When a team successfully eliminates all of the other team’s cups, they have won the “battle.” The losing team must finish any remaining drinks on their side and set up 12 more cups for the next round.

4. Declare a winner!

The first team to win three battles wins the cup-drinking game “Civil War”!

12. Landmines

Got a coin and some drinks? Then you’re ready to play “Landmines”! This game is a great choice for getting drunk quickly and having fun with friends.

How to play “Landmines”:

To play this cup-drinking game, you’ll need a coin, drinks of your choice, and players sitting around a table. Here’s how it goes:

1. Start spinning!

The first player spins the coin on the table.

2. Start drinking!

While the coin is spinning, the first player should quickly chug their drink. They can only stop drinking when the coin stops spinning.

3. Congrats if you managed to finish your beer in time!

You can now use your beer can as a landmine, smashing it on top of the coin when another player tries to spin it. That player has to drink and continue the game from where they left off.

4. Keep playing!

The game continues with players taking turns spinning the coin, chugging their drinks, and using their empty cans as landmines until everyone is too drunk or tired to continue.

Cup drinking games are fun to get everyone involved at a party or gathering. And they’re easy to set up, so you can start playing immediately. Just remember to drink responsibly and have a designated driver if needed. Cheers!

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