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WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends and family. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it’s no surprise that couples are also using WhatsApp to stay connected and have fun together.

But just because it’s a messaging app, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. In fact, you can play plenty of games with your significant other on WhatsApp! From flirty challenges to trivia games, we’ve put together a list of WhatsApp couple games that you and your special someone can enjoy playing together.

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You can kill some time together in a light and funny way or get to know each other on a deeper level. Any of these games will keep you entertained for sure!

Best WhatsApp Games for Couples

There are many reasons why your partner and you can’t be at the same place right now. You may be in a country with lockdown/stay at home orders right now, or you might be in a long-distance relationship.

Thanks to technology, it’s easier to stay in touch these days, but you might want to switch things up from time to time to keep things fresh. Aside from texting and calling over WhatsApp, why play games too? We have come up with the list of the best WhatsApp games for couples that will let you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have a fun time together even when you’re miles apart!

1. Guess the Movie Emoji 🎬

Aren’t emojis just the best thing ever? Want to do something more with emojis than just using it to communicate over text? You can guess the movie with emojis too!

If you and your significant other are both movie buffs, you’ll love playing a game of Guess the Movie Emoji over WhatsApp.

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The rules are pretty simple. The first player sends a WhatsApp message to their partner using only emojis to describe a movie. The second player replies back with their guess of what movie the emojis are describing.

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You and your partner take turns making each other guess movies until you hit your target number of points or someone gives up!

In this game, you and your partner need to use your imagination to guess the movie emoji answers. Try out these emojis for your Guess the Movie Emoji game!

1. 🦕 🏝 🦖 - Jurassic Park

A movie about dinosaurs, and they’re inside a park. Do I need to say more?

2. 🦁 👑 - The Lion King

Hakuna Matata!

3. 🚢 🥶 🌊 - Titanic

“I want you to draw me like one of your French girls. Wearing this…wearing only this.”

4. 🎥 👣 👻 - Scary Movie

A scary movie that’s pretty hilarious!

5. 🐼 👊 - Kung Fu Panda

Follow this Panda’s Kung Fu journey.

6. 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣🌞❤️ - 500 Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Need I say more?

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7. 👠👰🏼🕛🌙 🎃🤴 - Cinderella

Cinderella loses her glass slipper.

8.🐀 🍝 🥙 🥗 🍛 - Ratatouille

Who knew that a sewer rat can have a passion for cooking?

9. 🧔 🐻 🍻 - Ted

A man is best friends with a teddy bear that has a dirty mouth.

10. 😈 👗 👠 - Devil Wears Prada

Have you ever worked for a Miranda Priestly?

11. 👨 💍 ➡️ 🌋 - Lord of the Rings

Frodo and his companions travel to Mount Doom to destroy The Ring. My precious!

12. 🍽 🙏 ❤️ - Eat, Pray, Love

Newly divorced, a woman goes on a journey to rediscover herself.

13. 🧙‍♀‍🏰⚡️ - Harry Potter

A boy discovers he is actually a wizard and is invited to go to a wizarding school.

14. 🚀🌕1️⃣3️⃣ - Apollo 13

Astronauts get stranded on the moon. Houston, we have a problem.

15. 🌟 ⚔️ - Star Wars

Rebel forces fight the galactic empire in a galaxy far away.

2. City-Country-River for WhatsApp 🔎

The classic City-Country-River is a child-friendly family game that is also suitable for WhatsApp as a couple game. The basic rules are the same.

Firstly, you have to decide on different categories. And that’s the point which makes the game couple-friendly as well: You don’t have to stick to any categories, not even to “city”, “country”, or “river”.

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If you don’t have any ideas for categories, just take a quick look at the list below. In the next step, you select one letter of the alphabet randomly. Now both players write down terms that start with these letters. The terms need to fit in the different categories. The first player who finishes, sends his terms and wins the round.

Categories for City-Country-River

  • Food
  • Swear word
  • Celebrity
  • Art
  • Fictional character
  • Brands
  • Movie or series
  • Clothing

3. Storyline for WhatsApp

The game Storyline starts when you or your partner sends a message that starts with, “Once upon a time…” in your chat.** The other player finishes the first sentence and starts the next sentence which the first player will have to complete as well.

With the game Storyline, you and your partner can create an interesting story in a couple of minutes! If you want to make it easier for you, you can make up a list with some basic words which should occur in the story before the game. Maybe you’re going to write a bestseller together, who knows? (If you do, please don’t forget to mention us! 😉)

Create your own storyline together with your partner using these words:

1. Murder, knife, blood, and affair

An illicit affair leads to blood and murder. Hide the knife!

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2. Game, YouTube, online, and money

You and I recorded our game of strip poker and uploaded it to YouTube. Who knew it’ll become viral online and make us so much money?!

3. Love, marriage, children, and work

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes children in a baby carriage! You better have work when you have kids!

4. Witch, wand, spell, and demon

I am a beautiful with a powerful wand. With one spell, I fought you, the demon and won!

5. School, teacher, ghost, and danger

A ghost teacher wanders the school at night but does not put anyone in danger.

6. Smartphones, parents, music, and famous

My parents are famous for making theme music for smartphones.

7. Rich, Reality-TV, luck, and coffee

With a little bit of coffee and luck, we became reality TV-rich, baby!

8. Guitar, water, gym, and Netflix

After an hour at the gym, you drink water then pick up your guitar to play some music. You then come over so we can watch Netflix together.

9. Cards, food, restaurant, and bad luck

He had some bad luck playing cards so he went to the restaurant to eat comfort food and cry over his losses.

10. Zombies, war, death, and killing

A war with zombies will only lead to killing and death.

Best WhatsApp Q&A Games for Couples

Question and Answer games are great for couples who are on the getting to know stage or for those who want to get to know each other on a more personal level. It’s great that you can easily play Q&A games via WhatsApp so it’s a great option if you want something easy to play when you and your significant other are physically apart.

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Feel free to use some of the questions below or make up your own questions to make it more personalized. You can send your questions and answers via WhatsApp messages or even do a video call if you want!

For those who will be answering, try playing these WhatsApp games with answers that will blow your partner away! Make them think a little bit more seriously or have them rolling on the floor laughing!

1. 21 Questions for WhatsApp 🥰

21 Questions for Whatsapp is a perfect way to get to know your partner on a deeper level. Whether you just started dating or you have been together for a long time already, you never know what you’ll discover while playing!

This is a question and answer game that you can play with only one player asking the questions. You can also play this with you and your partner taking turns asking each other questions.

The tricky part is that you need to ask the right questions. Remember that the goal of the game is to start a conversation with your significant other that will help you feel closer to each other. You can also add “why" after some questions to find out the back stories!

Check out the list below if you need to get ideas for 21 Questions for WhatsApp:

1. If your life was a TV show, what would it be?

Definitely FRIENDS! Living in a rent-controlled apartment in New York sounds awesome!

2. How old were you when you started dating?

Were you a late or early bloomer?

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3. How did you meet your best friend?

“How did you guys meet?” is always a fun and cute story to listen to.

4. What was the last book you really got into?

I always get so lost in between the pages.

5. What always brings a smile to your face?

Chocolates at any time of the day.

6. Have you ever had a crush on an animated character?

Elsa is always looking fine!

7. Who is your secret hero?

I hate to say this but I always admired Barney ever since I can remember.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?

We all have that one thing that makes us tick!

9. What was the last drink you had?

Water counts!

10. What is your spirit animal?

If there’s an animal I’ve always resonated with, it’s the sloth.

11. What was your worst first date?

Anyone who had to climb out a bathroom window like they do in the movies?

12. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, it’s nice to just stop and think about things.

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2. Fuck, Marry, Kill for WhatsApp

The game Kiss, Marry, Kill is really simple but can be hilarious. Couples take turns giving the names of three famous people and asking their partner to decide which of the three they would kiss, which one they would marry, and which one they would kill.

Sounds easy enough, right? It’s a lot harder than it seems!

For example: Sofia Vergara, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez

The player who has to choose can say, “I want to kiss Sofia Vergara, marry Selena Gomez and kill Jennifer Lopez”.

Fuck, Marry, Kill for WhatsApp is a fun ways to understand how your partner thinks. You might even be surprised with some of his/her selections! And please don’t get jealous if your partner wants to marry Ryan Gosling or Mila Kunis. It’s only a game!

- Jennifer Anniston, Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna

All of them are strong women!

- BB-8, R2-D2, and C3-PO

Robots can have fun too!

- Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat

Hard choice, we know!

- Jimin, Jin, and J-Hope

These BTS members are absolute DYNAMITE.

- Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Squirtle

Which starter pokemon is your pick?

- Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren

Whose force is the strongest?

- Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, and Ryan Reynolds

Good luck deciding on this one!

- Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, and Demi Lovato

Which powerhouse are you willing to rock your house?

- Steven Spielberg, Tom Brady, and Barack Obama

Mr. Barack Obama all the way.

- Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez

Which pop star is your choice?

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3. Couples Trivia for WhatsApp

Think you and your significant other know everything about each other? Test your knowledge with this Couples Trivia app, called Coupled!

The rules are simple: one person answers a series of questions about themself and answers the same questions with what they think their partner would say. The other person then does the same, and whoever has the most matching answers, wins!

Some questions can be sweet, some saucy, and others downright wacky. Either way, it’s a fun and easy game to play on your smartphone.

Here are some sample questions to get you started:

1. Who’s most likely to fall asleep during a movie?

If it’s me, just don’t tell anybody!

2. What kind of child were you?

Were you a handful or an angel?

3. Who’s the better cook?

Someone’s got to make dinner.

4. What was your partner most afraid of as a child?

Spiders, heights, ghosts? Better find out!

5. Does your partner have a habit of oversharing?

Do they always reveal too much personal information in public?

6. Who’s most likely to win a game of chance?

Luck might be on your side!

7. What’s the most surprising thing that you have learned about your partner?

You never know what will come up in a conversation.

8. Which celebrity would your partner want to go on a date with?

Maybe you can make it happen!

9. Who takes longer to get ready?

No judgment, we all have our own routines.

10. If your partner could choose one superpower, what would it be?

Flying, invisibility, telekinesis? The possibilities are endless!

Best App for Couples

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The best part? “Coupled” is perfect for every couple, whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or living together. All you need to do is download the app, share your pairing code with your partner, and start playing!

Download the app now and make your relationship even more fun and exciting!

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Best Dirty WhatsApp Games for Lovers

When you’re away from your lover, you need to get more creative if you want to spice things up with them. It’s a good thing that you can do a lot using WhatsApp whether you want to be a little naughty or a lot dirty with your partner!

Here are some of the best dirty WhatsApp games for lovers that will make you and your partner blush once you see each other’s WhatsApp messages!

1. Dirty Couple Dares for WhatsApp (18+) 👅

If you like playing fun dares when you’re with your special someone, you’re going to love dares for WhatsApp too!

It’s just a matter of becoming a little more creative especially when you upgrade regular dares to dirty couple dares for WhatsApp! This will lead you to a whole new world of dirty text messages, sexy selfies and naughty videos!

Find out how adventurous your boyfriend/girlfriend is by daring each other to do dirty and naughty dares in your private chat. After you decide who starts, one player texts the first challenge.

How to play dirty couple dares for WhatsApp

  1. The first player sends a dare via WhatsApp message like: Send me a topless selfie of yourself!

  2. The second player will then have to send their topless selfie!

Want to stick to the classic Truth or Dare game? There’s still a way you can play it when you and your partner are apart. Try playing it online over a WhatsApp video call instead!

You can play Truth or Dare on your web browser or download the app to your phone.

App icon Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Play Truth or Dare online

Basic rules when playing with dirty dares

Playing dirty dares over WhatsApp is a game of trust between couples. Although you and your partner are doing it for fun, you will still be sharing a lot of intimate things with each other.

Make sure to observe some of these basic rules when playing so that no one goes out of line!

1. Show respect

The dirty dares in this game are just for you and your partner. Everything that happens in the game should stay in the game.

2. Feel comfortable

Know your own boundaries and don’t be afraid of saying “no”!

3. Enjoy yourself

The game is made to satisfy your needs. So try to relax and enjoy yourself while playing.

Examples of dirty couple dares for WhatsApp

Check out some of these hot, dirty, naughty dares that will make your WhatsApp messages sizzle!

1. Wear your underwear on your head for five minutes.

Try not to look silly!

2. Seductively eat a banana.

Make me believe it’s a sexy banana.

3. Pole dance with an imaginary pole.

Your dance should make me wish I was the pole.

4. Twerk for a minute.

Shake that booty!

5. Send me your kissing photo.

Blow me a kiss, and I’ll catch it! It’s hella corny but I love it!

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2. Choose a Number Game

Choose a Number Game is a variation of Truth or Dare that’s perfect for playing over WhatsApp. Instead of asking each other to pick a truth or a dare and having to make up questions and dares on the spot, you can pre-assign dares to specific numbers.

All you and your partner will have to do is to pick a number and do the dare assigned to it. Try to make the dares funny too and see if you can stop laughing while playing!

Have fun trying out some of these funny dares for WhatsApp!

1 - Read a medicine bottle in your most seductive voice.

Even a medicine bottle can sound sexy when said by the right person.

2 - Send me a video of you singing a love song.

You better sing our love song!

3 - Make a funny face for two minutes.

It’s good to go for someone who is not afraid to look silly!

4 - Send me the most embarrassing picture of you.

The real challenge is trying to find an embarrassing photo where you still look cute!

5 - Bark like a dog for 5 minutes and send me the video.

Make it a cute dog!

6 - Send me a picture of you wearing an outfit that you plan on wearing the next time we meet each other.

OOTD selfie FTW!

7 - Use my pic as your WhatsApp status for one whole day.

Let’s be WhatsApp-official for a day!

8 - Send me a love poem.

Don’t make it cheesy!

9 - Change your WhatsApp status to “getting married”

It’s a joke!

10 - Send me a picture of your hair.

Hope you’re having a good hair day!

3. Choose a Letter and Make it Your WhatsApp Status

This game also stems from Truth or Dare. The main premise is that you will have to make a WhatsApp status based on the letter you pick.

Feel free to have fun with it. The crazier the WhatsApp status, the more hilarious it will be! Check out some of our suggestions below!

  • A - I love to eat pizza. What’s not to love? It’s a full meal!

  • B - I’m in a secret place with my love. Do not disturb!

  • C - I like to put on makeup. Being pretty takes work.

  • D - Do not speak to me ever again. I can’t hear you.

  • E - I’m mental. Or am I?

  • F - I’m sexy. I’m sexy! I’m cute! I’m popular to boot!

  • G - I’m heartbroken. Let me listen to sad love songs in my room.

  • H - I’m in love. Don’t you think the world is beautiful?

  • I - I’m a playboy/playgirl. Hate the game. Not the player!

  • J - I’m getting married next year. Can’t wait!

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