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Equipment for Confetti ✅

What is Confetti? 🎉

Do you have those evenings when you want to drink with friends, but everyone is sitting on the couch boringly? Or someone tries to explain a way too difficult game, and you don’t understand any of the rules after the explanation? That’s over now!

Let’s play Confetti is the ultimate interactive drinking game for friends. Enjoy challenging riddles, funny assignments and crazy quiz questions. It doesn’t matter whether you are an exuberant drinker or just sip your lemonade. Make sure you have a drink at hand and we’ll make sure you have an evening you will not forget!

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Whether you want to play with 3 or 300 people (we do not recommend the latter), we ensure that everyone can enjoy a large variety of questions and assignments for free. So no pop-ups, no ongoing subscriptions, and no advertising! We hate that ourselves. Play games such as I’ve never had, group votes, assignments, quizzes, struggles, screwed and choice stress. We provide the perfect mix!

The Confetti categories 🤪

The Confetti app contains loads of awesome categories that are essential for a good night of fun! The different categories are listed below.

Truth or drink

Nothing more exciting than telling the truth. If you are telling the truth you should drink. This is how you really get to know your friends!

The king

Always wanted to be in charge of your friends? This is your chance! The boss may decide who should drink. This category pops up more often, so don’t worry if you’re not in charge right now.

The jerk

You know him, that friend who is always screwed. This person must empty his glass completely. This question occurs 1x per round.


This is a fun category! The starting player says a word, for example, a beer brand. The rest of the players must give another example of this, starting with the player on your right. As soon as you mention the same thing or don’t know anything else, you drink the number of sips mentioned.


We can’t make it any easier than this. There is a statement on the screen, and you (or everyone) has to do what it says.

Dilemma stress

In this category, everyone has to make a choice between two options. Anyone in the minority should drink the number of sips. The game starts as soon as the person who is reading has counted down from 3 to 0. You have to choose.


Let the battle begin! You both have a task to do. Whoever wins or loses (depending on the question) has to drink or hand out sips.


In this category, you get funny and bizarre assignments that you have to perform. Do you lose to your opponent or are you unable to complete the assignment? Then you should drink!


In this category, you will see a question that you must answer. Are you giving the wrong answer or no answer? Then you should drink!

Download the Confetti app! 🍻

Let’s play Confetti! Get the Confetti app for iOS and Android here:

We hope you enjoy the Confetti game. Drink responsibly! 🎉

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