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While some board games can cost a lot, especially if they come with expansions and intricate game pieces, there are always fun, cheap board games that you can rely on if you want to have a good time with family or friends.

Most classic board games are pretty affordable and can keep families entertained for hours! There’s a reason why the cheapest games are called timeless classics. It’s because everyone knows how to play them when they were a kid and will continue to play them even when they become adults!

Best Fun Cheap Board Games

The board games we have on our list may be cheap, but they are amusing! Instead of getting one expensive board game, why not get two cheap board games for twice the fun instead?

Most of the board games on our list are perfect for family game night, but any one of them can be a great party game with friends too!

If you’re looking to beef up your board game collection, here are some of the best fun cheap board games that you can buy online.

1. UNO Family Card Game

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  • Player count: 2-4 players
  • Duration: varies
  • Ages: for ages 7 years and up

There are plenty of family card games on the market, but the UNO Family Card Game is one of the most popular games.

UNO is the type of game that is easy to learn and fun to play. It’s also the perfect game to play at home or bring with you on a road trip.

Whether it’s played for kids or as a game between adults, players will have a fantastic time strategizing to lose their cards ASAP.

Just remember that once you’ve started, you’re in for hours of fun! The goal is to defeat everyone else and emerge as the victorious UNO game master!

How to play

To play the UNO card game, players take turns matching a card on their hand with a card thrown by the player before them. Players have to either match the color or number of the previous card.

There are special action cards throughout the game that make the game more exciting with twists and turns. Special cards include: Skips, UNO reverses, Draw Twos, wild cards, and others. These cards give for game-changing moments that will make players attack or defend themselves from one another.

If you can’t match the card before you, or you don’t have a special card to put, you have to pass your turn. Before you pass, though, you have to take one from the deck of cards. Players have to shout UNO! as soon as they have one card left. The first player who gets rid of all the cards in their hand, wins!

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy and quick game to pick up on, with a minimal learning curve
  • Great way to teach kids how to strategize using their cards
  • Level of difficulty is low, making it easy for kids to play
  • Portable game you can bring around with you anywhere and everywhere

Reasons to avoid:

  • Notorious for being a long game to play

2. Yahtzee (#yahtzee)

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  • Player count: 2 or more
  • Duration: 30 minutes or more
  • Ages: for ages 8 and up

Yahtzee is a popular dice-rolling game that can be played solo or with other people. The main objective is to score the most points by rolling different dice combinations with five dice.

How to play

Yahtzee comes with a scorecard and 5 dice. While the scorecard may look complicated, the game is pretty simple to understand and play. Each player has their turn where they can roll as much as 3 times.

A Yahtzee occurs when you score five dice of the same value. When this happens, make sure to yell “Yahtzee!”. It’s one of the best parts of playing this game! It’s another cheap yet cheerful game that will surely entertain people.

The game ends after all players have completed 13 turns. Whoever has the highest overall score at the end of all 13 rounds wins.

Yahtzee is a game of chance, so players need to have a lot of luck to do well in this game. Roll the dice and hope for the best!

Reasons to buy:

  • Gameplay is fun, simple, and quick.
  • Easy to pick up and bring around
  • Great way to teach kids Math

Reasons to avoid:

  • This game heavily relies on luck, so no amount of skill can guarantee you a win!
  • To effectively play the game, you have to familiarize yourself with the many dice combinations available.
  • Can get tedious having to calculate scores every turn and every round continuously

3. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

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  • Player count: 3-8 players
  • Duration: 10 - 15 minutes or more
  • Ages: for ages 8 years and up

The Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game is perfect for 3-8 players. It’s a fast-paced game for kids or adults that will only take 10 to 15 minutes to play. The game’s objective is for players to get rid of all their cards and be the first one to slap their hand on the table if they get a card matching what they said which could be any of the following words: “Taco”, “Cat”, “Goat”, “Cheese”, or “Pizza”.

How to play

Players must first shuffle the cards and deal them evenly among all players of the game. No one is allowed to check their cards and must collect them in a single pile facing downwards.

The first player to the dealer’s left will then start off the game by placing the first card on their deck facing upwards, then say “Taco.” The player on their left will continue the game by placing their topmost card, facing up, and saying “Cat.” The next player to the left will also put their top card and say “Goat.”

This will continue on, with all players saying, “Taco. Cat. Goat. Cheese. Pizza.” The moment a player says any of these 5 words and discards a card showing the word they said, all players must slap their hands on the discarded pile.

The player who slaps their hand the slowest will get all the discarded cards and add them to their current deck. This player will then start off the next round with “Taco”, “Cat”, “Goat”, etc.

When a player has no more cards left, they will continue to play and say the 5 words. Only when a slap occurs and they slap first will they win the game!

Note that you’re not allowed to flinch! If you ever shrink and make a slap motion, then you will have to take all the discarded cards. You also have to keep the pace of the game. Whoever breaks the speed, moves slowly or forgets their word will have to take all the discarded cards!

Players are not allowed to cheat and peek at their cards, or you will take all the discarded cards! There are special action cards hidden in the deck, and players must do these actions (e.g. knock on table, or pound on chest) and then slap the table. Whoever does the wrong action or slaps the table slowest will get all the discarded cards.

This game is about being quick and focused. You are not allowed to mess up, or you will get all the tacos, cats, goats, cheeses, and pizzas on the pile!

The Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game is filled with hand-slapping chaos. You have to be quick, snappy, and always alert. While you may finish the game with red palms, you will have a smile while playing!

Reasons to buy:

  • Quick and easy game to play
  • Great way to keep alert and focused
  • A lot of fun to play
  • Level of difficulty is low.
  • This card game is portable and easy to bring around anywhere!

Reasons to avoid:

  • This is not a challenging or complicated game if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • Game can get a bit too rough with the slapping.

4. Monopoly Crooked Cash Board Game for Families and Kids

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  • Player count: 2-6 players
  • Duration: 30 - 90 minutes or more
  • Ages: for ages 8 years and up

The Monopoly Crooked Cash Board Game is another version of the classic Monopoly game. This game is all about “crooked” cash and finding out if other players are using counterfeits for their transactions or not.

Players get to use decoders in strategic ways to get more money or block fellow players from using their chance cards. What makes this game extra fun is figuring out if the cash and chance cards are crooked or not!

How to play

The Monopoly Crooked Cash Board Game rules are similar to the base version of Monopoly, but it comes with a few differences.

Each player should get 1500 dollars at the start of the game. They need to place three chance cards face up and the decoder on the board. Each player will get two decoder chips with the green side up. Keep in mind also that money and chance cards have hidden patterns that will tell players if they’re fake or not.

Whenever a player pays with the cash or uses a chance card, players can use one of their two decoder chips and check the cash or chance card. You cannot check your own cash or chance card.

Players will know if the cash or chance card is crooked if the image they see through the decoder is a Mr. Monopoly with a mask. If you see crooked cash, you get to keep it, and the player who owns that cash will have to use other money from their bank.

Other players can also use their decoders to check this new money too. Whether you find real cash or crooked cash, you must announce it. Only if it’s crooked do you get to take the money. If it’s real, then the owner of the cash keeps it. Fake money is worth its face value at the end of the game.

The game ends when all properties have been purchased. All players must then collect rent from the bank from their properties. Whoever has the most cash, including the crooked money, at the end of the game wins!

Reasons to buy:

  • Definitely enjoyable for all lovers of the classic game of Monopoly
  • Significantly shorter than the original game
  • The new twists and crooked cash and chance cards add a new dimension to the game
  • This game is more strategic to play than a regular Monopoly
  • A great way to teach kids about the importance of money and other financial lessons!

Reasons to avoid:

  • The way players have to inspect the cash and chance cards with the decoder may be fun at first but can get drawn out and disrupt the game’s flow.
  • Learning curve is slightly more complicated than the classic version of Monopoly.

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