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Are you the type of person who gets pretty excited about your birthday? If not, then you should! Your birthday comes only once every year and you don’t even know how many you’re gonna get in this lifetime so you better celebrate each birthday you get with a bang!

The question is HOW? Since your birthday is happening every year, you need to come up with new ideas each passing year on how to celebrate your next one. It needs to be extra special every time so that when you’re old, you can sit back and remember each birthday because each of them was so memorable.

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Say goodbye to boring birthdays and plan yours for the years to come with these awesome and unique birthday themes and birthday ideas on how to celebrate the big ones of your life!

1st Birthday Party Themes

Your parents will be the ones to plan this one for you. Parents usually go all out on their little one’s first birthday and why shouldn’t they? They were given an angel and they’re just so happy and thankful for your life. Here are some cute birthday ideas that parents can use for their baby girls and baby boys’ first birthday parties:

Magical Unicorn 1st Birthday Party Theme

Ever since the hit “My Little Pony” came out, horses, pegasuses and unicorns are all the hype for little girls all over the world. Everyone adores the magical and colorful ponies that just make you smile. It’s no wonder why mothers love this as a 1st birthday party theme!

You can decorate the whole venue in pastel colors, spread around goodies with unicorn prints, use unicorn posters, giveaways and other decorations and supplies inspired by the mythical creature.

Princess 1st Birthday Party Theme

Every girl is a princess in her parents’ eyes. Make your daughter’s first birthday one fit for a princess by letting the female guests wear little tiaras, print tiara symbols on all birthday party supplies and prepare an actual throne for the birthday girl (it can be a princess baby crib that you can just decorate!).

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You can even order or bake cakes and cupcakes with a princess theme and with the color pink. The venue, the food and your little baby during the party will surely be instagrammable!

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Space 1st Birthday Party Theme

If you have a bouncing baby boy, a birthday party inspired by an adventure in space is a great idea for his first birthday! Dress your little one in a comfy astronaut or alien costume and prepare a spaceship crib where you can take cool pictures of him with his guests.

Prepare spaceship and alien posters, banners, centerpieces and balloons. You can even choose to print NASA’s logo in your supplies and giveaways to keep up with the theme. You can also choose to order or bake alien head shaped or spaceship cakes and cupcakes!

Soccer 1st Birthday Party Theme

If Daddy is a sport enthusiast or if you dream of your little boy growing up to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo, throw a Soccer Birthday Party for him!

You can wear a referee outfit and let your son wear your favorite team’s jersey. You can turn the whole venue into a makeshift soccer field with two goals and fake bermuda grass.

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Cut out some small paper soccer balls that you can hang in the ceiling. You can also use actual soccer balls for table centerpieces. The desserts table can be set under the goals and will have soccer ball themed desserts.

Quinceañera Party Themes

This Mexican birthday party tradition to celebrate the first 15 years of a girl’s life is widely celebrated by Latinos all over Latin America. This is their version of celebrating a girl’s passage to womanhood.

The Quinceañera has its roots in their religion that is why a typical Quinceañera starts with a religious ceremony at a Catholic church.

Here are some party themes you can choose from to make your Quinceañera unique:

Masquerade Ball Quinceañera Theme

The air of mystery and magic that masquerade balls give to a birthday party celebration is just tremendous. The celebrant has the perfect excuse to go all out extravagant on her ball gown for her special day. Beads, sparkles, laces… the works! It would be very thrilling also for her to dance with everyone in masks, only to reveal her partners afterwards. She will have a very glamorous and memorable Quinceañera, no doubt!

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Winter Wonderland Quinceañera Theme

A frozen winter wonderland birthday party theme for a Quinceañera is not a usual choice but will definitely be something new to the guests. The celebrant can dress as a Snow Queen or Snow Princess and everything will be in various shades of blue and white with fake snow, snowflakes and crystal chandeliers. The party will be formal, fancy and utterly magical!

Video Game Quinceañera Theme

In this modern and high-tech world, not all girls are into the feminine stuff of ball gowns and pleasantries. Some girls are all about online games which is all the craze is about right now. Instead of traditional dancing, you can spend your Quinceañera with friends doing what you love which playing video games and online games. Remember, it’s your birthday and your happiness is the priority!

Sweet Sixteen Party Theme

A girl’s super sweet sixteen is the US and Canadian version of the Quinceañera. Obviously, the main difference is the age. The Sweet Sixteen is normally a birthday bash for the coming of age of a female who is no longer a girl but not yet a woman.

Compared to the Quinceañera, the Sweet Sixteen does not have a religious component. It’s just purely a party! Here are some sweet ideas for your Sweet Sixteen:

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Paris Paradise Sweet Sixteen

Every girl has dreamt of going to Paris someday. For your sweet sixteen, bring Paris to you! Order french croissants, biscuits, cakes and tea pots. Make your own DIY Eiffel Tower and invite your guests to don their barrets and pastel dresses for an afternoon garden party like you’re all in France!

Beach/Pool 16th Birthday Party

If the celebrant is a laid-back kind of gal and just wants to have a good time, let her! Every teenager in high school would love to throw a beach or pool party with their friends wherein they can eat barbecues and grilled meat then take a dip in the pool afterwards. It’s simple yet an all-time go-to party idea for teens!

Jocks and Cheerleader Sweet Sixteen

If you’re the type of girl who’s big on school spirit and loves the three films of High School Musical, this is the perfect Sweet Sixteen birthday party theme for you. Invite your friends to wear their school uniforms, cheerleading outfits and school jackets and cardigans for a party that centers on being a teenager in high school.

18th birthday party themes

A person’s 18th birthday is called his or her “debut” to society. Once you’re 18, you’re already an adult in the eyes of the law. You are no longer a child, you’re officially an adult who can make your own decisions, vote ‐ and drink down the pub!

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Here are some awesome party themes and ideas you can do for your debut:

Mocktail Party

Most countries don’t allow a person to buy alcoholic drinks before they turn 21 so on your 18th birthday, you can try out mocktail recipes that will give you a taste on how the real deal tastes like! Prepare and plan for a night at home and prop up a DIY bar. Search for mocktail recipes and have your parents help you prepare them for your guests.

Here are three convincingly real birthday mocktail recipes:

  • The Cinderella
  • Funfetti Cupcake Martini
  • Banana-Rama

Get these awesome mocktail recipes from Spoon University.

Add good food and some chillin’ music and you’ll surely have the best 18th birthday bash ever!

Vintage Photo Booth Party

If the celebrant is a selfie queen or king, then this is the best theme for her or his party! Rent out an old style photo booth which would be the main attraction of the party. You can get one from the following photo booth rental companies:

If you want to, you can also hire a photographer to cover the whole party which will be all about stylish outfits, drinks, music and fun!

A Limo Adventure

This birthday party idea might be a bit pricey but if you’ve got money to spend, why not? Gather your bestest friends and rent a limo to take you all around the best places in the city for a night of club-hopping, drinks, music and romance!

Here are some of the best limousine rental companies that you contact for your birthday limo:

Don’t forget to wear your sexiest mini dress, killer heels and brightest smile. As for the gentlemen, put your best foot forward and your swag on. You’re going to meet a lot of new people tonight and you’re up for new experiences in each stop!

21st Birthday Party Themes

In the US, one’s 21st Birthday Party is a bigger deal than celebrating one’s 16th or 18th birthdays. This is the legal age for drinking, smoking, and entering nightclubs. It’s the time when you hold the key to your own future. Your wild twenties are upon you so it’s time to start partying!

House Party

This party idea solely depends if you have your own place or have the budget to rent an entire crib for an all-nighter for you and your friends. A house party is most convenient in case everything goes wild since you’ll get in bigger trouble if you’re in a hotel or a club.

Just make sure you have an overflowing supply of beers, chips, and games to keep everyone entertained. Are you looking for great party games? We have collected the best Party Games and Drinking Games for your awesome birthday party!

If you have a pool, remind everyone to bring their bikinis or just go ahead let them skinny dip in the pool! This party is going to be one for the books, especially since you have so much freedom to do whatever you wanna do!

Trip With Friends (Or Partner)

Your 21st birthday is the perfect excuse to go on a camping or beach trip with your best friends or your partner! It depends if you’re up for somewhere to camp or somewhere tropical… it’s up to you because it’s your birthday!

Here is a list of the best campsites for you and your friends in the world:

  • Sahale Glacier Camp in Washington
  • Big Sur in California
  • Denali National Park in Alaska
  • Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya
  • Miyajima Island in Japan

Here’s a list of the best beaches in the world that you can visit:

  • Gouverneur, St. Barts
  • White Beach, Boracay, Philippines
  • North Island, Seychelles
  • Reethi Rah, North Malé Atoll, Maldives
  • Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Of course, your budget will definitely be a huge factor. A short road trip to the next town with a nice beach will do, just a simple change of scenery.

It’s not really where you’re going but who you’re going with that truly matters!

Club Party

If you are truly the life of the party then it’s a no-brainer that you will pick this activity for your 21st birthday! Stick to your hometown as this is your first time to go clubbing. It’s familiar, cheaper and most importantly, safer. Put on a killer outfit that will attract everyone to your presence and put your game and party face on.

Remember to get a good night’s sleep before the day so that you’ll have enough energy to party until you drop! It’s going to be a night you won’t forget (Unless you’re too drunk to remember!).

40th Birthday Party Themes

The older we get, the less importance we give to our birthdays that is why we only look forward to milestones such as the big Four-O. Turning 40 means having to look back at how far you’ve come after all these years.

Silver Birthday Party

The silver color is next to gold as the 40th birthday milestone is next to the 50th! Your family can all dress up in flowy silver gowns and tuxedos for a night you wouldn’t forget. Make sure that the whole venue is covered in glittering silver and grey decorations. It will be a classy time for dancing, drinking and catching up. Your 40th birthday party in this world will be as grand as it could ever be.

Wine and Cheese Tasting 40th Birthday Party

You and your guests will be in for an aesthetic and cultured day at local breweries and distilleries, enjoying the wine and cheese they have to offer. Order or have someone prepare a huge charcuterie board filled with your favorite bread, chocolates, biscuits, cheese and ham that will taste best with the fine wine you have to offer to them.

This 40th birthday party theme will prove that you have aged as splendidly and deliciously as the wine you’re currently drinking during the party!

Dainty Floral 40th Birthday Theme

Another great birthday party idea is a garden party with all your friends dressed in their best and prettiest floral dresses and attires. Prepare a tea party in an outdoor venue filled with flowers and trees. A breath of fresh air is what you need for your 40th birthday party.

50th Birthday Party Themes

You are officially half a century old! It’s the best time to start ticking things off your bucket list. Be bold enough to do what you want to do. Party like crazy and splurge on yourself, especially when no one else will! You have come all this way and you deserve to be cherished and celebrated!

Golden Birthday Party Theme

A gold themed birthday party might sound cliche but it’s actually the most symbolic party theme for someone celebrating his or her 50th birthday. Don’t be afraid to turn your venue into El Dorado or something touched by King Midas: Gold chandelier, gold dance floor, golden table cloth, golden plates, flutes and utensils. This party is going to be extravagant! And you, the celebrant, will be a supernova!

Rock Star Birthday Party Theme

Turn back time with a vintage rock n’ roll birthday party theme. Party with Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Dress up like it’s the 70’s and dance the night away. Turn your venue into an old school dance floor, complete with the disco ball, checkered dance floor and groovy rock music!

This birthday bash will be a blast from the past as you embrace your blessings in the present time, looking forward for more years to come!

Jetsetter Birthday Party Theme

At this point in your life, you should’ve saved enough to go on a foreign trip. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a trip with your best pals. Buy the ticket, go on the cruise, lounge on that beach, hike that trail! Whatever you do, just travel! Life is too short and the world is sooo big! You deserve to travel around the world and see what it has to offer.

Before you travel, you can throw a bon voyage pre-birthday party with adventure stuff like maps, luggages and more used as decorations around the venue. Your 50th birthday party and adventure will be one for the books. You’ll look back to it someday and thank God that you went on with it!

There’s more where those came from! Follow this link to get more Theme Party Ideas to make your parties the talk of the town!

Life is short, that’s why you need to celebrate each birthday you have. You only live once. Live each day like it’s your last. Remember, what matters is not the years in your life, but the life in your years!

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