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Welcome to the Big Bang Theory “Trivia” quiz. Take the ultimate Big Bang Theory Quiz now and find out how much you know about one of the most popular sitcoms itself! Be it the tiny details or things that not many people may know about!

How to play The Big Bang Theory “Trivia”

Playing the “Trivia” game is simple. If you’re playing with a large number of people, the first thing to do is split the group into two teams.

The next thing you’ll have to decide on is for how many points will everyone play for. In this case, since there are 60 questions, might we suggest aiming for a perfect score? (Sheldon would be ashamed of you!)

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If you’re playing on your own, don’t worry. There’s still a way to make it interesting! You can opt to give yourself a dare or a challenge for every trivia question you get wrong.

The team with the highest number of points at the end of all “Trivia” questions wins the game!

Optional: The losing team has to do a dare/challenge chosen by the winners.*

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The Big Bang Theory “Trivia” Questions

These questions are a mix of trivial facts about the show itself and some tiny details that can be found in the episodes. Spoiler alert: Questions contain details from Season 01 to Season 12.

If you haven’t finished the show created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Pradey, tread carefully. Find out how much you know about The Big Bang Theory by taking our quiz!

1. What season was the first mention of Sheldon promising his mother he wouldn’t do drugs?

  • Season 01
  • Season 02
  • Season 03
  • Season 04
Show answer

Season 02

He was offered coffee by Penny while they were making Penny Blossoms.

2. What is Sheldon’s field of study?

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Atomic Physics
  • Mechanical Physics
Show answer

Theoretical Physics

To be specific, Sheldon is a Senior Theoretical Particle Physicist at the California Institute of Technology.

3. What was the reason for Raj’s parents’ first appearance?

  • To ask him about his expenses
  • To say hi
  • To set him up
  • To tell him they were getting a divorce
Show answer

To set him up

He was set up with Lalita Gupta at the time. They were seen in a handful of episodes.

4. In what episode did Penny finally punch Howard for his inappropriateness?

  • Season 02 Episode 12
  • Season 02 Episode 05
  • Season 03 Episode 10
  • Season 03 Episode 25
Show answer

Season 02 Episode 12

He was going for the kiss, but she had her knuckles kiss him instead. Penny is really one of the most relatable characters in the whole series.

5. In what season did Stewart first appear?

  • Season 01
  • Season 02
  • Season 03
  • Season 04
Show answer

Season 02

Although he only appeared in a couple of episodes in season 02, towards the end of the show, he became a recurring character. In his first appearance, he asked out Penny.

6. Why did Stewart and Penny stop dating?

  • He was too much into comic books
  • He didn’t like her
  • She said Leonard’s name
  • She couldn’t talk to him that much
Show answer

She said Leonard’s name

Even after Leonard gave Stewart some pretty bad advice, they, later on, went home and was making out, until Penny said Leonard’s name

7. Where is Leonard from?

  • Nebraska
  • Texas
  • Altadena
  • New Jersey
Show answer

New Jersey

All other trivia choices are places in which other characters come from. Try to guess which character came from which place as well!

8. How many times does Sheldon say, “My mother had me tested” in the whole series?

  • 10
  • 7
  • 5
  • 2
Show answer


It would have been 6, but in season 05, it was his mother who mentions having him tested

9. When does Sheldon do his laundry?

  • Saturdays, 5:30 PM
  • Saturdays, 8:15 PM
  • Sundays, 8:15 PM
  • Fridays 9:00 PM
Show answer

Saturdays, 8:15 PM

This was specifically mentioned in the episode where Penny and Sheldon had a tiny “war” between the two of them.

10. When does Bernadette make her first appearance?

  • Season 03
  • Season 04
  • Season 05
  • Season 06
Show answer

Season 03

It was in the episode “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary”, where Howard takes Leonard upon their pack where he has to be set up by a girlfriend’s friend. And then she became one of the most important female characters.

11. What was Howard and Bernadette’s one thing in common?

  • They both had a PhD
  • They were both Jewish
  • They both had overbearing mothers
  • They both wanted kids
Show answer

They both had overbearing mothers

This was actually why the date went so well; after a bunch of awkward questions, the conversation leads to their mothers.

12. What was written on the signboard in the laundry room?

  • Please do not leave your belongings unattended
  • Please keep your clothes on while doing laundry
  • Remember to come back for your laundry
  • No suds, no save
Show answer

Please keep your clothes on while doing laundry

As the laundry room is used in several scenes throughout the entire series, try to notice the sign in the back!

13. Which actor/actress has a Ph.D. in real life?

  • Jim Parsons
  • Kaley Cuoco
  • Johnny Galecki
  • Mayim Bialik
Show answer

Mayim Bialik

She completed and got her Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles in neuroscience.

14. Which actor has never actually seen Star Trek?

  • Johnny Galecki
  • Jim Parsons
  • Simon Helberg
  • Kunal Nayyar
Show answer

Jim Parsons

Even though Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) seems like the biggest Star Trek fan on the show, actor Jim Parsons revealed that he has never actually seen any of the movies in the franchise.

15. What Anime was mentioned in the series?

  • Naruto: Shippuden
  • Hitman Reborn
  • Oshikuru: Demon Samurai
  • One Piece
Show answer

Oshikuru: Demon Samurai

This was mentioned in the episode where Sheldon was using positive reinforcement to “train” Penny

16. Which character was mentioned even before their actual appearance on the show?

  • Bernadette
  • Stuart
  • Barry
  • Amy
Show answer


In season 02, Raj suggests getting TV’s Blossom as Sheldon’s replacement in their Physics team, which is played by Mayim Bialik. Two seasons later, she appears on the show as Amy.

17. Out of all the male characters, who haven’t seen Penny naked?

  • Howard
  • Sheldon
  • Raj
  • Leonard
Show answer


Obviously, Leonard has seen Penny naked, Raj had their one-night thing, while Sheldon saw her naked while helping her dress up for the hospital (she dislocated her shoulder).

18. What is Howard allergic to?

  • Chocolate
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
Show answer


Howard becomes, according to Sheldon, “a 97lb blister" if he consumes peanuts.

19. What is Sheldon’s nickname with his mother?

  • MoonPie
  • ShellBell
  • Shelly
  • Shellydome
Show answer


Moonpie is his grandmother’s (meemaw) nickname for him, while his mom (specifically, but was also used by his brother and sister) called him Shelly.

20. What was Howard’s nickname at NASA?

  • Rocket Man
  • Mr. Space Guy
  • Jewish Astronaut
  • Froot Loops
Show answer

Froot Loops

He actually wanted it to be Rocket Man, which is why he set his ringtone and asked Raj to call him mid-meeting. But then they heard his mom shouting at him about Froot Loops, which is where the nickname came from.

21. Amy used to have a monkey at home. What was his vice?

  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Throwing feces everywhere
Show answer


The monkey was part of her nicotine-addiction study and was a chain smoker (who also preferred the menthol cigarettes!)

22. What does Raj call his apartment?

  • BangaRaj
  • Raj Delhi
  • Raj Mahal
  • Exotic House of Raj
Show answer

Raj Mahal

His use of “Raj Mahal” went on for the first 10 seasons.

23. How did Amy and Sheldon meet?

  • At the University
  • Bumped into each other at a coffee shop
  • Through mutual friends
  • Online dating
Show answer

Online dating

Howard and Raj set up Sheldon’s online dating profile behind his back.

24. How long did the show run?

  • 10 years
  • 12 years
  • 5 years
  • 14 years
Show answer

12 years

The show’s first episode aired on 24 September 2007 and ended in 2019. For more facts about shows and films, check out our article on TV “Trivia” Questions here!

25. What is Raj’s profession on the show?

  • Astrophysicist
  • Astronomer
  • Astronaut
  • Theoretical Physicist
Show answer


“Astro means space!” “Astro means star.” - Raj and Sheldon

26. What is Raj’s 3rd condition about when he accepted Sheldon’s job offer?

  • Sheldon should not lecture Raj on Hinduism or the Indian culture
  • Raj should be treated as a colleague and equal
  • Raj’s contributions should be noted in all published materials
  • Sheldon should allow Raj to share a space with him
Show answer

Sheldon should not lecture Raj on Hinduism or the Indian culture

The first three options are actually all of Raj’s conditions.

27. Did Sheldon agree to these conditions?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Some of them
Show answer


Although Sheldon commended Raj as they were all, according to him, “cogent and reasonable conditions.”

28. What is the name of the movie that Penny stars in?

  • King Kong
  • Apes Take Over
  • Serial Apeist
  • Ape Murderers
Show answer

Serial Apeist

She starred in Serial Apeist 1 and was asked to act in the 2nd movie as well.

29. What does Bernadette’s dad say to Howard when he gives her away?

  • Here ‘ya go
  • Take care of my Bernie
  • Well alright then
  • Good luck
Show answer

Here ‘ya go

To which Bernadette responds, “What am I, a football?”

30. What is the name of Sheldon’s assistant?

  • Ramona
  • Alex
  • Dennis
  • Leslie
Show answer


If you thought of Ramona, that’s incorrect! Ramona was actually Sheldon’s stalker.

31. When did Penny give Sheldon a signed napkin by Leonard Nimoy?

  • His birthday
  • A random Thursday night
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
Show answer


It was a Saturnalia Miracle!

32. How does Sheldon arrange his cereal?

  • By color
  • By packaging size
  • By fiber content
  • By calories
Show answer

By fiber content

Remember the scene where Sheldon says, “Goodbye, Honey Puffs. Helloooo Big Bran!”

33. What is Raj’s signature drink during the first few seasons of the show?

  • Brandy Alexander
  • Light beer
  • Long island iced tea
  • Grasshopper
Show answer


All of the drinks above were consumed by Raj at one point. But the Grasshopper is particularly significant, as it was the first time he spoke to Penny.

34. Why doesn’t Leonard celebrate his birthday?

  • He didn’t like cake
  • He doesn’t like surprises
  • He grew up celebrating achievements
  • He was forbidden
Show answer

He grew up celebrating achievements

Which he mentions that he actually gives his mother a gift on his birthday as his birth was her achievement, not his.

35. What game was Penny addicted to?

  • World of Warcraft
  • Age of Conan
  • League of Legends
  • CS:GO
Show answer

Age of Conan

It wasn’t specified how long she was addicted to the game, but she stopped playing when she agreed to go on a date with Howard through the game.

36. Which actor played the staff member in Szechuan Palace?

  • Jackie Chan
  • Jet Li
  • James Hong
  • Andy Lau
Show answer

James Hong

James Hong had two appearances in The Big Bang Theory

37. Why did Leonard, Howard, and Raj miss the meteor shower?

  • They misaligned the telescope
  • They got high
  • They fell asleep
  • They went to the wrong location
Show answer

They got high

They ate cookies that were given to them by some teachers that were camping nearby.

38. When did Penny dislocate her shoulder?

  • November 16
  • December 10
  • November 05
  • October 13
Show answer

November 16

While this wasn’t actually mentioned in the episode when she got into that accident, it was mentioned later (Season 03, Episode 16) when Howard was was reading Sheldon’s court summons later.

39. What was the biggest gift that Sheldon gave Amy when he made her mad?

  • Necklace
  • Hogwarts Robes
  • Tiara
  • Ring
Show answer


While the other options were also gifts for Amy, the tiara was specifically given when Sheldon made Amy mad by not reacting to her accomplishments.

40. Who officiated Sheldon and Amy’s wedding?

  • Bill Gates
  • Mark Hamill
  • Stan Lee
  • Elon Musk
Show answer

Mark Hamill

As a thank you to Howard (for finding his dog, “Bark Hamill”), Mark Hamill agreed to officiate #ShAmy’s wedding.

41. Who is Amy and Howard’s favorite artist?

  • Neil Diamond
  • Barry Manilow
  • Billy Joel
  • Bob Seger
Show answer

Neil Diamond

They discovered their common love for Neil Diamond during the scavenger hunt that Raj arranged for everyone.

42. What does Penny’s Chinese tattoo mean?

  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Tangerine Chicken
  • Soup
Show answer


Sheldon pointed out that her tattoo meant “soup”, but she thought it meant “courage”

43. What is so special about Sheldon Cooper?

  • He has a photographic memory
  • He has an eidetic memory
  • He can hold his breath underwater for 7 minutes
  • He doesn’t have any fears
Show answer

He has an eidetic memory

He actually corrects someone when they said he has a photographic memory. So yes, he has an eidetic memory, not just a photographic memory.

44. Which actor/actress thought that they were originally auditioning for a game show?

  • Johnny Galecki
  • Kaley Cuoco
  • Jim Parsons
  • Simon Helberg
Show answer

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons, playing Sheldon, initially thought that his agent was contacted by Chuck Woolery, a former game show host.

45. What animal has a newfound species that was eventually named “Bazinga”?

  • Monkey
  • Jellyfish
  • Ants
  • Fish
Show answer


Sheldon’s catchphrase also inspired a new bee species’ name back in 2013!

46. Where did Sheldon move to after they were robbed?

  • Bozeman
  • Nebraska
  • Texas
  • New Jersey
Show answer


Hello, fellow Bozite!

47. What was the original title of The Big Bang Theory?

  • 4 Scientists
  • Oh, To Be a Physicist
  • Lenny, Penny, and Kenny
  • The Evolution
Show answer

Lenny, Penny, and Kenny

We’re assuming that Sheldon was supposed to be “Kenny”. But then they changed the name and did you know that the main character’s names were created in honor of the famous Sheldon Leonard? By the way, the pilot episode had a different theme song.

48. What was the name of the kite that Raj lost to Sheldon?

  • Armored Fighting Kite
  • Strong and Fast Warrior Kite
  • Planet Bollywood
  • Prized Patang Fighting Kite
Show answer

Prized Patang Fighting Kite

To say sorry, Howard got him a Hello Kitty kite.

49. What is Sheldon’s favorite number?

  • 21
  • 12
  • 73
  • 37
Show answer


“73 is the 21st prime number. It’s mirror, 37 is the 12th and its mirror, 21, is the product of multiplying 7 and 3” - Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory’s 77th episode “The Alien Parasite Hypothesis”

50. What was Penny’s last name before getting married?

  • Johnson
  • Smith
  • Walker
  • She didn’t have a last name
Show answer

She didn’t have a last name

She was never given a last name, the only last name she was given was “Hofstadter” after getting married

51. In which episode was “Bazinga” most said?

  • The Einstein Approximation
  • The Griffin Equivalency
  • The Excelsior Acquisition
  • The Super-Asymmetry Theory
Show answer

The Einstein Approximation

It was at the last few minutes while Leonard was chasing Sheldon around in the ball pit

52. Which character has two moms?

  • Bernadette
  • Penny
  • Amy
  • Raj
Show answer


The first appearance of Amy’s mother was played by Annie O’Donnell (through a video call), but towards the end of the show, Kathy Bates took over as Amy’s mom

53. How many images were used in the show’s iconic opening song?

  • 45
  • 50
  • 150
  • 109
Show answer


There were over 109 images consisting of dinosaurs, pyramids, the Great Wall, and many other things that had a big contribution to the world’s

54. What did Leonard and Penny do for their first Valentine’s Day?

  • They spent the day in a hotel
  • They went to a B&B
  • Leonard was in Switzerland while Penny was in Pasadena
  • Leonard and Penny both had to work
Show answer

Leonard was in Switzerland while Penny was in Pasadena

They were supposed to go to Switzerland to see the Large Hadron Collider, but Penny ended up with the flu and had to stay at home while Leonard went with Raj instead.

55. Which of Professor Proton’s experiments amazed Penny the most?

  • Eggs into Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Centripetal Force
  • Elephant’s Toothpaste
  • Potato Clock
Show answer

Potato Clock

She thought that it could solve the world’s energy crisis.

56. All of the cats that Sheldon got were named after famous scientists except for one. What was his name?

  • Whiskers
  • Zazzles
  • Sparkles
  • Binky
Show answer


Fun fact: Sheldon got 15 cats after #ShAmy broke up

57. To check for a movie theatre’s “acoustic sweet spot”, what does Sheldon sometimes bring?

  • Toy Xylophone
  • Recorder
  • Harmonica
  • Trumpet
Show answer

Toy Xylophone

While in that episode, Sheldon used his vocals to check for the acoustic sweet spot, Leonard tells his current girlfriend (Stephanie) that he sometimes brings a Toy Xylophone

58. What was the name of Howard’s mother?

  • Althea
  • Mary
  • Debbie
  • Leslie
Show answer


Stuart is the only person that actually mentions her name.

59. In season 03, what has Leonard let go of the ring from Lord of The Rings?

  • He had to pee
  • He fainted
  • Penny needed his help
  • Penny bought new lingerie
Show answer

Penny bought new lingerie

“Oh, by the way, this bag, is from Victoria’s Secret.” -Penny. And just like that, Leonard is out of the game.

60. Which of the following did NOT happen in the last episode?

  • Leonard finally made up with his mother
  • It was made clear to Raj that his friends are more important
  • Penny got pregnant
  • Amy finally got rid of her glasses
Show answer

Amy finally got rid of her glasses

Amy was seen wearing her glasses throughout the whole show and never opted to get contact lenses.

Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard enthusiast, this quiz was designed to challenge and entertain you. Keep watching for new trivia questions and updates on our app! In the words of Sheldon Cooper, “Bazinga!”

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