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Paranoia Questions Game

The Paranoia Questions Game is another name for the “Most Likely To” Game. It’s a great game for you to get to know your family and friends a lot more. It focuses on the things you already know about them and how you see them as a person.

The rules of the game are really simple. It is best played with at least three players but of course, the more, the merrier! All you gotta do is sit in a circle with the other players. Decide on who goes first.

The first player whispers a “Most Likely To” question to the player next to him/her then that player chooses among the other players is the one “most likely to” be the answer and tells the name out loud. The player whose name was chosen will most probably try to guess what the question about him or her was.

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You might ask why it’s called “Paranoia”. Well, probably because the person would be paranoid what the others think she is most likely to be. This is what makes the game so uniquely fun and thrilling!

Want to learn more about the game? Follow this link and find out The Paranoia Questions Game!

Did you already know that the Paranoia Game is almost the same as the Most Likely To game? You can find out more about the Most Likely Game here!

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Now, you’ll never run out of Paranoia questions to ask ever again! Try them out and make wonderful memories with your family and friends. You’ll surely have a blast!

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If you don’t want to download anything, you can also play the Web App where you get random questions from different categories as well. Try it out:

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Have you already seen our video with the Best Most Likely To Questions on YouTube? Check it out!

Best Paranoia Game Questions

In playing The Paranoia Questions Game, you need to be ready with unlimited questions to use in order to eliminate any long and boring pauses to think of the next question to ask. Always running out of questions to ask? Worry no more, here are some of the most awesome random Paranoia questions to ask your family and friends:

1. Who is most likely to be the youngest Millionaire?

Even at a young age, you’ll most likely see, who among you is most inclined to be the next Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk!

2. Who is most likely to get bitten by a radioactive spider and become a superhero?

Maybe there’s a Peter Parker among you!

3. Who is most likely to win an Oscars Award?

You need to be the ultimate drama queen for this.

4. Who is most likely to trip and fall while walking on a flat surface?

Clumsiness is in this person’s DNA.

5. Who is most likely to get married first?

Wedding bells are a juicy subject as always.

6. Who is most likely going to become a cool mom?

Cool friends sometimes become strict moms, you’ll never really know.

7. Who is most likely going to become a serial killer?

There’s a darkness in each one of us.

8. Who is most likely to be the next Taylor Swift?

She’s someone who should be fearless in the face of any gossip about her. And she should be a great singer all the same.

9. Who is most likely going to migrate and live abroad?

Maybe someone who’s dating a foreigner.

10. Who is most likely to die first?

We all got that one friend who is either an adrenaline junkie, a junk food addict or just simply sickly.

11. Who is most likely to cry after watching The Notebook?

Noah and Allie’s love story is the ultimate tear-jerker!

12. Who is most likely to cheat on his/her partner?

Womanizers and playboys are of all ages and sizes!

13. Who is most likely to be a gambler?

There’s always one in the team!

14. Who is most likely to make a fool of himself/herself without meaning to?

These people just always make us laugh.

15. Who is most likely to become a part of the Royal Family?

We’d be delighted to curtsy in your presence, your Majesty.

16. Who is most likely to be in a boy band?

Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis… is that you?

17. Who is most likely to steal someone else’s food in the fridge?

You might not know it but we already caught you red-handed with our muffins and biscuits!

18. Who is most likely to binge watch all six seasons of Gossip Girl?

This person is probably someone obsessed with Serena and Blair.

19. Who is most likely to cry over losing his/her dog?

Puppy lovers are just the cutest.

20. Who is most likely to shop beyond the budget?

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop…

21. Who is most likely to join the Miss Universe pageant?

Pick the girl with the beauty, brains, poise and grace!

22. Who is most likely to splurge on food?

Someone who loves food trips and yummylicious food.

23. Who is most likely to become a money launderer?

Among you, there must be a very shady person who’s bound to become like this.

24. Who is most likely to arrive late to an event/class/meeting?

People who are trying to beat the light at all times…

25. Who is most likely to date Elon Musk?

We’ve heard he likes blonde beauties over brunettes.

26. Who is most likely to be diagnosed as a coffee addict?

Lattes, espressos, frappes… these run in your blood!

27. Who is most likely to become the next president of the country?

Who of you always has to make all the decisions? And just can’t be quiet?

28. Who is most likely to shave off all of their hair?

Only the strong and bold ones…

29. Who is most likely to get a dick-shaped tattoo?

This will make the person you’re whispering to literally laugh his ass off…

30. Who is most likely to lose his/her phone?

There really are people who just don’t focus and are always missing stuff.

31. Who is most likely to travel the world for a living?

How lucky can this person get?

32. Who is most likely to get a million views on YouTube?

Make way for the next big thing on social media!

33. Who is most likely to post something embarrassing?

The brave-hearted ones can surely do this.

34. Who is most likely to have sex with a stranger?

Make sure to remind that person to always have condoms with him/her.

35. Who is most likely to try anal sex?

Another brave one right here!

36. Who is most likely to kiss someone of the same gender?

Love wins… all the time!

37. Who is most likely to find the cure for Covid-19?

And become filthy rich for generations and generations! The world will thank you!

38. Who is most likely to eat the last slice of pizza?

Then again another brave soul who doesn’t care about what others will think!

39. Who is most likely to win Best Dressed in a party?

Someone who knows how to strut and carry the outfit, of course!

40. Who is most likely to have always been the heartbreaker?

We all have that one friend who never catches feelings!

41. Who is most likely to win an Oscar?

Which of you is the secret artist?

42. Who is most likely to marry their own pet?

Everyone knows a crazy cat lady or cat guy!

43. Who is most likely to become Miss/Mr. Universe?

Or to be more direct: Who of you is the prettiest one?

44. Who is most likely to match their boss on Tinder?

Oh, no! That sounds cringe.

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