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History of April Fools

April Fools’ Day is the annual tradition of hoaxing and pranking people for fun! What’s actually so great is that some of them forget that it’s that time of the year again and they really believe you at first. Once they remember the day after you expose yourself as the jokester that you are by screaming “April Fools!”, they won’t get angry and you’ll all just be laughing your asses off at the ridiculousness of it all!

When is April Fools?

April Fools’ Day is celebrated all over the globe on the first day of April every year.

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Who claimed to have purchased the liberty bell as an April Fools’ prank in 1996?

The famous joke was pulled by the restaurant chain Taco Bell on April Fools’ Day of the year 1996. The joke was made through an ad for the restaurant that announced that Taco Bell purchased the Liberty Bell to lessen the country’s debt. It was to be named “Liberty Taco Bell”. Thousands of people called to confirm the story before it was revealed around noon of April 1, 1996 that it was all a hoax, April Fools!

April Fools Pranks

Before April 1 arrives, you need to think of a dozen or so pranks and jokes that you can play to celebrate April Fools’ Day! Be creative; your only limits are health, safety and security measures. Think of the best pranks to make the day fun and memorable. We prepared lots of April Fools pranks and jokes that will surely fool everyone. You only need these lists for the upcoming one this year:

Best April Fools Pranks at home

Here is a list of the best April Fools pranks ever… Perfect for tricking your siblings at home, or a victim at someone else’s house!

1. Text your best friend or someone close to you something creepy like, “I know what you did last summer…”

You can actually send anonymous texts online. It’s really easy: send anonymous text here! Do you live in the UK? Send your anonymous message using this website.

2. If you’re feeling devilish, just make up a body using your Dad’s clothes and shoes, then let the “body” lie on the front door and ring the doorbell until someone answers it.

Make sure no one sees you near the “body”.

3. Using a teeny-weeny piece of tape, cover the laser part of your TV’s remote control

Your parents and siblings will have a hard time figuring out what’s wrong with it and might even buy a replacement remote!

4. Buy or make some bugs-shaped cut-outs and tape them inside a lamp!

Once they turn the lamp on, they’ll find some gross-looking shadows reflected. They’re probably going to squirm.

5. Paste a pair of googly eyes on all fruits/veggies in the fridge.

This will make it look like all of them are staring at you once you open your fridge! It actually makes you cringe to think about it!

6. Make some Jello and let them cool down in cocktail glasses, complete with the little umbrellas and swirly straws! Serve them to the guests.

The first-ever drinks they can’t drink no matter what they do!

7. Replace all the family photos in your picture frames at home with pictures of celebrities and famous people.

Waking up to a home that makes it look like you’re related to Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran, or Ex-President Obama will be quite confusing.

Good April Fools Pranks for friends

Here is a list of good April Fools pranks for all ages…

1. Put water in a goblet and cover it with a plastic playing card. Quickly turn it upside down and carefully remove the card from underneath it.

This will make it look as if the goblet and the water defied gravity!

2. Paste a “Hug Me” sign at the back of your friend or sibling at the start of the day.

They’ll be wondering all day while everyone is extra touchy and sweet to them.

3. Paste a funny picture on someone’s ceiling right above their bed so that it’s the first thing they see in the morning.

Another creative way of greeting your family and friends good morning.

4. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and put it in the shower for everyone to use.

No matter how hard they rub it on their skin, they won’t see any bubbles and their skin might turn into prunes, but they won’t ever be finished taking a bath.

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5. Fill a room full of balloons or just tape lots of balloons to the sides of the door to make it look like it’s full to the brim.

The room owner will be in for quite a shock and delight!

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Easy Last-Minute April Fools Pranks

Here is a list of easy April Fools pranks that you could pull off at the last minute…

1. Squirt some liquid chocolate inside a diaper and put it in someone’s bed.

Just hope that they won’t do this to you!

2. Put a farting toy under the cushion seats at home.

The unfortunate person to sit on it will be so embarrassed, indeed!

3. Put an air horn under your coworkers’ seat.

They are in for a mini heart attack with this one!

4. Invite your friends over and serve raw fish covered with flour, chips obviously from the convenience store, overcooked noodles and more.

Let them try to enjoy their awful dinner for a while and then shout April Fools before serving them the real deal.

5. Use super glue to stick a quarter to the floor. Watch how many people try to get it!

You’ll find out that a lot of people really do need a quarter!

6. Buy two boxes of Krispy Kreme but replace the donuts with veggies. Bring it to the office!

Your friends and colleagues would be over the moon to see you, but they’ll be pretty disappointed to see the healthy greens instead of the original glazed donuts!

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April Fools Jokes for Kids

Here is a list of simple and friendly April Fools jokes for kids…

1. Make a fake poop using clay and brown paint. Make sure to make it as realistic looking as possible, then put it anywhere noticeable.

They will surely try to clean it off.

2. Make cupcakes out of meatloaf for dessert!

Your kids will be expecting something sweet but instead eat the salty goodness of meatloaf.

3. Dip their toothbrush into blue food coloring so that their teeth would turn blue.

Watch their astonishment and tell them it will be like that forever!

4. Fill your kids’ shoes with beads or pebbles.

Look at their reaction once they discover the surprise in their shoes.

April Fools Pranks for Parents

Here is a list of awesome April Fools pranks you could pull on your parents…

1. Tell your parents you got kicked out of school.

Make sure to quickly reveal yourself when it gets too heated!

2. Color and decorate all the eggs in the fridge.

Your mother will either be fascinated or pissed!

3. Wipe the faucets with watercolor.

Your parents would be shocked to see that the water is colored!

4. Download cracked wallpaper into your phone and cry to your parents saying you broke your phone!

They might get mad so make sure you can handle it.

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5. Tell your parents you have downloaded all their favorite songs on your phone for them and just use Spotify to play whatever they want to hear.

Use your parents’ outdated-ness but of course, educate them afterward!

April Fools Pranks for your Boyfriend

Here is a list of unique April Fools pranks to shock your boyfriend…

1. Ask a pregnant friend to do a pregnancy test and get the result to show to your boyfriend.

Many things will be going on in his mind, so savor his reaction, then tell him the good news that your friend is pregnant!

2. Tell your boyfriend you found someone else, and you’re breaking up with him.

Use your drama skills for this one and make the guy cry, darling!

3. Seduce your boyfriend and make sure he tries to take your clothes off. Make sure to wear lots and lots and lots of layers of clothing.

This will frustrate him and make both of you laugh like crazy!

4. Change your contact name in your boyfriend’s phone into the name of the mayor or school principal (or someone equally important and famous). Call him again and again until he picks up and finds out it’s just you!

He’ll be petrified to see the name flashed on his phone!

5. Borrow your boyfriend’s car and then return it with a small note saying “Sorry for the dent, honey!”

He’ll be crazy mad trying to find where the dent is!

Bonus: Google April Fools

Google started a fun annual tradition of inserting hoaxes and jokes on its website last April 1, 2000. It always has a new and wittier every other year but skipped the tradition last 2020 because of the pandemic that hit the world. Here is a rundown of the crowd-favorite Google April Fools’ Day hoaxes ever…

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1. Pac-Maps in Google Maps

Google made it seem like you can play Pac-Man in Google maps. Brilliant!

2. Google Assistant

When you ask the Google Assistant via chat anything about April Fools, it will automatically reply something ridiculous like “don’t trust your relatives”. Just hilarious!

3. Google Play for Pets

Google introduced a line of apps, games, and more specially designed for your pets! If only it was true!

4. Google Translate for Alien Language

If this really works, we’d be conferencing and meeting with extraterrestrial beings by now, which would be super duper cool!

5. Virtual Reality Experience Enhancers

Google presented haptic helpers to make sure that you experience it all in the VR. They’re supposed to follow you around and enhance the aromas, tastes, and physical sensations along with what the VR product has to offer for the complete customer experience!

You’re all ready to flaunt your jokester self! Remember that pranks and jokes can sometimes seem too realistic so whatever you do this coming April Fools’ Day, be sure to yell “April Fools!” in the end.

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