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9 Ball Pool is one of the most famous pool games in the world. But as with any other game, you should first master the basic rules in billiards. Just read the following article to get to know the 9 Ball Pool Setup, the rules, and how to even rack 9 Ball Pool.

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9 Ball Pool Setup

Setting up the pool supplies and learning how to rack for 9 Ball are important first steps to learn before you can even start learning how to play. You can never play without the basics!

9 Ball Pool Supplies

Here are the essential supplies you need to familiarize yourself with before you even start to play the game:

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  • 9 Object Pool Balls (numbered 1 to 9)
  • 1 White Cue Ball
  • Diamond Rack
  • Pool Table
  • Cue Stick
  • Chalk (Optional)
  • Bridge (Optional)

How to Rack 9 Ball Pool

Compared to the 8 Ball Pool which has a triangular rack, the 9 Ball Pool makes use of one shaped like a diamond!

  1. Find a diamond-shaped rack for a 9-ball pool game. The racking pattern you need to follow for 9 Ball is different from the one with 8 Ball. Follow the diamond pattern which is 1-2-3-2-1.
  2. Make sure to keep ball number 1 at the foot spot of the diamond and ball 9 at the center or the center of the third row from the apex of the rack.
  3. Just place all other balls in the order you prefer in the diamond. Official rules state that all other balls are placed randomly, just like in 8 Ball Pool. You can also place the balls following the correct sequence, from top to bottom and from left to right but always place ball number 9 in the middle. If you prefer this setup, ball number 1 will be at the foot while ball number 8 will be at the top.
  4. Make sure to keep the rack as tight as possible.
How To Rack 9 Ball Pool

How to Play 9 Ball Pool

9 Ball Pool is played with nine (9) object balls with numbers 1 to 9 and one cue ball. During each playerโ€™s turn to shoot, the first ball the cue ball gets in contact with must be the ball with the lowest number ball on the table. Be reminded that the balls need not be pocketed in order.

If you pocket any ball during a legal shot, you will remain at the table for another shot. Continue your turn until you miss or fail to pocket a ball or incur a foul. If you miss or fail to pocket a ball during your turn, it will be your opponentโ€™s turn. The incoming player should start his turn or try to shoot from the position left by the previous player. If the opponent commits a foul, you can choose how to start your turn.

You as a player are not required to call any shot. A match ends when one of the players has won the required number of games.

9 Ball Pool Game Rules

  • You can pocket any ball at any time of the 9 Ball Pool game which will give you a lot of room on how to strategize yourself in the game.
  • Ball number 9 is not the call shot ball or the ball that is your sole goal in the game so itโ€™s not only played at the end of the game. You can strike it anytime during the game.
  • At break out, the cue ball should come in contact with the ball with the current lowest number on the table. If this happens, the breaker player is allowed to do a push-out shot. A push-out is a shot that wonโ€™t be considered a foul as long as the ball isnโ€™t knocked off the table. Meaning, you can play it any way you want.
  • If you pocket the ball number 9 at any point during the game, you will be declared the winner.

Push Out

Your opponent may call or ask for a push-out shot if the ball with current lowest number on the table does not come in contact with your cue ball.


Here are some common infractions that will surely earn you a foul at a 9-Ball Pool game:

  • Your cue ball is pocketed in just one shot together with the object ball during the shot.
  • Be careful, the opponent is declared the winner if a player commits three (3) fouls in a row.
  • Any of the balls jumps off the table at your fault at any time during the game.

9 Ball Pool Online

In this fast-track and modern cyberworld, you will never be content with playing just the real deal. Every game has a virtual version that you can obsess about for weeks or monthsโ€ฆ or forever! Check the best 9 Ball Pool games you can play for free online:

9 Ball Pool For iOS

In the world of Apple, here are the most in-demand and favorite 9 Ball Pool games you can play anywhere and anytime online!

9 Ball Pool For Android

Of course, Android users should also be given their own versions of the 9 Ball Pool. Here the two best apps you can download and enhance your skills in playing 9 Ball Pool!

There you have it, you are now almost there, you just need to practice until you perfect your strokes and up your game when it comes to 9 Ball Pool! It may be hard at first but just believe in yourself and you will definitely be a Pool-Pro in no time! ๐ŸŽฑ

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