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The roaring 80’s was best known for its neon lights and retro parties. It was also the decade when the rubik’s cube came to life. Whatever you remember the 80’s for, you could never deny how awesome that decade was. If you miss it as much as we do, then you’re in for a fun read with these top party decorations and games that we have compiled for you…

Best 80s Party Decorations

Create a replica of the 1980s era by including some DIY stuff, some old things that you’ve saved over the decades and some new ones that blend well with the old 80’s era decoration. You can let your mind go crazy and out-of-the-box when it comes to the decorations, as long as you get the 80’s vibe you’re aiming for.

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If you don’t have enough time to really think of a unique concept, here are some sweet 80’s decorations you can find on Amazon:

1. Neon Party Decoration Set

It’s all about the neon lights when it comes to the 80’s. Enjoy some neon fun with these colorful 80’s theme birthday party supplies. Even with its simplicity, its overall impact on your party will make it stylish and glamorous. It’s the perfect example of how neon colors are the perfect contrast when compared to black.

Check out this 80s theme birthday party supplies and 80s party tableware set with 80s Party Decorations that include tablecloth, plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, banner and hanging swirls, for 20 guests:

Available on

2. Retro Party Decoration Set

There are really a lot of things that made the 80’s memorable. Retro stuff like rubik’s cube, rollerblades, miz tapes, MTV and film cameras were all the rage so you can find inspiration from these things. When you try to list them out, you can make those things the center of the party and focus on them in order to create the vibe you’re trying to achieve with the decorations.

Go ahead and try this Retro Decoration set that’s all about the stuff people truly love about the 80’s. It’s complete with Back to the 80s party hanging swirls, decorations 80s retro ceiling streamers for 1980s throwback birthday party 80s neon party supplies. Not only are they colorful and stylish, they’re also of good quality and value to your money:

Available on

3. 80’s Party Backdrop

A great party needs and deserves a great backdrop. Backdrops are a simple yet very effective solution if the walls of your party venue are too bland or too off for the overall party theme. It might seem trivial to you but it can actually make or break the general feel of the party. It’s also an instant photo booth wallpaper that could save you some bucks!

Hiphop music, Micheal Jackson, Super Mario and cool graffiti screams nothing more than the 80’s and will undoubtedly take you back to the 1980’s. Check out this backdrop that features those things, is tear-resistant and is pretty much easy-to-carry and reusable:

Available on

Best Games To Play at an 80sParty

Reminisce all the fun you had in the 80’s through party games that will take you to a trip down memory lane. The 80’s was all about fun so don’t be a party pooper and simply sit the games out! Here are some of the games that will surely make your 80’s party come to life and make you feel your youthful glory days once more as a kid in the 80’s:

1. Karaoke Contest

The world’s obsession with karaoke seemed to have started in the 80’s. The little machine with its many songs and serves as a judge to how well people can sing got very famous at that time and has continued on to be one of everyone’s favorite pastimes until now. Nothing beats bonding over our love of singing, no matter how good or bad we sound.

A karaoke contest is a great idea for your 80’s party! You can simply rent a karaoke machine and set it up in your venue. It’s not only going to be a great game but also a classic sight to behold that could add to the vintage feel of the whole setup. All you have to do is take turns singing and let the machine do the judging!

2. Pac Man

Who would ever forget the classic game of Pac Man? When you see the little head that devours everything in its path, you’ll always feel nostalgic about the past trends and your childhood memories. Your 80’s party is gonna be a full-on nostalgia and you are in for such a party!

All you have to do is rent a Pac Man machine or video game and set it up somewhere in the venue. Make sure it’s the type of machine or game that records all past scores. Let everyone know that they’re free to play the game and set a deadline or specific time in which you will be awarding the player with the highest score! This might just be a legendary night you’ll never forget.

3. Dance Games

The 80’s was known for the various dance moves that became popular during that decade. Dance moves ​​such as the Chicken Dance, Voguing, Running Man, the Roger Rabbit, and the Cabbage Patch. These silly names sound tame compared to what people actually looked like when they were doing the steps.

For this game, you can divide the guests into groups and give them time to come up with a dance routine inspired by the 80’s dance steps. The host or celebrant will be the judge and each group will need to perform in front of everybody.

4. Trivia Game

If you truly want your party to be truly about the 1980’s, a trivia game is an obvious game that should be included in your programme of activities. A trivia game is a competition of knowledge and wits wherein the contestants will be grouped into teams and a game master will ask out various questions within a set theme or category, in this case it’ll be the 80’s. The players will then decide on their answers before the buzzer sounds.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some questions that will get you started:

1. What was the name of the infamous ship which sank in 1912 was found in 1985??

  • Arcadian
  • Titanic
  • Hera
  • Athena
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Everyone knows about this ship that crashed into an iceberg.

2. What is the name of the hairstyle that was short at the front and sides, but long at the back?

  • Shaggy Do
  • Bob Cut
  • Mullet
  • Pixie Cut
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This hairstyle was more common for guys and can sometimes be confused with the mohawk.

3. What car type was used in the famous classic movie, Back to the Future?

  • Ford Ranger
  • Chevy
  • DeLorean
  • Mustang
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Marty McFly in the red time-traveling DeLorean is a classic sight to behold!

4. ‘Buffy’ was the original name for which iconic Star Wars character?

  • Yoda
  • Chewbacca
  • Darth Vader
  • Anakin Skywalker
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The calm and wise creature we all love had ‘Buffy’ as its original name.

5. What was the name of the van that Scooby and his friends owned?

  • Monster Truck
  • Monster Machine
  • Mystery Machine
  • Misty Machine
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Mystery Machine

They traveled around in the Mystery Machine solving crimes and mysteries.

👉 Hungry for more trivia questions from other categories? Follow this link and have fun: The Original Trivia Game Online!

5. Spin the Bottle

Truth or Dares are made more special when you give it a Spin the Bottle twist! Truth or Dare will test who is the boldest of the bold, and at the same time let you know your friends more. In order to play this game, you just need the players (the more, the better!) and one bottle (it’s better if it’s full or at least has some water or even sand), and you’re good to go!

The same rules of Truth or Dare that people followed in the 80’s apply. Players need to answer the Truths honestly and they should perform the tasks for the Dares. In order to really make this a fun game, the players/guests should be game for whatever comes next!

👉 Want to know more about the original Truth or Dare? Follow this link and have fun: The Original Trivia Game Online!

The 80’s was a decade that gave the spotlight to pop culture above all else. It was the origin of some of the best movies, music, TV shows, and toys of all time. If you plan to throw an 80’s party full of style, nostalgia and fun, you should definitely be up for the challenge!

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