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What is 7 minutes in heaven?

The game “7 minutes in heaven” is one of the most famous games for teen parties. While playing, two randomly chosen players get to spend 7 minutes together in an intimate setting. Whatever happens in heaven depends on the players. Some may just talk but some will definitely kiss, or even do more stuff with each other. It’s the perfect opportunity to come one step closer to your crush! This game can be a lot of fun but please always keep in mind that all players should feel comfortable during the whole game. If you’re not quite sure how to guarantee a fun game night for everyone, take a look out the rules below.

How to play 7 minutes in heaven

As “7 minutes in heaven” is one of the most famous teen games for parties, there are of course many ways to play the game. We will present them below. But all of them are more or less leading to the same conclusion. Two chosen players go in a private room without any lights. There they have to spend 7 minutes alone and can do whatever they want with each other…

Before the game

  1. Explain the gameplay First things first: Before rushing the other players into playing a game they don’t know, explain it to them. Make sure to include that this game may lead to kissing, touching, or even more. Please tell the other players that everyone has to respect the boundaries of the other players. Try to make a safe space so everyone has fun!
  2. Find the heaven As there should be a heaven in “7 minutes in heaven”, you have to create one first. It should be a small and private room, where you can turn off the lights easily. For example, you could use your bathroom, your closet, or your laundry room. Maybe come up with some sort of safe word in case something happens in the room. Better save than sorry!
  3. Set a timer As every couple has just 7 minutes in heaven, you have to make sure you keep track of time. You could just easily set a timer on your smartphone but don’t hesitate to think about some old-fashioned methods. Maybe borrow an alarm clock from your parents or an hourglass. When the 7 minutes are over, just knock at the door to keep their private things private.

3 different ways to play 7 minutes in heaven

The main goal of “7 minutes in heaven” is that two randomly chosen players are sharing 7 minutes together in a private place. But how to pick the players? We collected three different ways to play 7 minutes in heaven. The first method is spinning a bottle. Spinning the bottle is used by many other teen games as well. In the beginning, the players are sitting down in a circle. One of you starts spinning a bottle and nobody is allowed to touch it until it comes to a stop. Now the bottle points on someone and he is the first chosen player. Just repeat it for the second player. Another method for choosing the person would be to draw a name. So before the game, you write all names on little sheets of paper and put them into a hat or something like that. And then you just draw two names. The third way to play “7 minutes in heaven” is to roll dice. Everyone rolls a die, and the players who rolled the same number are going to share their 7 minutes in heaven. If there are more than two players, you can roll again, or you can decide that three people have to go in.

Tip: If you want to make sure that a boy and a girl are going in together, just make different circles or take different colored paper sheets. But don’t hesitate to skip this tip if you want to make same sex-couples possible!

Rules for 7 minutes in heaven

Always be comfortable! Don’t ever do anything that you’re not comfortable with. It’s your life, your body and you decide where the limits are. Before sharing 7 minutes in heaven with a person tell them your personal boundaries. It’s okay if you just want to talk in this 7 minutes. It’s okay if you want to kiss the other person. And it’s also okay if you want even more. And please always keep in mind: If something is happening against your will, never ever hesitate to talk to someone.

Respecting limits! Yes, it’s a teen kissing game, and therefore some players are going to kiss each other. But don’t force anyone into doing something. Talking about personal boundaries before sharing 7 minutes in heaven doesn’t just protect you and your feelings but also the other players. And even during spending 7 minutes in heaven together, ask the other player before trying something new. It just takes a few seconds and will help you both.

Resisting Peer Pressure! Growing up can be tough. Trust me, we all know that. One of the hardest parts is resting peer pressure. In moments of pressure, humans tend to say or do things they aren’t really comfortable with. Just keep calm, try to think straight, and don’t rush yourself into anything. Maybe some of the other players will call you boring but please ignore that. They aren’t real friends if they don’t respect your boundaries.

Bonus: Different 7 minutes in heaven stories

You’re still not convinced that “7 minutes in heaven” is the best teen game for your party? Okay, maybe this will change your mind. As this game has been recorded as early as 1953, numerous great stories took place during this game. We collected some great ones. So sit down, relax, and enjoy these “7 minutes in heaven” stories!

“When I was 12 years old, I was at a party where my whole class was invited, including my crush. I was super excited to spend some time with him. He was new in the town and so we didn’t know each other that well. While playing 7 minutes in heaven, he and I had to spend those minutes together in a closet and there we kissed. It was my first kiss. And after we lost contact, we found each other again with 18, dated for a while and now we’re married. Funny that it all started with 7 minutes in heaven!” (Maggie, story found on Reddit)

“My class was having a Christmas party. Everybody was going in the closet, playing seven minutes in heaven. I was around 14 years old. I went last with this girl I didn’t really know yet. She was always really shy. But we started talking and we really got along. Nothing more happened at that party, but we became friends and now like 6 years later we still in contact.” (Jake, story found on Instagram)

“I was at my friend’s 13th birthday party. Of course, we decided to play 7 minutes in heaven. I had a crush on my friend, Lucas, and of course, I was hoping that we would share our 7 minutes. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, I had to spend those minutes with some boy in my class I didn’t like at all. It was awkward because he instantly told me that he had a crush on me. And I had to reject him. He was really sad, and we still had to spend like 6 terrible minutes together in this small room. It was awful!” (Julie, story found on Reddit)

✍️  March 17, 2021

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