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What is 7 Minutes in Heaven?

7 Minutes in Heaven is a popular party game where two randomly chosen people are left alone inside a dark enclosed space which could be a room or a closet. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, that all depends on what happens during that 7 minutes. It might just be the perfect opportunity to get closer to your crush, or to find out if you have chemistry with a friend or an acquaintance!

Just what do two people do when left alone in the dark? Some could just talk while some could take it as the right team to steal a kiss or two as long as they do it all within 7 minutes! Remember that this is still a fun party game so you only need to do what’s comfortable for you. There are no expectations! You’re free to have a make out session. Or not!

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How to Play 7 Minutes in Heaven

How do you play 7 Minutes in Heaven? It’s not rocket science. While many spin off games have come from the 7 Minutes in Heaven game, all these are still rooted on the original rules. Here’s how to play a classic game of 7 Minutes in Heaven.

1. Set up the game venue

Make sure you have an area where all the players can gather in a circle on the floor and a room or closet where players can go to have some privacy. You can also call the room “heaven” since who knows what “heavenly” things people might do inside! Make sure that you can also turn off the lights in the room to make the setting more romantic!

2. Explain the game rules

Once all the players are gathered, explain the main rules of the game which is that two players will be selected and will have to stay in a dark room together for 7 minutes. Discuss clearly that they are free to do anything in the room which could be talking, kissing, touching or whatever else they want to do! Also, remind the players to respect each other’s boundaries, and that they should only do things that both players mutually consent to!

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Since you shouldn’t force anyone into doing anything that they don’t want to, players should also have the option to say “no” if they don’t really want to go into a room with someone. Always keep in mind that this game should be fun for everyone!

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3. Decide on how the players will be selected

There are many ways to decide on how to select the players who will be spending their 7 minutes together. One way is to play Spin the Bottle. A player can spin a bottle, and whichever two players the bottle ends up pointing two will have to go to the room for their 7 minutes!

Another way to select players is to draw names from a hat. You can have a hat for the girls’ names and another hat for the boys’ names. Whoever will do the picking must draw one name from each hat to decide who goes to “heaven”!

4. Set a timer

Of course, you should have a timer to keep track of time. You can even use a fun alarm sound like police sirens or a countdown timer to dramatically signal the end of the couple’s seven minutes! Make sure to also knock on the door first before opening it to protect everyone’s privacy.

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7 Minutes in Heaven Real Stories

There are many great 7 Minutes in Heaven stories since it’s almost a rite of passage for most people. There are all sorts of stories of how people had awkward conversations, sweet first-time kisses, or gone through hilarious situations while playing 7 Minutes in Heaven!

Here are some of the best 7 Minutes in Heaven stories that we’ve heard!

“When I was 12 years old, I was at a party where my whole class was invited, including my crush. I was super excited to spend some time with him. He was new in town and so we didn’t know each other that well. While playing 7 Minutes in Heaven, he and I had to spend those minutes together in a closet and there we kissed. It was my first kiss. We lost contact after that, but we found each other again at 18, dated for a while and now we’re married. Funny that it all started with 7 Minutes in Heaven!” (Maggie, story found on Reddit)

”I had my first kiss when I was 14 years old. It was with a boy during a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven. Even if I suspected at the time that I was into men, I was sure after the kiss! It was pretty exciting!" (Ben, story found on Reddit)

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“My class was having a Christmas party. Everybody was going in the closet, playing 7 Minutes in Heaven. I was around 14 years old. I went last with this girl I didn’t really know yet. She was always really shy. But we started talking and we really got along. Nothing more happened at that party, but we became friends and now like 6 years later we are still in contact.” (Jake, story found on Instagram)

”When I was a teenager, my friends and I (all girls) played & Minutes in Heaven, and we all made out with each other. I regret it. (Wendy, story found on Instagram)

“I was at my friend’s 13th birthday party. Of course, we decided to play 7 Minutes in Heaven. I had a crush on my friend, Lucas, and I was hoping that we would get to spend 7 minutes of alone time with him. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, I had to spend those minutes with some boy in my class who I didn’t like at all. It was awkward because he instantly told me that he had a crush on me, and I had to reject him. He was really sad while we were spending the remaining 6 minutes together in this small room. It was awful!” (Julie, story found on Reddit)

Games like 7 Minutes in Heaven

There are many party games similar to 7 Minutes in Heaven. In some ways, these games stem off from each other. Whichever game you decide to try out, you will have an awesome time playing with your friends. Feel free to give fun twists to any of these games and make it your own!

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1. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a super fun game that is also goes well with teen parties just like 7 Minutes in Heaven. People even end up kissing each other too while playing! This game is all about choosing to answer a question honestly or doing a dare instead.

What makes this game exciting is that you never know how easy or extreme the truth questions or dares can get! There’s always a risk whichever option you pick!

How to Play Truth or Dare

Learning how to play Truth or Dare is easy. You don’t need to learn any special rules. One of the players starts the game by asking another player the question: “Truth or Dare?”

The other player then has to choose between Truth where they need to answer a question about themselves or Dare where they need to do a dare instead. For example:

For example:

Lisa: Truth or dare?

Daniel: Truth!

Lisa: Who is your secret crush?

Nothing is as easy it seems though. Answering truth questions can lead to you revealing secrets or some things you don’t want to share about yourself such as the first time you had sex!

On the other hand, dares can be quite challenging especially if you’re asked something that’s out of your comfort zone like go streaking in the backyard in front of your friends!

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Play Truth or Dare Online

Looking for Truth or Dare questions that you can play at once? Try our online version of Truth or Dare! You can also download it as an app to your mobile phone!

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2. Never Have I Ever

Compared to a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven, you may not end up kissing another player when you play Never Have I Ever but playing this game brings the same level of chaotic energy that any 7 Minutes in Heaven game may cause! Instead of sharing secrets in a darkened room during 7 Minutes in Heaven, players get to reveal their secrets in front of everyone instead!

When you share some things that you have never done before like making out with a complete stranger, you’ll be surprised to see which among your friends have or have not done it!

You’ll be surprised at how well or how little you know about your friends when playing Never Have I Ever!

How to Play Never Have I Ever

Learning how to play Never Have I Ever is all about giving statements about actions that you have never done before. One player gives a statement about something that they have never done before.

For example:

Never have I ever gone to a doctor to consult about getting breast implants.

If other players have done the action mentioned, they need to take a drink. If not, the one who gave the original statement must take a drink instead.

You need to have a healthy stock of knowledge about your friends and an active imagination to come up with awesome Never Have I Ever statements that will help you find out your friends’ craziest or funniest stories while getting drunk at the same time!

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Play Never Have I Ever Online

Ready to play Never Have I Ever but don’t have time to make up your statements? You can start playing with our online version of Never Have I Ever and get access to hundreds of random statements at once! Or you can also download our Never Have I Ever app to your mobile phone.

Play Never Have I Ever online

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3. Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle is a lot similar to 7 Minutes in Heaven. Instead of two players going off to a room to do whatever they want which may include kissing each other like what’s done when playing 7 Minutes in Heaven, players need to kiss each other on the spot when both ends of the bottle point to them!

There’s no time to gradually get used to each other when you play Spin the Bottle! Friends, acquaintances or strangers could end up kissing each other right then and there in front of everyone! Make sure you’ve taken your breath mints when you play Spin the Bottle!

How to Play Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle is pretty easy to learn, but it’s a huge challenge if you’re the shy type! However, if you decide to play, it’s a whole lot of fun. You and your friends will be howling with laughter all throughout the game!

First, you need to have an empty soda bottle. You also need to decide on the order of the people who will be spinning the bottle. You can go from the youngest to the oldest.

To officially start the game, gather all the players on a circle in the floor and ask one player to spin the empty bottle. Once the spinning bottle comes to a stop, the end with the bottle opening should point to another player in the circle. The player who spun the bottle should kiss the person where the bottle “pointed” to!

If people are not comfortable with kissing all at once, you can give them the option of taking a drink, answering a truth question or maybe removing a piece of clothing!

Before you start the game, you should decide on what action should be the alternative penalty if they don’t want to kiss. You can also say that the alternative penalty can only be used once or twice during the game to be fair to all the players.

The beauty with Spin the Bottle and all the other games mentioned in this list is that you can easily customize the game rules to your liking so that you and your friends will have a great time playing!

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