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Six-year-old kids usually want problem-solving toys like puzzles and building blocks, and also toys that facilitate pretend to play like costumes, toy trucks, and child-size wardrobes! But one thing that both 6-year-old boys and girls most want is to make friends and feel like they belong somewhere. The perfect way to make this happen is to give them the best 9th birthday ever…

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

On your kid’s 6th birthday, make sure to throw a unique and memorable birthday that they will be bragging about for the years to come. Here are some of the best birthday party ideas for a 6-year-old:

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1. Disney Party

Disney has been known to make child-friendly life lessons for kids. Kids fell in love with the idea of happy endings and dreams coming true because of their favorite Disney movies and characters like Frozen, Moana, Disney Princess, Cars, Mickey and Friends. Incorporate their favorite Disney movies and characters and also make their dreams come true!

You can prepare tarpaulins, banners, party hats, cakes, party cups, and other party favors inspired by their favorite Disney movie of all time. If you want you can also play some Disney movies while the party is ongoing, and throughout the celebration, you can play the songs from the movie soundtrack in the background for everyone to enjoy listening to and in order to complete the Disney vibe.

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👉 Need more Disney ideas? Follow the link and make magic happen! Need more Disney ideas? Follow the link and make magic happen: Disney Party Themes!

2. Sports Party

Kids are always in the mood to play! Make your kid’s 6th birthday a festive sports party with their favorite sport as the party’s theme. Soccer, basketball, golf, and rugby are kids’ favorite sports. Buy party supplies based on your kid’s favorite. You can also turn your backyard into a miniature basketball court, golf course, or soccer field.

Inform the party guests and their parents about the theme so that they can prepare what to wear during the party. Many kids will definitely dress to impress, but the most important thing to remember is for your kids to wear something that will let them comfortably move and play during this party.

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3. Star Wars Party

Yoda and Han Solo will definitely make sure that the force will be with you during your birthday party. The most important thing to do for this party is to transform your backyard into a spacecraft-inspired venue for the event. Use lights that’ll look like twinkling stars against the midnight blue sky. You can prepare and distribute fake lightsabers for everyone and also make sure to tell everyone to come dressing up as stormtroopers for the party out in space!

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👉 You can make your Star Wars party even more exciting by playing a Star Wars trivia game with the kids! Follow the link to learn more about the Star Wars Trivia Game!

4. What Would You Be When You Grow Up Party {grow-up}

Even at six years old, kids already have dreams of what they would want to be when they grow up. To encourage the little birthday celebrant to reach for their goals in life, the least you can do is also surround them with friends that also have their own dreams!

In this unique kiddie costume party, ask the party guests in the invitations to dress up as the very person they want to be when they grow up. The sky’s the limit! They can show up as a doctor, teacher, rockstar, or magician! It doesn’t even have to be an occupation, and they can come to the party dressed as their favorite poet, celebrity, or what, as long as they idolize the person enough to want to be them when the kids grow up.

5. Baking Party

Baking with family and friends is one yummylicious and refreshing way to spend your kid’s birthday. A 6-year-old will surely make a mess but will definitely enjoy baking easy recipes. They will love making and decorating beautiful biscuits, muffins, puddings, traybakes and cupcakes. If you have sensed that there’s a natural baker in your nine year-old, this will be a great way to encourage their hobby and talent.

A few days before the party, prepare a list of easy bake recipes that they can follow, and you must also prepare the ingredients ahead of time. During the party, it’ll help if you demonstrate in front of the kids so that they can just follow your lead. Go ahead and bake the world a better place!

6. Paw Patrol Party

Make things interesting at your 6 year old’s birthday party by preparing a Paw Patrol-themed party! Make sure to complete it with a Paw Patrol cake showcasing the kids’ favorite Ryder, Marshall, and the rest of the gang-aroo! One interesting idea is to make a DIY fire hydrant with paw prints that’ll make it look like puppies stepped on them.

Turn your little birthday kiddo into the star pup that they are among a sea of wagging puppy tails. Prepare some Paw Patrol games that they’ll surely love, and also make sure to prepare some Paw Patrol party favors that they could enjoy at home.

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7. Woodland Party

Woodland creatures always have a soft spot for the little children and vice versa. Have you ever wondered why so many cartoons are based on animals? They are cute, but it’s also because kids love animals and would like to learn everything about them. Turn your kid’s 6th birthday party into an enchanted forest-themed party with all the cute little animals.

The best venue for this part is a beautiful garden. In order to make this woodland dream come true, you can spread out little rabbits, hamsters, deers, horses, and other stuffed toys around your venue together with twinkling lights and magical backdrops using white cloth and projectors. You can ask the kids to wear their best woodland animal costumes for them to look like cute creatures during the party.

8. My Little Pony Party

Let the power of friendship bring your 6-year-old and her friends together in the My Little Pony birthday party you’re going to throw her! My Little Pony (MLP) is one of the best-selling toys and most-watched television shows for little girls. Incorporate this lovely theme into your six-year-old’s party, and you’ll surely get the Parent of the Year Award in their hearts!

In order to throw this party, you’ll need My Little Pony swirl decorations, paper garlands, streamers, fluffy decorations, and paper lanterns! Turn any venue into an MLP wonderland by using pastel colors with pink and purple as your main colors. Make sure to also prepare MLP party supplies like balloons, cake & cupcake Toppers, banners & more.

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9. Frozen Party

Let It Go with a Princess Anna and Queen Elsa Frozen-themed party! A lot of the little 6-year-olds grew up daydreaming about being in the kingdom of Arendelle to be with the lovely Princess Anna and gorgeous and all-powerful Queen Elsa. Let your little princess become both of the characters by preparing Princess Anna and Queen Elsa costumes and let her do an outfit change during her party. She’ll love that!

Turn your living room or any venue into a winter wonderland by using cotton, white cloth, and if you can, a fake snow machine! Ask the party guests also to wear their best Frozen costumes. Make a DIY Olaf as one of the decors. If you can manage to make or rent a sled and fake reindeers, this kiddie party is going to be epic!

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10. Trivia Game about the Celebrant

Birthday Trivia is a game wherein the guests try to answer different trivia questions about the birthday celebrant. The trivia questions are usually prepared ahead of time before the party has started.

The questions range from the celebrant’s favorite color to what year they were born and to who their first-ever crush is. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the questions, as long as you know the celebrant well enough to know their limit to embarrassing questions and secrets.

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6-year-olds are at the age when they would like some independence in what they do in school or when they’re with friends because it is at this age when they finish preschool and start elementary school. Make sure you make your kid’s 6th birthday as special as it can be because it’s going to be the earliest one they’ll remember when they group up.

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