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Hello Mommies and Daddies!

Party planning for the best birthday bash for your 5 year old is a challenging yet exciting task but there are actually so many ideas you can choose from. You need to take into account the age of the little celebrant and the things that 5 year olds usually love and enjoy to do when you’re planning their birthday parties.

Five year olds are known for their fun-loving nature and short attention spans. At this age, you should expect your child to be running, hopping, throwing and kicking balls, climbing, and daydreaming with their very active imagination. All that being said, it would mean the world to your 5 year old kid if you could plan a birthday party that would give them and their friends a birthday party they’ll never forget!

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Running out of great ideas for your son or daughter who is turning five? Trying to plan the party on a tight budget and schedule? Worry no more, for we have prepared some of the best birthday party ideas for the little princes and princesses that you can throw at your very own house!

Birthday Party Ideas for 5 Year Old Boy

Every parent wants his or her little 5 year old birthday boy to have the time of his life during his party. It doesn’t really take that much to make him happy, here are some birthday party ideas for your 5 year old boy:

1. Kiddie Slides and Playground Set

Kids love to play at the playground with their friends. For his 5th birthday, turn your backyard into a playground by renting out a kiddie slide or an entire playground set that the kids will surely enjoy playing on during the party. They’ll be so occupied with the set that you won’t even have to prepare many games for the party’s program.

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Make sure to choose a set with curved edges or better yet choose inflatable ones that are soft and won’t hurt the kids.

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2. Disney Party for Boys

If you think that only girls love Disney cartoons and movies, you are definitely wrong! Think of your boy’s all-time favorite Disney character, maybe he loves Lightning Mcqueen from Cars, Simba from Lion King, The Incredibles, or Mickey Mouse! You can think of ways on how to turn your house or living room into the best Disney Party ever.

You can start with tarpaulins, cakes, party cups, and other party favors inspired by the favorite Disney movie of all time. If you want you can also play some Disney movies while the party is ongoing and during mealtime, you can play the songs from the movie soundtrack in the background for everyone to enjoy listening to.

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👉 Need more Disney ideas? Follow the link and make magic happen: Disney Party Themes!

3. Party Mascots, Magicians and/or Clowns

Some kids might be afraid of mascots and clowns but most kids adore them! These birthday party specials are simply the star of the show aside from the celebrants themselves. There are lots of party mascots and clowns to hire from at your local party suppliers.

Most party mascots wear costumes of cartoon characters from different kid-friendly cartoons and movies. All they do is go around and take pictures with kids and they love that. You just need to build up the kids’ excitement before revealing the mascots during the party.

Clowns on the other hand are great for carnival-themed parties. They can perform funny stunts and mimes for the party guests and some even have balloon tricks wherein they can turn balloons to different types of animals.

Magicians on the other hand are much more expensive among the three because they usually require skills that are developed with their practice of their tricks and performances. The kids will surely be amazed and mesmerized by their tricks.

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4. Sports Party

Little boys love to play ball. For the 5th birthday of your little boy, make it a festive sports party with your son’s favorite sport as the party’s theme. The favorite sports for boys are usually soccer, basketball, golf and rugby. Buy party favors depicting the ball for the specific sport you chose. You can also turn your backyard into a miniature basketball court, golf course or soccer field.

Make sure to tell the other parents about the theme so that they may let their little angels wear their best sports attire during the party. Many will definitely dress to impress but the most important thing to remember is for your kids to wear something that will let them move and play during this party.

In need of sports equipment for the kids to use during the party? Follow these links and have some fun!

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5. Star Wars Party

The force will be with your 5 year old when you throw him a Star Wars party. The key to this party is to make your home look like it’s the inside of a spacecraft or in the middle of the Milky Way. Turn the ceiling into a sea of stars with the help of projectors or glow-in-the-dark stars. Give away fake lightsabers for everyone and also make sure to tell everyone to pick a character and dress as the character during the party!

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👉 You can make your Star Wars party even more special by playing a Star Wars trivia game with the kids! Follow the link to learn more about the Star Wars Trivia Game!

Birthday Party Ideas for 5 Year Old Girl

Study shows that little birthday girls are more excited for their big day than boys are. Make your little girl’s special day one for the books with these magical surprises and birthday party ideas for 5 year old girls:

1. Birthday Photo Booth

Girls love taking pictures. This is an undeniable fact for all ladies of all ages. Even little girls can become a little vain. The pretty little things on your 5 year old’s birthday can take turns smiling for the camera and use the different freebie props that come with the photobooths!

They will surely have fun posing and smiling for the camera and have their photos immediately available after a few minutes. Not only will they have fun but they will also have pictures but also mementos and memories about the party that they keep with them for a lifetime.

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2. Disney Princesses for Hire

If the boys have their Disney mascots, the girls have their Disney princesses. The little girls will be ecstatic to see their favorite Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White and the like over for their party. It will definitely be a dream come true for many 5 year old birthday celebrants.

In order to match the princesses, ask all the party guests to also wear their ballgowns and tiaras. You can also order party favors and supplies that match the Disney themed party.

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3. Face Painting

Kids enjoy art even if they become dirty because of it. A party for a talented and creative little 5 year old won’t be one for the books if you forget to prepare for a face painting booth wherein kids can have their faces painted with different styles of their choice.

Of course, it’ll be much more enjoyable for the kids if they can also get to paint their own faces or each other’s at the booth. Admit it, it can be quite messy but it can surely be so funny to watch as they try to paint on their faces. No bashing!

4. Baking Party

Enjoy baking these easy recipes with the kids at this unique baking party. They’ll love making and decorating beautiful biscuits, muffins, puddings, traybakes and cupcakes. Not only do kids love to eat their goodies but the little girls will surely enjoy baking them themselves.

You can prepare a list of easy bake recipes that they can follow and you must also prepare the ingredients ahead of time. During the party, it’ll help if you demonstrate in front of the girls so that they can just follow your lead.

It’s gonna be a fun and yummylicious party, for sure!

5. Spa Party

Pamper time at the spa makes the happiest girls. Your 5 year old princess deserves some refreshing and rejuvenating time at the spa with her girlfriends. You can turn your living room into a makeshift spa. You can prepare cute towels, lounge chairs, nail polishes, lots of brushes, oils and more. Just make sure to use those with mild chemicals fit for little girls.

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Childhood doesn’t last forever. Kids are only kids for a short period of time. Make sure to give your kids the best childhood memories that they will carry throughout their lives!

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