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What is the 5 Second Battle?

The 5 Second Battle is a game that requires fast minds. You have 5 seconds to name 3 things from the same topic. It may sound easy, but as soon as someone starts counting down from 5, your brain goes blank.

The 5 Second Rule can be played with 2 or more people, although playing with only 2 players might get mentally draining for you both 😂

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How to Play 5 Second Battle

The person who suggested the game usually goes first. After giving out a statement, the person to their right should be the one to answer it.

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The basic mechanics of the 5 Second Battle is that the player whose turn it is, gives out a statement and the person to their right has to answer it. (Note: You can change the rules and have everyone answer that one topic given. This makes it even harder because players won’t be allowed to repeat each other’s answers!)

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Most of the questions follow this format: ”Name 3…”

If you’re looking for a more detailed explanation of the 5 Second Rule rules, you can head on over to this page for exactly that. There are also suggestions on questions you can use for the game on that page! It also talks about the 5 Second Battle game board if this piques your interest 😄

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Funny 5 Second Rule Questions

Seeing that the main purpose of this game is to bring players closer together, why not add some laughter into it?

Here are some of the funniest questions for your next 5 Second Battle!

1. Name 3 adjectives used to describe poop

Possible Answer: curved, full, and long

There are so many adjectives, and more often than not, you’ll be thinking about your own poop 😂

2. Name 3 completely useless things that you have in your house

Possible Answer: decorative vases, clothes that don’t fit you anymore, and a desk calculator

Decorative anything normally have no use, and for the calculator, you know that your phone has a built-in calculator, right?

3. Name 3 toppings you think shouldn’t go on pizza

Possible Answer: Pineapples, Olives, and Anchovies

To be clear, we’re talking about conventional toppings that you normally find on a pizza; and these are the toppings you don’t like at all 😂

4. Name 3 famous aliens

Possible Answer: E.T., Superman, and Marvin the Martian

Yes, aliens are cool!!

5. Name 3 movies that you found were a complete waste of time

Possible Answer: Marmaduke, Gravity, and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Part 3

Get ready for some arguments with this question!

6. Name 3 odd objects you used to eat as a kid

Possible Answer: Tissue, Chalk, and Pencil Shavings

Children are weird.

7. Name 3 people dumber than you

Possible Answer: Answer may vary

Try not to mention anyone from the group (unless you want a rumble) 😂

8. Name 3 pet peeves

Possible Answer: Cracking knuckles, Nail biting, and Singing off-tune

This is a hard one. How will you say it in 5 seconds?! 😡

9. Name 3 Pokémons

Possible Answer: Charizard, Pikachu, and Squirtle

We challenge you not to name the 3 popular ones.

10. Name 3 reasons why you get diarrhea

Possible Answer: Lactose Intolerance, Food poisoning, and spicy food.

There are lots of reasons, stress can also be one of them!

11. Name 3 songs that annoy you

Possible Answer: Answers may vary

This may also cause some dispute, so be careful.

12. Name 3 strange things that turn you on

Possible Answer: Answers may vary

This really depends on the person you’re playing with 😂

13. Name 3 things that always make you laugh

Possible Answer: Answers may vary

While there are SO MANY things that can make anyone laugh, we suggest changing it up to have the weirdest answers come out 😂

14. Name 3 things that can make you go “woooohooooo!”

Possible Answer: Roller Coasters, Slides, and Sex

Anything that’s good, honestly. It can make me go “woohoo!”

15. Name 3 things that annoyed your parents

Possible Answer: Coming home late, Not doing the dishes, and Having a dirty/messy room.

Typical parent thing 💁

Hard 5 Second Rule Questions

We know that the game in itself is already hard enough, but why not make it even harder by using topics you rarely think about? It certainly adds on to the pressure!

Here are some of the hardest 5 Second Battle questions.

1. Name 3 assassinated world leaders

Possible Answer: JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Abraham Lincoln

Work your history, people!!

2. Name 3 bad habits you have

Possible Answer: Nail biting, Peeling dry skin off your lips, and Being late.

Bad habits we should get rid of 😤

3. Name 3 big rivers all over the world

Possible Answer: Nile, Amazon, and Yangtze.

We hope your Geography is doing okay.

4. Name 3 actors named Kevin

Possible Answer: Kevin Hart, Kevin Smith, and Kevin Spacey

If we’re talking about Basketball players, that’ll be so much easier 😂

5. Name 3 elements from the periodic table

Possible Answer: Hydrogen, Helium, and Lithium

Helpful Tip: If you turn it into a song, you’ll remember it for years

6. Name 3 animals that start with a letter “D”

Possible Answer: Dolphins, Deer, and Dog.

Surprisingly, as of writing this, “Dog” was not the first thing that came to mind 😂

N e w !
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7. Name 3 Greek Gods (aside from Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon)

Possible Answer: Apollo, Aphrodite, and Hermes

Not everyone knows of the other Gods. Me, being an avid Percy Jackson fan (😜) I’d like to think of myself as educated on the subject. 😂

8. Name 3 names with only 3 letters in them

Possible Answer: Tim, Sam, and Mac

Seeing that there are loads available, it can be hard to think of only 3 in a matter of five seconds.

9. Name 3 black things

Possible Answer: Chalkboard, A phone’s screen when turned off, and the Black Hole

There are so many things… All we can say is, be careful.

10. Name 3 special meals that you rarely cook

Possible Answer: Answers may vary

It depends on each person, so you never know!

11. Name 3 sports where something is thrown

Possible Answer: Javelin, Shot Put, and Tennis

What, you throw the ball up before serving! That counts 😏

12. Name 3 subjects you took in High School

Possible Answer: Geography, Geometry, and Geology

Yes, all I remember are those subjects starting with “Geo-”

13. Name 3 things you often forget at home

Possible Answer: Umbrella, Wallet, and Earphones

Things you do forget, but should not be forgetting 😂

14. Name 3 things you aren’t allowed to do at a job interview

Possible Answer: Pick your nose, Swear, and Take too long answering

🤓 Suggested read: Would You Rather | Disney Edition

Remember, confidence is key during interviews!

15. Name 3 famous Michaels

Possible Answer: Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Michael B. Jordan

Famous Michaels are the best 😍

Dirty 5 Second Rule Questions

Whether it’s your first date, or you’re already married. We’re sure that this 5 Second Battle questions list could really spice up your physical relationship with one another 😉

So here are some dirty questions for the 5 Second Battle!

1. Name 3 adjectives used to describe a penis

Possible Answer: Long, Chunky, and Circumcised

What the hell.

2. Name 3 adjectives used to describe a vagina

Possible Answer: Flowery, Pink, and Wet

I dare you to answer this in front of a girlfriend, you’re gonna get it 😅

3. Name 3 aphrodisiacs

Possible Answer: Dark chocolate, Oysters, and Asparagus

Bring out any of these if you’re looking to… Y’know 😏

4. Name 3 brands of condoms

Possible Answer: Durex, Trojan, and Trustex

Know your brands, everyone.

5. Name 3 body parts where you like to be licked

Possible Answer: Ears, Neck, and Tummy

Oh, spicy 😏

6. Name 3 excuses to avoid sex

Possible Answer: “I’m on my period”, “I don’t have protection”, and “I have an STD”

Let’s hope that your partner doesn’t actually have an STD. 😂

7. Name 3 fetishes you find weird

Possible Answer: Feet fetish, Animal fetishes, and Bondage

Just be sensitive, you never know who in the group has that fetish 😏 😂

8. Name 3 honeymoon activities in the bedroom

Possible Answer: Normal sex, Roleplaying, and Eating stuff one another

📖 Suggested read: 🏰 40+ Disney Trivia Questions for Real Fans

I honestly have no idea, but you’ll never know, right? 🙈

9. Name 3 languages that turn you on

Possible Answer: French, Italian, and Spanish

Yes, Spanish sounds so good. It just adds spice to almost ✨ anything ✨

10. Name 3 people you’ve kissed

Possible Answer: Answers may vary

Again, depends on who you’re playing with! We hope their answers aren’t as shocking as they should be, though 😂

11. Name 3 foods that can be used in the bedroom

Possible Answer: Whipped cream, Strawberries, and Chocolate

Combine Chocolate and Whipped Cream, then you’ve really got something 😏

12. Name 3 celebrities you’d like to have sex with

Possible Answer: Answers may vary

We hope everyone has fun with this question 😂

13. Name 3 places for a quickie

Possible Answer: Fire exits, The Car, and The Dressing Rooms

How exciting!

14. Name 3 reasons to sleep with someone on the first date

Possible Answer: Answers may vary

While there are several reasons, let the person you’re playing with decide on that. You might learn a new thing or two about them!

15. Name 3 sex positions

Possible Answer: Missionary, Cowgirl, and Reverse cowgirl

Ah yes, three of the most common positions. Don’t be afraid to spice things up, though! 😏

If you found this game tons of fun and are looking for more question inspirations, you can head on over to this page for other suggestions! We hope you have just as fun, or maybe even more! 😄

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