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Are you looking for the ultimate Would You Rather list? Well, your search is over! Here we have a total of 100 Would You Rather Questions from various categories, all ready for use!

If you’re looking for a more extensive list of questions and a wider variety of themes, you can head over to this page for more questions!

What is Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is one of the go-to activities that people choose, whether it’s to break the ice simply get to know each other better. The game is about knowing other players’ preferences when presented with two statements that are somewhat the opposite of one another.

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How to play Would You Rather

The main goal of Would You Rather is for players to have fun and to get to know each other better.

1. Gather all players and decide on a theme for statements. This isn’t necessary, but it might help some people determine the type of statements to say out loud.

2. In turns, a player says a Would You Rather statement out loud; give everyone a chance to choose between the two statements given.

3. Each player then says their chosen statement out loud. Bonus: If they chose the weirder choice, have them explain why they chose it! It’ll be sure to bring about some laughs (😂)

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Funny Would You Rather Questions

Here we have 20 Would You Rather questions that are bound to make anyone laugh! It could be the best, maybe not. What’s important is that everyone has fun with these!

1. Would You Rather have Spaghetti come out of your nose or chocolate pudding?

Having either come out of your nose probably wouldn’t be comfortable.

2. Would You Rather have Googly eyes stuck all over your body for have your fingers super glued to one another?

Google eyes would be better than not being able to use your hands at all.

3. Would You Rather always have the need to sneeze but nothing ever comes out or be always farting?

Neither one of these could possibly be comfortable 😖

4. Would You Rather be a part of the Nickelodeon Universe or Cartoon Network?

Nickelodeon has Spongebob, Cartoon Network has the Power Puff girls. Pick one.

5. Would You Rather live forever or have 9 lives?

Just imagine having to experience death so many times.

6. Would You Rather change an adult’s diaper or wear one?

If the latter, at least you wouldn’t have to see someone else’s ass.

7. Would You Rather be a human charging station or a human Bluetooth speaker?

Imagine the number of people crowding you just to get charged!

8. Would You Rather be completely covered in hair or be completely hairless?

Ah, such a smooth surface 😌

9. Would You Rather always have a conversation with a stranger in the next bathroom stall or get caught by your boss taking a dump?

I guess I’d rather have a conversation with a stranger - someone you won’t ever see again. Unlike if your boss catches you…

10. Would You Rather be forced to eat something you absolutely hate or be forced to do an activity you loathe?

I like to enjoy my meals, so, I’d choose the latter one.

11. Would You Rather be a clown or a mime?

A lot of people are more creeped out by clowns 😰

12. Would You Rather have your butt smelled by a stranger or have it licked by a random dog?

At least you get any comments if it’s the dog.

13. Would You Rather not be able to shower for a month or not be able to change out of your clothes for a week?

Showering is more important! I’d never be able to give that up.

14. Would You Rather be able to talk to dogs or cats?

I imagine that dogs would have more vibrant things to say as compared to cats.

15. Would You Rather be smart but ugly or dumb but attractive?

I don’t mind being ugly if it means I’d be able to have decent conversations with people

16. Would You Rather have bad haircuts for the rest of your life or smell so bad that you repel people?

You’ll always be able to cover up that haircut with a hat 💂

17. Would You Rather have farts that smell so bad that it clears out an entire floor or have burps that are louder than an airplane’s engine?

You can always blame the fart on someone else, but with a burp, everyone will know it came from you 💨

18. Would You Rather use only a chopstick for the rest of your life or a fork?

The fork seems like the easier choice, but chopsticks look way cooler.

19. Would You Rather never be able to cry or never be able to laugh?

Imagine never experiencing such joy through laughter…

20. Would You Rather clog the toilet in your girlfriend/boyfriend’s house or the one at your office?

I might be able to explain it still to my boyfriend, unlike at the office where it’d just be downright embarrassing!

Deep Would You Rather Questions

We’re sure that these questions would get the group to think and reflect on which option they’d be choosing 😅 Be careful!

1. Would You Rather have 3 kids in the future or just 1?

Timing is an important aspect when asking this question.

2. Would You Rather be a serial killer or be killed by one?

Kind of morbid, but I guess I wouldn’t want to risk ending up in jail.

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3. Would You Rather lose your sense of hearing or sight?

Losing any of your senses would be incredibly challenging.

4. Would You Rather work at your dream job but not be paid well or work at a job you hate but be paid really well?

What’s important is that you’re happy in your situation! 😊

5. Would You Rather find out how you’ll die or when you’ll die?

If you find out when you’ll die, at least you’d know to live your life to the fullest. Rather than leaving in fear of something, right?

6. Would You Rather have $1,000 stolen and never find out who or have $100 stolen and know who did it?

At least know if the person badly needs it or if it was something done out of necessity.

7. Would You Rather leave this life before your parents or have them go before you?

Nothing hurts more than being a parent and losing your child.

8. Would You Rather fall in love with a one-night stand or get cheated on by someone you love?

Which option would hurt less? 💆

9. Would You Rather discover a dead body or be a witness at a crime scene?

Being suspected of theft is somewhat better than being suspected of murder.

10. Would You Rather hit a puppy or get hit in front of strangers?

Save the puppy! Hit me instead!

11. Would You Rather not be paid for the next 2 years or give up all that’s in your bank account?

This is why saving up is important! If only I had enough savings to sustain myself for 2 years.

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12. Would You Rather never wear underwear or never wear deodorant?

I’d probably just never leave the house.

13. Would You Rather be stranded on an island with the person you hate the most or be completely alone?

Being alone never sounded better.

14. Would You Rather lose all of your friends or family?

Ah, the classic dilemma. I guess I would have to choose family over friends.

15. Would You Rather be born in the future or the past?

I would love to see how it’s like to be born in the future.

16. Would You Rather live without water or electricity for a year?

Living without water is the most challenging. You can always use candles at night!

17. Would You Rather be a vegetarian or a carnivore?

Nutrition-wise, there are cons on both sides.

18. Would You Rather fart loudly during a presentation or on a first date?

Honestly, even I’m having a hard time choosing between the two.

19. Would You Rather drown or fall to your death?

I’d honestly prefer a quick and painless death.

20. Would You Rather lose all your money or lose all your belongings?

Is it time to become a monk?

Hard Would You Rather Questions

Looking for questions that seem impossible to choose from? We’ve gathered some of the hardest Would You Rather questions to spice things up! Good luck!

1. Would You Rather forget the person you love or your friends and family?

I have commitment issues so… I guess I’d choose friends and family over this one person. But that’s just me 💁

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2. Would You Rather lose your sense of hearing or be color blind?

It’ll be hard to truly appreciate anything in life without these two.

3. Would You Rather know who your soulmate is but can never be together or be married to someone who’s your complete opposite?

The question is kind of asking would you rather prefer to be alone forever or if you’d have the patience to be with someone you have so many differences with?

4. Would You Rather slap your sibling for $25 or slap your grandmother for $1,000?

I would even slap my sibling FOR FREE! No one gets to hurt my grandmother! 😠

5. Would You Rather travel back in time and meet your mom or your dad when they were younger?

I would personally love to meet the teenager version of my mom.

6. Would You Rather have superpowers or be incredibly smart?

I believe that intelligence is very important. If you aren’t that smart, you might use your superpowers for the wrong thing!

7. Would You Rather accidentally get (a girl) pregnant or get an STD from a stranger?

This statement only has me speechless.

8. Would You Rather lose all of your teeth or lose all of your hair?

I personally think I’ll be able to rock the bald look 😉

9. Would You Rather give up food or sex?

Let’s be practical here, everyone. You can’t survive without food!

10. Would You Rather get lost in the North Pole or be stranded on a deserted island?

I don’t think I’ll do well in cold weather. Besides, wouldn’t it be cool to channel my inner “Tarzan” vibes?

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11. Would You Rather be allergic to dogs or chocolate?

It’s so hard to choose between two of the best things in the world.

12. Would You Rather be able to play any type of instrument or all sports?

Both options would make me look so cool.

13. Would You Rather love or be loved?

One of those deep questions that make you think long and hard about your answer.

14. Would You Rather travel in time to talk to your future self or your past self?

Definitely would love to get that reassurance from myself.

15. Would You Rather be underweight or overweight?

Both options are actually serious struggles experienced by a lot of people.

16. Would You Rather discover Atlantis or if Heaven and Hell were real?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of reassurance about the afterlife?

17. Would You Rather have an extra finger or an extra toe?

I wonder how shoe-fitting would work if I have an extra toe 😳

18. Would You Rather live extravagantly but live your days alone or live a simple life but surrounded by loving people?

Like they always say, “why have riches when you can’t share it with someone” right?

19. Would You Rather have a fixed marriage or marry someone you can’t stand?

Fixed marriage doesn’t seem so bad. They are designed in a way that your personalities would still match somehow.

20. Would You Rather discover the cure to cancer or end world hunger?

The world’s biggest problems. Can’t we just have world peace?

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Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Here are some Would You Rather questions that can be used if you and your partner are feeling rather playful 😏 Just watch out for which option you’d be picking! It might get you into trouble.

1. Would You Rather do it in your parents’ bedroom or your grandparents’?

Why does this even need to be asked?

2. Would You Rather go out on a Friday night or stay at home for Netflix and chill?

Netflix and Chill sounds more interesting 😈

3. Would You Rather use a dildo or a vibrator?

Which brings the ultimate pleasure for you?

4. Would You Rather spend money on sex toys or lingerie?

I honestly think lingerie is more seductive 😏

5. Would You Rather eat stuff off of one another or do role play?

There are a lot of people that aren’t great with role play 😝

6. Would You Rather get caught touching yourself or having sex?

It would be easier to play it off if I was caught touching myself. Having sex on the other hand, not so much.

7. Would You Rather have your one-night stand leave the following morning or right after sex?

Cuddling after sex just feels right, even if it was with a one-night stand.

8. Would You Rather get caught doing it in public or at your parents’ house?

At least I won’t ever have to see those strangers again! I just hope I won’t go viral.

9. Would You Rather date someone who has a foot fetish or an ear fetish?

If you’re someone who’s uncomfortable with any type of fetish, this might be hard one. Remember, “neither” isn’t an option!

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10. Would You Rather strip naked in front of police officers or firefighters?

Wouldn’t want to be brought to jail for public nudity 😝

11. Would You Rather laugh every time you have an orgasm or cry?

Either one would probably just ruin the moment 😖

12. Would You Rather have sex with the lights on or off?

This is one of the most common questions you’ll hear if about sex. So, which would you rather do?

13. Would You Rather have sex with music playing in the background or with a TV show?

What if a family-friendly show comes on while you’re doing it? 😳

14. Would You Rather have a threesome with people you know or absolute strangers?

If it turns out to be a bad experience, at least you’ll never have to see them again if they’re strangers!

15. Would You Rather lick whipped cream off of each other’s body or eat chocolate cake?

Would you really choose to have something that needs to be chewed? That would just ruin the moment!

16. Would You Rather find out that your sexual partner is your cousin or accidentally get your dad as a sugar daddy?

Say hello to awkward family reunions! 😬

17. Would You Rather be bitten during sex or choked?

Please remember that there are safe ways to bite/choke during sex. If you’re uncomfortable with what your partner is doing, say “no!”

18. Would You Rather have sex with someone that looks exactly like your celebrity crush but smells bad or have sex with someone who’s seriously unattractive but smells amazing?

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it if my partner smells bad 😩

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19. Would You Rather have crazy wild sex in the bathroom of a club or boring sex in a fancy hotel?

At least it’s sanitized in the hotel!

20. Would You Rather talk about all of your sexual experiences during a talk or have everyone in your school read about it on a blog?

I don’t think i’ll be able to face anyone if I have to talk about my experiences.

Disturbing Would You Rather Questions

I found it quite challenging to choose from these Would You Rather questions. Not sure if I wanted to drop out of the game… I can never remove these questions in my head now 😤

1. Would You Rather find the body of your dead pet or your best friend’s?

How do you choose between these two?!

2. Would You Rather taste blood or mercury?

Did you know that the taste of blood actually has a hint of metal because of the iron present? 😄

3. Would You Rather eat your poop or drink your urine?

The quicker it is, the better! Let’s avoid having it stay in your mouth for too long 😫

4. Would You Rather run into your partner at the abortion clinic or your parents?

…What in the world is happening? 😳

5. Would You Rather be paid to join a gang or be paid to get involved in a murder?

Maybe you can sit things off if you join a gang and remain innocent somehow?

6. Would You Rather meet the devil or God?

If the devil is anything like “Lucifer” from the TV show, I wouldn’t mind meeting the devil!

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7. Would You Rather jump into a septic tank or a pool that hasn’t been cleaned in years?

I feel icky just thinking about this statement.

8. Would You Rather be a part of a horror movie or suspense?

I’m a big scaredy cat, so I guess I’d be able to take suspense at least.

9. Would You Rather date someone who eventually turned out to be a serial killer or be stalked by one?

Would you be able to turn in the person you’ve gotten attached to? Or what if things don’t work out and… he comes for you 😨

10. Would You Rather bleed to death or be burned alive?

Both of these options are torturing 😣

11. Would You Rather see a random ghost or the ghost of someone you love?

I might go crazy if I see the ghost of someone I love.

12. Would You Rather meet a vampire or a werewolf?

Either way, they’d probably have the urge to bite you.

13. Would You Rather be the first to die or the last one to go?

I don’t think I’d be able to handle the pain of losing everyone I love.

14. Would You Rather accidentally say a different name during sex or have your partner say a different name?

Oh no, which do you think would be not much of a problem?

15. Would You Rather eliminate your mother or your father?

Just to be clear, “neither” still isn’t an option here.

16. Would You Rather be reborn as an animal in the wild or a house pet?

Having the freedom and to be able to run in the wild would probably be a great feeling.

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17. Would You Rather resort to starvation or cannibalism?

When it’s absolutely necessary, meat is meat.

18. Would You Rather cover up the murder of someone you love or be caught in the murder of someone you hate?

There’s really no up side to either option.

19. Would You Rather have paper or spring roll wrappers for nails?

Imagine how fragile that is.

20. Would You Rather face your biggest fear or be in great embarrassment?

Why do we even have to be in such a tight position?

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