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Top 10 Fun Brain Games

Humans as we are, we continuously look for ways to entertain ourselves. One of the most effective ways is through playing games. We enjoy games that are new, challenging and most of all, fun and exciting!

Of course, the world has had enough of games that are just purely silly, we also give much appreciation to games that let us use our intellect to give our brains that much-needed workout. Say goodbye to stupid games that tend to waste most of our times and say hello to fun games that will make you smarter and brighter.

1. Treasure Hunt

This is one of the classic games that will require the players to physically search for a treasure by following a series of clues and riddles to ultimately find it. It also has a variation more commonly known as “scavenger hunt” which is a game wherein game organizers give the players a list of objects to look for and collect or a list of tasks to complete. Players must complete the list or find the treasure, without buying or paying money for them, of course!

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How To Play

A game like this needs to be very organized. Organizers must prepare a series of clues. Some use riddles to add a dramatic effect to the hunt. They will give the participants the first clue which will lead to the next clue, and so on, so forth. The clues have to be very smart, precise yet not so obvious so the participants will have to really concentrate and think in order to decipher the clues.

You can play this game by teams or by pairs or just individually. If played by a team, you can use teamwork, resourcefulness, skills and collective knowledge to finish the hunt and find the treasure. Like any other game, it would be much more exciting if a grand prize awaits the winner. The organizers can declare the treasure as the prize so that everyone will be motivated to find it!

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2. Rubik’s Cube

Once called the “Magic Cube, this toy is considered by a lot of people as the best puzzle game and the best-selling toy in the world. Ever since it was created in 1974 and until now, you’ll still see it in the shelves of toy stores and bookstores worldwide.

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Kids and adults alike enjoy playing with it. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that playing with the cube and trying to solve its puzzle is very fun. Your fingers, eyes and brains will be in for some serious workout! It doesn’t stop there because solving the Rubik’s cube is very good in activating your brain cells and improves your brain’s cognitive mapping skills!

How To Play

Each Rubik’s Cube has 26 cubelets. You need to twist the cubes and make sure to solve each face of the cube by making sure that all cubelets with the same color can be found in only one face of the cube. The game starts with some randomized, shuffled, messy configuration of the cube. To solve it, you should rotate the faces and get back to the original solved pattern with each side being a single color.

Fun fact: There are 40,320 ways to solve the puzzle of the Rubik’s cube! At first you will be completely happy to just solve it but as you master the cube, you will notice that you’re now working on your speed, too! As for mastery, the only thing you could do is to familiarize with the patterns and find the fastest way to solve the puzzle ahead of the others!

Do you want to start playing with the Rubik’s Cube ? Follow this link and start the fun NOW!

Play Rubik’s Cube Now!

3. Murder Mystery Games

This exciting and thrilling game is all about using your hidden detective skills to solve a crime and find out who the killer is. There are a lot of versions for murder mystery games, you can either choose to play online or with some cards. Some games are scripted or turn-based games that release information as the story unfolds during the game. As the game continues, each character learns something new about the plot, characters and their involvement. The players can play as a character, search for clues, study all the evidence, solve the crime, and ultimately uncover the murderer to prevent everyone from getting killed!

This game is a truly unique way to entertain family, friends, and guests. You’ll all be laughing when someone accidentally and mistakenly accuses a player of being the murderer. Not only that, it also improves your reasoning skills, logic, deductive reasoning and gives great importance to your guts and instinct! It’s the perfect time to unleash the Sherlock Holmes within you!

How To Play

There are many versions of the game but this is the easiest and most convenient one that you could try!

Murder Mystery games start with someone narrating the plot or the scenario in a story-telling-like manner. You can all randomly pick a card or piece of paper that will give you your roles to play. Among all of you, there will be one or more killers. The group can decide how the killer should do to be able to make a kill. It can be agreed that winking or smiling or pouting your lips to another player can kill them.

The killer should try his/her best to “kill” inconspicuously without the others catching him. Those who are killed will be out of the game and should not tell the others who the killer is. Among the players, there will be a designated detective or detectives who should catch the killer. Given a certain time, the killer can do his or her killings. The detective should catch the killer before time runs out or before everyone gets killed.

This is just one example of a murder mystery game. You can add to the rules and make it more exciting! The more players, the better! Here are some other enjoyable Murder Mystery Games that you can try for yourselves!

4. 2048

2048 is a game of fun with numbers! The objective of the game is to get a tile with the numbers and value of 2048. However, once you achieve it, you still can’t stop playing! People really go crazy over simple number puzzles that prove to be tricky the more you play! 2048 will train your mind to get better with numbers and to formulate strategies as you master the game.

How To Play

All you have to do is to slide together adjacent slides with the same values. Sliding them together will let you add the value on the tiles. Your ultimate goal is to obtain a tile with the value 2048 (the name of the game!).

Continue playing and increasing the value until you can no longer make any valid moves. Meaning, once there are no empty spaces and no adjacent tiles with the same value. When this happens, the game ends! Can’t wait to swipe tiles and achieve 2048 and beyond? Follow this link to play 2048 on our awesome website!

2048 Game

5. Piano Tiles

Music-lovers will definitely be in love with Piano Tiles. This game will introduce you to many classic music and songs, and also to modern ones as you progress through the different levels of the game. Piano Tiles trains agility in moving the fingers. It also trains your accuracy. It can give you mental health which also equates to happiness. Plus, being able to listen to classical music with Piano Tiles can nourish the brain stimulus.

It does not end there as this game also enhances your mental focus and hand-eye coordination as you repeat the task of clicking the right tiles for the song you’re playing. It might sound too simple but it gets tricky as some songs are complicated and fast.

How To Play

The object of the game is to finish songs by clicking the right piano tiles as instructed by the highlights as the song starts. Some songs may be slow and easy but some can be very fast and tricky. All you need to do is focus and make sure your fingers are clicking the correct tile.

What are you waiting for? Follow these links to download the game and experience some musical fun!

6. Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

DotA is the famous and exciting multiplayer online battle arena mode for the video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, The Frozen Throne. This online game will introduce you to a series of strategy video games developed and published by Valve. Millions and millions of DotA players spend hours online on a daily basis as one of over a hundred heroes of the game.

If you think that this game is just about fighting and magic, think again! DotA will test your knowledge of the game, strategies and techniques in order to outwit, overpower and defeat your opponents in the game!

How To Play

For one to play DotA, you need to familiarize yourself with the story of the game, its heroes, character strengths and capabilities and how to activate them. Educate yourself on how to use the heroes’ items and how to access said items. For better understanding, play the tutorial. A lot of players around the world consider DotA as an online sport. Before you play a sport with strangers, you should explore everything to truly know how it works. Ask for help from a coach or play with the game bots.

If you’re not comfortable playing with anyone for now, play with the artificial intelligence bots. AIs are very aggressive so you will be in for a challenge. Make use of the in-game guides, too. They may not be rulebooks but can be your starting points tol know your heroes’ abilities and test stuff.

DotA is a game that will enhance teamwork, strategy, camaraderie and wisdom. Train, study and master your skills then break out and work on improving them with your teammates. Can’t wait to start being the hero of your DotA journey? Follow this link to play the online game that everyone is crazy about!

Play DotA Online

7. Crossword Puzzles

If you love word searching games, crossword puzzles is the game for you! This game will challenge you to find words which usually take the form of a square or rectangle grid that you should complete. The game will provide you with clues for each word and you will just have to figure them out and follow the legends in order to ultimately complete the puzzle.

You can find crossword puzzles at the back of most newspapers as a sort of entertainment to its readers. You can also find books filled with lots and lots of crosswords you can answer. But who needs newspapers and books when you can go paperless with the modern online games that the modern world could offer. With just one click, you can download lots and lots of gaming apps that can give you access to unlimited crossword puzzles which you can solve until you drop!

Can’t wait to solve one right now? Follow these links for unlimited vocabulary fun!

8. Monopoly

Everyone loves the classic game of Monopoly. For lots of people (mostly kids and young adults), it is your first chance to experience investing, trading, purchasing assets and going to jail! But it’s so much more than that, playing Monopoly teaches us a lot of things from financial basics, maths, property ownership,and basics of taxation. It also lets you improve on your negotiation skills!

The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player in the game through buying, renting, and selling property. You will need to buy a complete set of the Monopoly game to play with. There are cards that represent properties, cards that will allow you to collect fees or pay fees and taxes, a board with spaces and properties, and of course lots of play money!

Sure, it can be pretty tough to learn to play! The rules are complicated, and some families who play the game have their own variations that aren’t listed in the official rulebook. Start somewhere, learn about the official game rules, how to set up the board and play it with your friends and families to really understand the game.

To learn more about Monopoly, you will need to read the full and complete rules found in the instruction manual that comes with the board, the cards version and online version. Follow the links to know more and play the game NOW!

Play Monopoly Online

If you prefer the board game and cards, you can buy your own set and start having fun!

9. Candy Crush

This game is loved all over the world by people of all ages because of its colorful graphics and simple rules. Aside from that, this game is also proven and tested to improve your concentration and visual perception as you continue playing it.

How To Play

To play this game, you need to swap colored pieces of candy on the game board to make a match of three or more of the same color. A match of three or more will eliminate those candies from the board and replace them with new ones that you need to swap and swipe once again. Don’t just be content with three, there are power-ups when you match four or more candies!

There are some boards that must be completed within a fixed number of moves or limited amount of time so watch out for those. There are some levels that will require you to reach a certain score or collection of a specific number of a type of candy. Improve on your strategy as you master your way into the game.

Can’t wait to start crushing candies? Follow this link to download Candy Crush Saga!

Candy Crush Saga

10. Wordscapes

If you’re looking for the hottest crossword at the moment, Wordscapes is here! This game will get your brain gears working and will definitely enhance your vocabulary and verbal fluency. It might seem easy but there are some letter combinations that can form only a limited amount of words which makes the whole game very tricky!

How To Play

Wordscapes starts by giving you 3-4 letter words to find for the first few levels. These levels will warm you up as you proceed with the different levels of the game. It will also require you to solve a daily puzzle that serves as an exercise for you. This puzzle has a next-level difficulty because it will need to form words in a particular order. If it’s taking you too long to solve a puzzle, don’t worry, the coins you earn for hints will be there to rescue you!

Can’t wait to start the fun with words through Wordscapes? Follow this link to download the game!

Benefits of Brain Games

Games may be fun but they would be very much better if it’s not just fun and entertainment. You will be thankful if you choose games that could also boost your brains. There are a lot of games out there that can give you tons of cognitive benefits. Our brains need exercise as well as our bodies! If you’re trying to think about all the benefits you’ll get by playing these games, worry no more. Here is a list of the benefits proven to be reaped when you play brain games:

  1. Faster Thinking: Increasing brain speed gets even more important as you age. Even though our wisdom grows each year, our braids tend to be a bit slower. Brain games can help you exercise your brains to think faster.
  2. Trying New Things: Playing new brain games from time to time, you will be engaging brain chemicals, speeding up thinking, and sharpening focus. You will also be awakening your curiosity!
  3. Better Memory: Brain games can help you remember more. It improves both your visual and auditory memories.
  4. Finding Words: No need to always lose a word at the tip of your tongue. Word games and other brain games improve auditory processing and fluency that will help you easily think and speak the words.
  5. Getting Things Done: Playing brain games and completing levels train you to do tasks as needed and follow rules. They can help you be more efficient, effective, and error-free!
  6. Sharper Vision: As some games improve your hand-eye coordination, you can bet that your vision would be much sharper. You need your brain to process what you visualize.
  7. Self Confidence: Brain games speed up and sharpen the brain, which will make you feel more self-confident in your daily lives and inspires you to seek new challenges.
  8. Quicker Reactions: A quicker brain means a quicker body. Brain games that are time-pressured can surely enhance your reflexes and thinking abilities.
  9. Good Mood: Having a fit brain will always make you feel more alert, rewarded, and upbeat. You’ll just feel so much better.
  10. Real Life Lessons: There are a lot of lessons you can apply in your life from the games like for example: Monopoly teaches you financial basics, DotA teaches you all about strategy, Treasure Hunting trains you on how to be wise in finding things and achieving tasks.

Games that will make you think, strategize, and remember data are all games that will help train your mind. Most experts agree that playing brain games will ultimately improve the mental abilities of the younger generation and preserve the cognitive health of the seniors. Studies clearly suggest that your brain is trainable, if the training is tailored to your individual needs. Just as athletes go to training, your brains do, too.

Instead of spending too much time on social media or on nonsense games that just make you laugh and frustrated, spend more time playing brain games. You will be thankful that you gave brain games because they are just worth your while. Physical fitness includes brain fitness!

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