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Top 15 Brain Games For Adults

Studies and experts prove that we might gain more wisdom as we age, but our brains also tend to process a bit slower than it does before. If you think that only young people need brain exercises to maintain their mental health, think again! Adults need to work out their minds to boost brain stimulus even more!

What are you waiting for? Let’s play!

1. Word Memory Game

The Word Memory Game is all about trying to remember all the words presented to you within a limited amount of time. This is a pretty simple game that can be played using a piece of paper and pen or online! It also has different versions. You can even make your own!

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Version 1: All you have to do is write down six (6) words on a piece of paper. Give it to the player and give him/her a minute to memorize the words. After one minute, let the player state all the words in the list. Raise the difficulty level by adding more words to the list.

Version 2: The rules are somewhat the same. All you have to do is write down six (6) words on a piece of paper. Give it to the player and give him/her a minute to memorize the words. The difference is after one minute, show the player words and ask them if the word is part of the list or not.

This brain game for adults is proven to improve short-term memory, verbal memory, and sustain attention skills.

If you find it more convenient to play online, what are you waiting for? Follow this link and play the game now!

Word Memory Game

2. World Geography Memory Game

The World Geography Memory Game will let the player train his/her mind to memorize the names of the countries on a given map. After one minute, the player will be shown a blank map and he/she must name the country highlighted.

Increase the level of difficulty by adding more places to the map or expand the coverage of the map! After some time, you’ll realize that this game is not as easy as it seems.This brain game for seniors is proven to improve visual memory, spatial memory, and long-term memory skills.

Can’t wait to try this out with your grandmas and grandpas? Follow this link and play the game now!

World Geography Memory Game

3. Face Memory Game

The Face Memory Game is a next-level memory game that is pretty useful in real life. Seniors tend to easily forget the names of people they just met or those of whom they already know. This game will definitely help with this problem!

The rules of the game are fairly simple. The player will be shown/flashed with pictures of faces with names under them. After all the faces with names are flashed, pictures of each face will be flashed and the player needs to choose from the options the correct name of the person on the picture.

Even though the rules seem simple, you’ll find that this game is very much challenging, even for younger people with flawless memory. It’s hardly possible to get every single name right, especially since you’re going to get only one glance of each face with each name. Don’t worry if you find it difficult to perfect the challenge, it’s totally normal!

This brain game for seniors will definitely improve visual memory, verbal memory, and visual attention.

Can’t wait to challenge yourself, your grandparents, families and friends? Follow this link and play the game now!

Face Memory Game

4. Bubble Buster: Addition to 10

Bubble Buster is a numbers game that will test your math/addition skills. The game is very easy to understand!

During the duration of the game, there will be bubbles popping up with single digit numbers. You should click two (2) bubbles with numbers that will add up to 10! Doing so will bust or pop the bubble making room for new numbers to pop up. Bust as many bubbles as you can before the time runs out.

It might sound easy but without focus and attention, there will be momentary lapses and lags in your mental addition and concentration. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to master this game in no time. This brain game for adults will improve your math skills, planning, and visual attention.

Can’t wait to bust some bubbles? Follow this link and start busting numbers!

Bubble Buster

5. Match Up Memory Game

Match Up is another simple memory game that is very helpful in testing how much you can remember using your visual memory. You can play this with flashcards or you can play it online!

Flashcard Version

Prepare flashcards with different things displayed in each card. Each thing should have three other flashcard versions that have slight differences (eg. different colors, different expression). The original flashcards should be flashed first to the player. Flashing of the cards should be a bit fast.

After all the original flashcards are flashed, the cards with the four versions of each should be flashed next. The player should quickly choose which among each group of four cards was the original card flashed earlier.

Online Version

The online version is pretty much the same but is a lot more convenient as you won’t need to prepare the physical cards! Plus, you’ll be engaging your grandmas and grandpas with the use of the computer which is very educational for them. Follow the link for the online version of the game!

Online Match Up Memory Game

This brain memory game for adults improves short-term memory, visual attention, and naming skills.

6. Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference is a favorite game of many people because it’s simple yet oh-so-tricky! The name says it all, you just need to spot the odd man out. You will be given a lot of figures that seem to all look the same but there is one hidden among them that has a slight difference compared to the rest. Find it before the time runs out!

If you are a very observant person, you will love this game. Heck, you will be addicted to it! This brain training game for adults and children will surely improve visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills.

What are you waiting for? Try this addictive game and challenge your family and friends!

Spot the Difference Game

7. Card Matching Game

The Card Matching game is yet another all-time favorite memory game!

You will be given a set of shuffled card pairs. You will be given a few seconds to see the cards and memorize their placements. After the allotted time, the cards will be turned down. You will need to open the cards by twos, making sure that you open the correct pair of the first card you opened.

The game gets more difficult each passing level as more and more cards are added to the set of cards. You will have to memorize more in the same amount of time. You can make a competition out of it by taking turns to open two cards each. Devise a pointing system that will give the player who gets a pair right one point. The player with the more points wins!

This brain puzzle game for adults is proven to improve your visual scanning, planning, and spatial memory skills.

Get ready for some card matching craze that will boggle your minds! Follow this link and start the fun with your families and friends!

Card Matching Game

8. Match The Memory

The Match the Memory Game is easy yet would be difficult as you go through the different levels with more complicated patterns.

The game starts with a pattern you should be able to memorize within a given amount of time. After a few seconds, the pattern will disappear and your task would be to recreate it from your memory. The first levels will be easy but once you get to the next levels, you’ll find it more and more difficult to remember all the patterns in a matter of seconds.

This brain exercise game for adults is proven to improve spatial memory and short-term memory skills.

Try out this simple game of Match the Memory to start the fun! Follow this link and play the game now!

Match the Memory

9. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are word-searching games which usually require the player to complete a square or rectangle grid. In order to find the words, decipher the clues given and follow the legends of the puzzle.

The words are literally connected to each other in the puzzle itself. The direction of each word could be diagonal, across (left to right) or downwards. Just follow the instructions and legends properly. The more words you correctly find, the more clues you answer, you will find that it’s easier to complete the puzzle.

Adults who enjoy playing this game from the back of newspapers, from books or from online apps, will find their vocabularies and logic to be enriched. It also maintains and enhances cognitive abilities and mental skills as it exercises the brain to think!

Can’t wait to solve one right now? Follow these links for unlimited vocabulary fun!

10. Riddles

Riddles are tricky questions or statements that will challenge a person’s ability to understand and think creatively in order to answer these fun and witty questions with fun and witty answers.

Enjoy our list of riddles that will surely boggle your minds!

  • Which month of the year has 28 days? (Answer: All of them!)
  • It goes up but never comes down. (Answer: Age)
  • He shaves everyday but his beard still stays the same. Who is he? (Answer: Barber)
  • What has branches but fruits, trunks, or leaves? (Answer: A bank!)
  • The more of me, the less you will see! (Answer: Darkness)
  • Even if I have one, I still can’t see. (Answer: Needle)
  • I have words but I can’t speak. (Answer: A book)
  • I have 13 hearts but no other organs, what am I? (Answer: A deck of cards)
  • Even if I have 88 keys, I will never open any door. (Answer: A piano)
  • Which type of dress can you never wear? (Answer: Address)

11. Chess

Chess is a game played between two players. Each player has 16 pieces at the beginning of the game: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each piece moves differently. The queen is the most powerful while the pawn is the least.

Each player’s goal is to checkmate the opponent’s king by cornering it to capture. A player’s pieces are used to attack and capture the opponent’s pieces, and at the same time supporting one another.

During the game, the players exchange pieces for the opponent’s similar pieces. Each player tries to find and commandeer opportunities to trade at their benefit or to get a better position in the game.

There is more than one way to win at chess! First is to checkmate but a player also wins the game if the opponent resigns, or when time runs out. There are also situations wherein a chess game will end in a tie or a draw.

Playing chess will enhance your problem-solving skills, cognitive thinking abilities and strategy formulation skills. It keeps the brain sharp and healthy since your brains will be in for some serious workout to outwit your opponent!

The only way to become a good chess player is to start training NOW! Follow this link and play the game now!

Play Chess Now!

12. 2048

2048 is an addictive numbers game that will seem too easy at first but will prove to be tricky as you delve more into the game. Each player’s goal is to slide together adjacent slides of the same values. Slide the tiles together in order to add the value on the tiles. Your ultimate goal is to obtain a tile with the value 2048!

It does not end there, though! Continue to play and increase the value until you have no more valid moves left to make. This happens when there are no empty spaces and no adjacent tiles with the same values. This will mean that the game is over.

You might think that it’s pretty boring but try it and be amazed at how addictive it can be. You won’t settle for just 2048 once you get it. You’ll always want more.

Other than those, this game will improve your math skills, strategy formulation skills and logical thinking.

So what are you waiting for? Follow this link and have some 2048 fun! Play 2048 now!

13. 4 Pics, 1 Word

A picture may be worth a thousand words but this game will challenge you to look for just one word, given the four pictures!

Each round of this game will give you four pictures (which translates to four thousand words!). Find the common thing that relates the four pictures to each other and use that to find the correct word that the puzzle is looking for.

A hint for you to use would be the number of letters represented by the number of empty boxes below the four pictures. Don’t worry if the game gets too hard and you start running out of ideas, just click the hint or help button that will give you a free letter!

This game will give you access to free and unlimited puzzles ranging from easy to tricky to mind-boggling ones! New puzzles are added constantly for endless word fun!

Find out what it is about this game that makes everyone so hooked. Follow this link to start playing the game and get addicted to it!

Play 4 Pics, 1 Word now!

14. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a game played by swapping colored pieces of candy on a game board to make a match of three or more of the same color and candy type. Find a row or match of three or more to eliminate those candies from the board and replace them with new ones. Strive to get power-ups by matching four or more candies.

Note that some boards can only be completed with a fixed number of moves or sometimes, a limited amount of time. Other boards will need you to achieve a certain score or collection of a specific number of a type of candy.

This brain game is an all-time favorite because adults enjoy swiping the candies and because the object of the game is so straightforward and simple. It is also proven to improve concentration and visual perception among players.

Can’t wait to start crushing some candies and earning some coins? Follow this link to play the game NOW!

Play Candy Crush Saga now!

15. Scrabble

Scrabble is a classic board game wherein players earn points by forming words using the letters on the tiles you have randomly drawn. Each letter/tile has a corresponding point/s. This game is played by two to four players. Each player will draw seven tiles and will keep refilling their set of seven tiles until all tiles are drawn. Each player will have his or her turn to form a word on the board, the next player should connect his word to the words on the board.

A complete scrabble game set contains 100 tiles, 98 of which has a letter and a point value ranging from 1 to 10. There are also two blank tiles with zero points but can be used as a wildcard letter chosen by the player who uses it.

Words played must be read across (left to right) or downwards. Words used can only be valid if they are found in a standard English dictionary. Some of the squares on the board are premium squares, meaning they could triple or double the points on the letter or word for which it has been used on.

Each player tallies his/her points minus the points of your unused tiles and the player with the most points wins!

Scrabble enhances one’s vocabulary, strategy formulation and logical thinking. Just like Chess, it’s one of the games that has withstood the test of time!

Can’t wait to start Scrabbling? It can also be played online for your convenience. You won’t even need to buy your own scrabble set. Follow this link and have a blast with your family and friends NOW!

Play Scrabble now!

Brain Game Benefits

Adding brain games to your daily routine will make your brains healthy! Making sure that we feed and exercise our brains is vital to our wellness and general health. Here are some of the benefits adults reap from consistently playing brain games:

  • Improve memory
  • Enhance concentration
  • Maintain Focus
  • Increases reaction time
  • Invoke a greater sense of independence
  • Increase greater understanding of the surroundings
  • Improve the memory capabilities
  • Improve motor skills, such as drawing and writing
  • Develop a faster thinking skill
  • Stimulate hand-eye coordination
  • Develop social skills

The main mental issue of senior citizens is with mental memory that in the worst cases leads to Alzheimer’s Disease. Seniors tend to be forgetful which is totally normal but you can improve it with these easy steps paired with consistency and discipline:

  • Doing Sports Regularly
  • Having a Healthy Diet
  • Regular Brain Exercises

The last one is the most neglected step. We often forget that our brains are part of being “physically” healthy. We spend money and time going to the gym to achieve the wellness and fitness we are desiring for and we forget that our brains also need some working out. One example of brain exercises is through laying brain games!

As we age, we tend to become lazy and we forget to work our brains out. They say reading helps but admit it, it gets a lot boring just sticking your nose inside a book all day. We need effective and fun ways to entertain and exercise our brains! That is why playing brain games is vital to give that extra boost to our brains. You’ll never go lazy playing them because not only will you be mentally healthy but you’ll also be happy!

Taking care of our bodies means also taking good care of our brains. Let’s feed our brains with knowledge, information and exercises that will make it more alert, focused, active and healthy!

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