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Cat Puns

If you’re looking for the best animal puns, you can’t go wrong with cat puns! Whether you’re a cat lover or not, cat puns will not fail to make you smile. There’s a reason why people can spend an entire day watching cat videos! Just check out the thousands of memes, videos, and jokes featuring these cute, sassy, and even mean fluffy felines!

Here’s our list of absolutely purr-fect cat puns for you!

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1. I’m afraid of the dark. You can call me a scaredy-cat.

A classic pun, but always applicable!

2. My cat has a pretty independent purr-sonality.

My cat is so independent. I’m the clingy one.

3. How did the cat react to something absolutely bonkers? You’ve cat to be kidding me.

You tell them, kitty!

4. What did the cat say to his troubled friend? Are you feline okay?

Not only are cats affectionate, they also show tremendous concern!

5. I’m feline like I’m on top of the world!

Is this how all cats feel when they’re on top of a tree and can’t get down?

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Dog Puns

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. They are fun to play with and are loyal to the end. Nothing beats cuddling with your pet doggo, or just watching them run around and do regular dog things. These are just some of the reasons why dogs make for cute animal puns. Who wouldn’t want to hear something cute and funny about dogs?

Take a look at this list of dog puns that will ruff you up with laughter!

1. What did the impatient dog say after waiting in line for hours? This is a mastiff waste of time.

I don’t blame you doggie. I hate waiting in line too.

2. My puppy has my back, she will ruff someone up for me!

Nothing is cuter than seeing a cute little puppy bare its fangs!

3. She’s a bit ruff around the edges, but I still love her!

Always true.

4. Let’s just say my untrimmed poodle is a diamond in the ruff.

Quite literally to be honest!

5. What did the Dalmatian say to the masseuse? You hit the right spot!

Do you get it? Spot, you know? Dalmatian?

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Fish Puns

You may not be able to play with fish as you would with dogs or cats, but it’s still fascinating to watch them. Just look at the many funny jokes that can be made about these aquatic creatures! If you’re fishing for laughs, telling fish puns is an easy way to hook people!

Check out our collection of fish puns that will leave you and your friends feeling silly and gilly!

1. Let me get back to you while I mullet over.

It’s okay to take your time.

2. What did the fish say to the cat? I am a pacifisht.

No truer words have been spoken.

3. Whenever my pet fish is up for anything it just says “any fin goes!”

My pet fish is just as agreeable!

4. Do you think we cod be friends?

Why of-cod!

5. How does a fish couple announce their relationship? We are oh-fish-ial.

I ship them already!

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Cow Puns

There is something about cows that resonates with people so well! Maybe it’s how they happily graze the field eating grass, or how they can produce milk that can be turned into cheese which people absolutely love! Any cheese lovers out there?

Cow puns are super fun and entertaining. If you want to make your family and friends dissolve into giggles, you can lighten up the mood with silly or genius cow puns!

Take a look at these cow puns that will surely amoose people!

1. My cow always takes her coffee de-calf-inated.

I, on the other hand, always take my coffee with calf-inne.

2. Make sure when you tell a cow something, things don’t just go one ear and out the udder.

I have to make sure my cows understand me when I tell them something!

3. A cow’s favorite holiday will always be Moo Years Eve!

Mine too!

4. That cow is so broke it’s milked dry!

This is me at the end of every month!

5. What is the go-to first date for cows? Going to the moo-vies.

I would let any cow take me to the movies.

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Bear Puns

Bears are majestic creatures that may appear cuddly, but they can actually be quite scary! If you’re hiking in the woods, the last thing you would want to encounter is a grizzly bear.

We can’t exactly laugh at how cute bears are in the wild, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at silly puns about bears.

Check out these bear-y funny bear puns!

1. What did the bear say to his friend that’s about to give up? Please, bear with me

We got this, cub!

2. Every bear’s favorite after school activity is the Cub Scouts!

As a girl scout, I approve of this!

3. What is a bear’s favorite fruit? Bearies!

Yummy! I love bearies!

4. How do you apologize to a bear? By bearing your heart.

It may be hard at first, but once you bear your heart the rest will follow!

5. What do you call a sweet bear? A gummy bear.

Not only is it sweet, but it’s also delish!

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Bird Puns

The more you learn about birds, the more you’re going to be amazed. Another great thing about birds is that since there are many kinds of birds, there are many ways you can make bird puns that will make people LOL like a gaggle of geese!

Just read along and see the bird puns we have prepared for you, sunny-side up!

1. How do you greet a bird on its special day? Happy bird-day to you!

Why thank you, birdie!

2. What happens to a bird that’s sick? They feel under the feather.

Hoping for your speedy recovery!

3. The bird laughed at the joke so hard they’re cracking up!

That bird probably cracked like an egg!

4. What does a bird say whenever it feels cheated? I suspect fowl play.


5. What is a bird’s favorite soap? Dove.

I must be a bird because this is my favorite brand too!

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Bee Puns

Making puns out of bees is so easy. Who can’t resist saying, “Bee my valentine” when February 14 comes along? When you think of bees, you think of sweet and cute things which is why they make for sweet puns too!

Bee ready for these sweet and funny bee puns!

1. Who is a bee’s favorite singer? Bee-yonce!

What a coincidence! Bee-yonce is my favorite singer too!

2. What does the husband bee say to his wife when he gets home? Honey, I’m home!

This is too sweet!

3. What do you call a bee that resurrected? Zom-bee!

All the more I don’t wanna be stung!

4. How do bees like their haircut? They get buzz cuts!

Hit me up with the bee barber.

5. What is a bee’s favorite sport? Rug-bee.

Unpopular opinion: better than football!

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Horse Puns

If you used to dream of having a pony while growing up, you’re not alone. Many people wanted to have their own horse too! While you probably won’t get that pony you always wanted as a child, you can still enjoy the silliness of horse puns any time of the day!

The great thing about horse jokes is that you can make both good and bad puns with it. Here is our list of funny horse puns that you didn’t know you neigh-ded!

1. What is a horse’s favorite clothing brand? Old Neigh-vy.

I was shopping for shirts there just last week too.

2. What do you call a horse community? A neigh-borhood.

I won’t see my neigh-bor the same way again!

3. How come that foal had a hard time sleeping? It had a night-mare.

I hate it when I get night-mares.

4. What is a horse’s favorite horror movie? The ex-horse-ist.

It must be absolutely horrific!

5. What do you call a horse that likes to travel a lot? A globetrotter.

Are you looking for a travel buddy?

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Duck Puns

There’s just something about ducks that brings a smile to people’s faces! How they sound, how they waddle, how they look–everything about them is just undeniably silly.

Not to mention ducks make for funny one-liners and silly puns! If you want to throw some funny animal puns the next time you hang out with your friends, you’ll have a quacking good time with duck puns!

Here are some duck puns that will surely quack people up!

1. When do ducks wake up? At the quack of dawn!

Ducks are early birds.

2. What is a ducks favorite pastime? Surfing the world wide web.

Do they control the mouse with their webbed feet too?

3. What did the duck give to his fiancee? A wedding wing.


4. What does a duck say to the waiter? Put it on my bill.

Is it too late to go on a date with this duck?

5. What is a ducks favorite fabric softener? Downy.

Absolutely relatable!

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Chicken Puns

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Well, there’s a whole debate over that, but one thing is for certain is that chickens can be loud and funny!

They make funny clucking noises that will either entertain people or drive them mad, and they make for the funniest jokes too! You’ll realize that using chickens as a theme for puns will always be an eggs-cellent idea!

Check out these eggs-traordinary chicken puns that will make you laugh and groan at the same time!

1. How do chickens wake up on time? They set an alarm cluck.

Another early bird!

2. What do you call a ghost chicken? A poultry-geist.

They must sound absolutely terrifying!

3. These chickens are so busy they work around the cluck!

What hard working chickens!

4. What is a chicken’s favorite vegetable? An Eggplant.

Eggplants and eggs!

5. How do chickens celebrate birthdays? By eating coop-cakes!

Egg flavoured coop-cakes?

Dinosaur Puns

Kids and adults alike love dinosaurs, which is why they’re popular in museums, books, TV and even movies! Even if dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, they’re great material for jokes. In fact, dinosaur names are perfect for turning into all sorts of puns!

Here are some witty dinosaur puns that will saurus-ly make you and your friends giggle!

1. What did the confused dinosaur tell his friend? I di-nno.

Gives a whole new meaning to IDK.

2. How come you can’t tell when a Pterodactyl is in the toilet? Because it’s pee is silent.

Is it possible to mute my pee too?

3. What do you call an explosive dinosaur? A dino-mite.

This pun is so silly it’s the bomb.

4. What do you call a smart dinosaur? A thesaurus.

They must have a really strong vocabulary!

5. What did the robber dinosaur say to his accomplice? Do you think they sau-rus?

Did the dino police saurus-ly not find them?

Owl Puns

Owls are birds famous for their large round heads and big eyes. They may also be known as symbols of wisdom and knowledge, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make owl-knowing jokes about them! You can even make owl puns as corny and cheesy as you want as long as the punchline doesn’t fly over people’s heads!

Here are some owl puns that will make people hoot with laughter!

1. If fish are from Finland, where are owls from? Owl-geria.

I wouldn’t owl known.

2. What is an owl’s go-to sad song? Owl by myself.

While eating some good owl fashioned ice cream, and crying in a bathtub?

3. What do owls say when they answer the door? Hoo is it!

Knock knock!

4. What is an owl that can travel through time? Doctor Hoo.

Blimey, that’s bollocks!

5. I know an owl that works in hooters!

That’s one of my favorite restaurants.

Frog Puns

Frogs are leggy amphibian creatures that have a love and hate relationship with most people. Some people think they’re great as pets while others are turned off by these slimy creatures! Frogs can be fun to look at or can be the theme of funny puns.

Here, we have compiled a list of frog puns that you will find absolutely ribbit-ing!

1. What song does a frog like to hear when it’s their birthday? Hoppy Birthday to you.

I just imagined Kermit singing this to me.

2. How do frogs communicate? With morse toad.

So this is frog language!

3. What is a frog’s favorite music genre? Hip hop!

They must have good taste in music.

4. My frog’s favorite stuffed animal is a bunny ribbit!

And mine is a stuffed frog!

5. Why was everyone so interested in that guy? They’re the newt kid in town.

I’m sure he can easily jump in with the other kids!

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Goat Puns

Goats are probably one of the most famous zoo animals that children always flock to at petting zoos. Similar to cats and dogs, they can be silly with their antics when interacting with humans. They also make for great puns!

Get inspired when you hear goats go “baaaaa” and come up with lots of baaaad goat puns!Try making your friends laugh with these funny goat puns!

1. What do goat parents tell their kids when they don’t want to sleep? It’s pasture bedtime!

Sleep is good!

2. What is a goat’s favorite breakfast? G-oatmeal.

I gobble some g-oat meal during diet days.

3. What is a goat’s favorite rom-com? You’ve goat mail.

It’s a classic!

4. My goat is so bored it just says meh all day.

On some days I just turn meh mode on.

5. Goats don’t just like beards, they like goatees.

Hey, I like goatees too.

Llama Puns

While most people may confuse llamas with alpacas, llamas are bigger but definitely just as adorable! These cute fluff balls have soft wools that are just amazing to touch! People find llamas so interesting that it’s not a surprise that it has led to many llama puns and jokes!

If you and your friends can’t get enough of llamas, we have prepared this list of llama-tastic puns that will entertain you to no end!

1. What do llama’s say during the holiday season? Fleece navidad!

Christmas is just around the corner!

2. How do llama’s introduce themselves? Fleece to meet you.

Not only are llamas cute, they’re also extremely polite!

3. How do llamas end every yoga class? With a llamaste.

As a yogini, I enjoyed this one a little too much!

4. What did Kanye llama say to Taylor llama during the VMAs? Taylor, llama let you finish but…

The drama and the tea. I remember it like it was just yesterday.

5. My llama’s favorite pop artist is Llama del ray.

My favorite is her song Born to Llama.

Snake Puns

Snakes may be one of the most-feared reptiles on earth, but they’re also popular as pets. Whether you love or hate snakes, there are many jokes about it that’s always a hit with people.

It’s quite easy to make puns about snakes and the hissing sound they make. Here are some hiss-terrically funny snake puns that will cause sss-erious laughter!

1. What do you call a magical snake? Adaba-cobra-daba.

Let me in on that snake trance!

2. That snake is so out there it wears a py-thong to the beach.

What’s this snake’s instagram? I would insta-follow.

3. How do snakes escape from jail? They scale the wall!

Prisonbreak has a thing or two to learn from snakes.

4. This fancy snake always likes to wear a boa and tie.

I would go out with a fancy snake any time of the week.

5. What is a snake’s favorite childhood game? Hide and sneak.

They say to let you know they found you by biting you!

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