Truth or Dare
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Did you always wonder what your best friends think of you? Or how about their best-kept secrets? Oh, and remember that “boring” party you weren’t invited to?

Lots of crazy stories need to be revealed. And even more challenges to be completed. Are you ready for the Truth or Dare game?

Here’s what’s waiting for you in Truth or Dare:

Do you need a conversation starter or want to go all-in?

With four vastly different modes and categories, you’ll always have the right pick. Want to save a boring party? We got you covered. Playing with your younger siblings? Better not pick the “Hot” mode.

Create your own Truth or Dare game

Feeling creative? Create your own Truth or Dare questions to play with friends.

Who is the most honest person?

When playing the game with names, you can keep track of which player answered the most truth questions and which did the most dare challenges.

Now, are you ready to try out Truth or Dare? Download it right now!

Official website: Spin the Bottle online


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