Party Trivia
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Challenge your friends in this wild group quiz game and find out who’s the smartest person in the room.

Do you know who the author of Harry Potter is? Yes? But which country invented tea? Or what’s the name of the song that Queen Elsa sings as she builds her ice castle in the movie Frozen?

If you can answer those questions, you’re going to smash it in Party Trivia!

But be aware, as you build up your correct answer streak, the questions will get tougher and more difficult each turn.

It’s time to crown the brightest person!

Gather your friends and family, choose a game mode and spin the wheel. With thousands of questions in 6 different categories at your fingertips, it’s finally time to prove your knowledge.

Quiz up, score and dominate!

For each correct answer, you get one point. Easy. But one question remains: Will you be on top of the leaderboard? Find out and download Party Trivia right now!


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