Most Likely To is a party and drinking game for adults. Find out what your friends really think about you and who they think is most likely to, while getting drunk together.

It’s a wild party game for house parties, pre-parties, frat-parties and all other gatherings, where getting drunk together while having fun is the most likely outcome.

How to play Most Likely To Drinking Game:

  1. Select a category
  2. Read the statement out loud
  3. Everyone points a finger at the person they think the statement suits best
  4. The person with the most fingers pointed at has to drink

If you’re feeling hardcore you can play with one drink for each finger pointed at you.

How to play with Most Likely To with names:

  1. Add every players name to the game
  2. Select a category
  3. Reads out the statement
  4. The player mentioned points a finger at the most likely player
  5. The person with the finger pointed at has to drink

Beware, it can get really dirty and extreme this way.

Who’s Most Likely to Questions

There are 2.000+ questions available! The questions are divided up into 10 categories.

Feeling dirty? There is a deck of cards for that. Want to get to know how others think about the dirty stuff? It’s in there as well. There is some relationship stuff as well, perfect for couples!

Please keep in mind that this game is for adults and best suited to be played as a drinking game. If you are easily offended, this game might not be for you. That said you can avoid dirty or sexy topics, by choosing different categories!

If you enjoy the game, drop us a rating! If you dislike the game, please share it with a person you don’t like. This way we are both better off.

Let’s have some fun!

Please drink responsibly.