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Kabuki is the new way to play Charades! Enjoy entertaining and often challenging words to act out with your friends and family. With over 3,000 words, your game night won’t ever suffer from boredom! Every party needs Kabuki – try the best Charades app out there now.

How to play Kabuki

In the beginning, create as many teams as you wish and decide on who’s in which. Then decide on a topic, set the in-app timer, and hit Play! The app then tells you which team’s turn it is. This team decides on an actor who is not allowed to talk during their performance.

The rest of the team is guessing. The actor is allowed to pass on words if his team wasn’t able to guess the correct word after five seconds. After the timer hits 0:00, the team gets one point for every correct answer and hands the phone to the team that’s up next. The winner is the team with the most points!

Choose from different categories

Kabuki offers a lot of different categories to choose from in the app. Whether you like animals, parties, music, or movies – there’s something for everyone! Kabuki even features a section just for kids, so even the youngest can participate in this great party game!

Stay always up to date with new decks

You’re able to upgrade your decks to get even more words! Decide on separate decks or the whole bundle. The fun never ends with Kabuki!

Official website: Charades online


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