Bouncy Heroes
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Flyps needs your help! Evil demons invaded the islands and trying to steal the magic from them. Download Bouncy Heroes now and help Flyps saving the floating islands!

Join Flyps and all his little friends in this arcade style adventure through the magical floating islands. Explore the world by jumping from island to island and collect precious golden stars to unlock all the awesome and cute bouncy characters.

But be aware: someone has opened the gates to a forbidden world and let evil demons come through. Don’t let them catch Flyps and his friends! Try to dodge and outrun them to save this magical world and all the little bounce friends. Now lets choose your little pocket monster and start your mission to unlock all cute and fluffy monsters!

Game Features

Download Bouncy Heroes now and save the world from the invading demons! Join the magical adventure today and play together with your friends.

Are you skilled enough?

React very fast to avoid the moving demons. Play now and find out if anybody is up for this adventurous jump challenge.

Endless Fun Arcade

The better you jump, the more stars you’ll gather, the more bouncy friends are going to unlock. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, try it out!

Challenge your Friends

Better skills than your friends? Prove it. Find out who’s the best player.

Global Leaderboard

Try to climb the global Skill-Leaderboard! Only the best players will find themselves on the top.

Have fun playing Bouncy Heroes!


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