Bouncy Heroes: Tiny Thief King
App icon Bouncy Heroes: Tiny Thief King

Steal as many shiny diamonds with your tiny bouncy thieves from the dangerous dungeon, and survive the moving bricks before they will smash your little hero!

Tiny thief adventure:

They are the kings of the dungeon. The tiny thief, Bouncy Hero.

Choose your favorite bouncy tiny thief king and jump into an amazing adventure, full of loot, diamonds and dangerous bricks - in this arcade like dungeon crawler adventure!

The quest of the tiny thief: Steal shiny diamonds (and other amazing loot) with your bouncy king thieves from the dungeon, and survive the moving walls before they will smash your tiny thief!

To get out of the dungeon, you will have to jump at the perfect moment to escape the bricks. Each level gets more challenging, so prepare yourself and your little hero.

On your way out of the dungeon, you will collect diamonds, gems and other treasures and loot. With the collected diamonds and loot, you can unlock new tiny heroes for your quest.

Each heroes have special abilities and different looks. Collect rare and even legendary heroes and find your favorite jumping knight to climb the leaderboard!

Now play together with your friends and compete against each other to find out, who will escape with more diamonds and loot out of this endless dungeon, to become the next thieve legend.

Download “Bouncy Heroes: Dungeon Thieves” for free now and discover this magical world!


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