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Play the online version of the popular party game Truth or Dare with 4000+ revealing truth questions and great dares. It’s a fun, sexy, and intimate party game for friends, couples, and family. Truth or Dare will break the ice, and you’ll get to know each other better.

Truth or Dare Questions Generator & Simulator

With Truth or Dare online, you get random questions each turn. Those randomized questions are great if you just want to play and don’t want to come up with your own questions.

Truth or Dare randomizer

Truth or Dare Online contains many great categories to choose from:

This is the classic Truth or Dare mode. Perfect for breaking the ice and getting the game started.

Teens and kids

This mode is for the younger generation. Clean and kid-friendly questions.

Party mode

This mode will elevate a dull party with embarrassing yet hilarious questions. If you’re bold enough, this mode is for you!

Extreme (Hot & Sexy)

This game mode is only for adults. It contains lots of very personal and sexual questions and tasks. Definitely not for kids!

Game rules

The game is simple. All players gather in a circle. Then place an empty bottle on a table or the ground.

The youngest player begins by rotating the bottle. The bottleneck now points to a player and the starting player asks the question: Truth or Dare? The person in question must choose between these two.

If you don’t want to spin the bottle, you can choose a person randomly or go in circles.

How to play Truth or Dare online?

In each round, one random player will be selected. This player now has to choose between Truth or Dare and click the option in the online game.

How many players do you need to play Truth or Dare?

It’s the perfect game for a group of 4-5 people. But you can also play “Truth or Dare” with only two people. Especially on your first date, this is the perfect game to break the ice.

Your ideas for more questions and dares

You think you have the most interesting truth questions and the most fun dares? Submit your best ideas: Submit ideas.

Now play “Truth or Dare” online!

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