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What are sex dice?

Sex dice is a dice game for adult couples intended to intensive the sexual atmosphere. Rolling sex dice can break the ice, and a lot of couples use them to extend foreplay.

How to play sex dice

Sex dice contains the name of a body party instead of numbers and a sexual activity. When you roll the dice, you have to give sexual attention to the rolled body part.

An example would be kiss and nipples. In this case, the person who rolled the dice has to kiss the other person’s nipples.

How to use sex dice

The sex dice rules are simple: You roll the dice and give attention to the rolled body part. With our online sex dice game, it’s even easier, and you don’t need dedicated dice to play.

Sex game for couples

If you’re a couple searching for something to spice up your relationship, the sex dice game is one of the best choices. Getting closer and intimate in a fun and relaxed way is the perfect way to getting closer again. We also recommend that you both have a conversation between rolls. Here are some great conversation starters for couples: Conversation Starters & Questions for Couples

Sex Dice Online App

With the online app of sex dice, you just have to select the intensity level, and you’re ready to play. The app generates every activity and the dice, so you don’t have to buy physical dice.

Sex Dice: Soft Intensity

The soft intensity is perfect for foreplay to getting started. We recommend using this setting at the start to set the mood.

Sex Dice: Extreme Intensity

Feeling kinky? Try our Extreme version of sex dice and get right into it.

Keep it fun and don’t force it!

Sex dice is, as the names suggest, a sex game. It’s important to always feel comfortable and don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to do! As long as you follow these essential rules, you’ll both have a great time.

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