Paranoia Game

Play Paranoia online with our Paranoia questions generator and get ready to spill the tea. Perfect for parties and game nights with friends!

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Dive into a world of whispers, secrets, and choices with the Paranoia Game Online!

Get ready to spill the tea with our Paranoia Questions Generator, featuring 200 fun and exciting questions. Perfect for parties or fun nights with friends, the Paranoia Game is the perfect way to break the ice and get everyone talking.

Paranoia Questions Generator

Playing Paranoia has never been easier with our online version of the popular Paranoia Game! Don’t worry about coming up with questions; our generator will do all the work for you.

Simply choose a category and let the whispering and finger-pointing begin!

Most Popular Paranoia Categories

Dive into our collection of Paranoia categories, each with its own flavor of fun:

This category is the crowd-pleaser, featuring a mix of light-hearted, funny, and slightly cheeky questions. Ideal for warming up!

Love Life

This category dives into crushes, dates, and relationships. It’s a mix of sweet, spicy, and everything in between.


For the brave and the bold! These questions push the boundaries and are perfect when you’re with a group that’s up for anything.

Quirks & Habits

Uncover the little things that make everyone unique. This category is full of questions about habits, pet peeves, and those little idiosyncrasies we all have.

How to Play Paranoia Game Online

Playing the Paranoia Game is easy. Here’s a quick rundown of the game:

1. Gather your friends

Round up your crew and gather around in a circle. The more, the merrier!

2. Pick a category

Choose from one of our four categories or mix it up for a truly unpredictable game.

3. Whispering the question

One player starts by whispering a question to the person on their left.

For example: “Who is most likely to be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse?”

4. Answering the question out loud

The player who received the question must name another player to whom they think it applies best.

5. To reveal or not to reveal the question?

Here’s where the paranoia kicks in. The person whose name was announced is in the dark about why they were mentioned.

If they want to know the question, they must take a shot. Otherwise, the question remains a mystery.

Non-Drinking Version: Leave it up to fate. Flip a coin – if it’s heads, the question is unveiled; if it’s tails, the question remains hidden.

Paranoia Game Rules

Keep the game fun and fair for everyone. Here are a few rules to follow:

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