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Fuck, Marry, Kill

Fuck, Marry, Kill, also known as FMK, Bang, Marry, Kill or Kiss, Marry, Kill, is a hypothetical question game.

Three persons are proposed as the subjects and you choose which would be the most desirable to fuck, to marry, and to kill. It is often played with celebrities but instead of persons, you can also name things like food for example.

How to play Fuck, Marry, Kill

If you're not playing with things instead of persons, players assign their own meaning to the titles. For example you "marry" the most desirable subject, "fuck" the next most desirable, and "kill" the least desirable.

Play Fuck, Marry, Kill online

On the top you see the names and photos of three persons. It always starts with "Fuck", then "Marry" and the last one "Kill". You have to decide in this order and you can't undo your choice. So think carefully. Once you've chosen, you'll see how your choices compare to other peoples choices. Then a new round of "Fuck, Marry, Kill" can start.

You can also change thr game mode to only show girls, guys or both at the same time. Have fun playing Fuck, Marry, Kill!